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Diverse variation of reproductive barriers in three intraspecific rice crosses

, : Diverse variation of reproductive barriers in three intraspecific rice crosses. Genetics 160(1): 313-322

Reproductive barriers are thought to play an important role in the processes of speciation and differentiation. Asian rice cultivars, Oryza sativa, can be classified into two main types, Japonica and Indica, on the basis of several characteristics. The fertility of Japonica-Indica hybrids differs from one cross to another. Many genes involved in reproductive barriers (hybrid sterility, hybrid weakness, and gametophytic competition genes) have been reported in different Japonica-Indica crosses. To clarify the state of Japonica-Indica differentiation, all reproductive barriers causing deviation from Mendelian segregation ratios in F2 populations were mapped and compared among three different Japonica-Indica crosses: Nipponbare/Kasalath (NK), Fl1084/Dao Ren Qiao (FD), and Fl1007/Kinandang puti (FK). Mapping of reproductive barriers was performed by regression analysis of allele frequencies of DNA markers covering the entire genome. Allele frequencies were explained by 33 reproductive barriers (15 gametophytic and 18 zygotic) in NK, 32 barriers (15 gametophytic and 17 zygotic) in FD, and 37 barriers (19 gametophytic and 18 zygotic) in FK. The number of reproductive barriers in the three crosses was similar; however, most of the barriers were mapped at different loci. Therefore, these reproductive barriers formed after Japonica-Indica differentiation. Considering the high genetic similarity within Japonica and Indica cultivars, the differences in the reproductive barriers of each cross were unexpectedly numerous. The reproductive barriers of Japonica-Indica hybrids likely evolved more rapidly than other genetic elements. One possible force responsible for such rapid evolution of the barriers may have been the domestication of rice. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.


PMID: 11805066

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