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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 3755

Chapter 3755 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Erica savileae, the Countess of Scarbrough's heath: a mystery resolved?. Yearbook of the Heather Society 2003: 31-36

Erica verticillata is brought back from the brink of extinction. Yearbook of the Heather Society 2003: 45-50

Ericoid mycorrhiza as now understood. Acta Horticulturae (574): 25-29

Ericoid mycorrhizas in plant communities. Microorganisms in plant conservation and biodiversity: 227-239

Erigeron witches'-broom phytoplasma in Brazil represents new subgroup VII-B in 16S rRNA gene group VII, the ash yellows phytoplasma group. Plant Disease 86(10): 1142-1148

Eriocrania chrysolepidella (Zell.) (Lep.: Eriocraniidae) at Homefield Wood, Medmenham, Buckinghamshire. British Journal of Entomology and Natural History 15(2): 90

Eriophids mites (Acarina, Eriophidae) of olives in Sevilla (southwestern of Spain). Boletin de Sanidad Vegetal, Plagas 26(2): 203-214

Eriophyes canestrinii (Nalepa, 1890) - not well known pest of box. Ochrona Roslin 46(3): 16-17

Eriophyes platani, a new species (Acari: Eriophyoidea) on Platanus hybrida Brot. Acarologia 42(2): 169-171

Eriophyid mite incidence on Palmyrah. Insect Environment 8(3): 113-114

Eriophyid mite infestation on coconut in West Bengal. Indian Coconut Journal 34(3): 18-19

Eriophyid mite infestation on coconut-problem focus. Indian Coconut Journal 33(8): 15-17

Eriophyid mites on Ribes - a complex story!. Bulletin OILB/SROP 22(10): 59-64

Eriophyoid mites of blackberries and raspberries (Rubus spp.). Bulletin OILB/SROP 23(11): 63-66

Eriophyoid mites: special considerations in applied ecological research. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Coconut mite Aceria guerreronis, Coconut Research Institute, Sri Lanka, 6-8 January 2000: 71-77

Eritadenine-induced alterations of plasma lipoprotein lipid concentrations and phosphatidylcholine molecular species profile in rats fed cholesterol-free and cholesterol-enriched diets. Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry 67(5): 996-1006

Erodibility and infiltration characteristics of five major soils of southwest Spain. Catena 45(2): 103-121

Erodibility assessment of Ondokuz Mays University campus soils. Ondokuz Mays Universitesi, Ziraat Fakultesi Dergisi 18(1): 1-6

Erodibility factor and loss tolerance of soils of Sao Paulo state (Brazil). Acta Scientiarum 24(5): 1335-1340

Erodibility in a humic alumino Leptic Cambisol, determined under natural rainfall between 1989 and 1998 in Lages, Santa Catarina State, Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo 26(2): 465-471

Erodibility of ploughed soils in Russia during rainstorms. Pochvovedenie (9): 1140-1146

Erodibility of urban bedrock and alluvial channels, North Texas. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 38(5): 1477-1492

Erodibility status under different land uses in Dikrong river basin of Arunachal Pradesh. Indian Journal of Soil Conservation 29(3): 280-282

Erodium x variabile. Plantsman 1(3): 166-172

Erosion and land use at catchment level - a case study in Laos. Minor Field Studies International Office, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (215): 37 pp.

Erosion and land use at plot and catchment levels - a case study in northern Vietnam. Minor Field Studies International Office, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (192): 62 pp.

Erosion and sediment control: technology standards. Erosion and sediment control: technology standards: 252 pp.

Erosion and sediment transport in the basin of the Yermasoyia Reservoir, Cyprus. IAHS-AISH Publication 278(Pages 353-358

Erosion and sedimentation in extreme events. Pages 117-141 1997

Erosion and solid transport in small Mediterranean drainage basins. Hydrology in Mediterranean and semiarid regions: international conference, Montpellier, France, 1-4 April 2003 : 373-379

Erosion as affected by tillage-induced roughness and surface mulch in a soil with a simulated subsurface pan. Transactions of the ASAE 45(1): 83-87

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Erosion control research update. BioCycle 43(4): 78-79

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Erosion risk mapping: a methodological case study in the Colombian Eastern Plains. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation Ankeny 57(3): 158-163

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Erosion-preventive crop rotations for landscape ecological stability in upland regions of Lithuania. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 95(1): 129-142

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Erosional losses and USLE parameters in relation to land cover management. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 49(1): 170-177

Erosional losses and productivity in rice (Oryza sativa)-barley (Hordeum vulgare) cropping system under varying land slopes. Indian Journal of Soil Conservation 29(1): 43-49

Erosive pustular dermatosis of the leg associated with compression bandaging and fungal infection. British Journal of Dermatology 148(3): 489-492, March

Erosivity of the rainfalls caused runoff in the Valkosel Region - District Blagoevgrad. Pochvoznanie, Agrokhimiya i Ekologiya 37(1/3): 137-140

Erroneous records of Lespedeza (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae) from Japan. Journal of Japanese Botany 78(1): 42-47

Error analysis and process of yield data collected by yield monitoring system of corn combine harvester. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering 19(3): 144-148

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Error analysis of high-precision system for measuring and controlling agricultural temperature and moisture. Journal of Hebei Vocation Technical Teachers College 16(4): 49-52, 55

Error analysis of soil temperature simulations using measured and estimated hourly weather data with 2DSOIL. Agricultural systems 72(3): 215-239

Error correction model of regional wheat supply in Chile. Ciencia e Investigacion Agraria 29(2): 101-113

Error in stem volume estimation using tree height and several upper-stem diameters of standing tree measured with a Spiegel Relascope and Wheeler Pentaprism Caliper - in a 29-year-old stand of Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa Endl.). Journal of Forest Planning 8(1): 25-27

Error in timing in regression with observed longitudinal measurements. Statistics in Medicine 22(16): 2577-2590

Error in unsaturated stochastic models parameterized with field data. Water Resources Research 39(2): SBH 3/1-SBH 3/14

Error propagation in agricultural models. Precision agriculture: Papers from the 4th European Conference on Precision Agriculture, Berlin, Germany, 15-19 June 2003: 559-565

Error sources on yield-based fertilizer variable rate application maps. Precision agriculture 3(1): 81-94

Error, bias, and long-branch attraction in data for two chloroplast photosystem genes in seed plants. Molecular Biology and Evolution 17(5): 782-797

Error-correcting microarray design. Genomics 81(2): 157-165, February

Errors in calculation of selected parameters of air treated as a drying agent using humidity meter with a psychometric sensor. Inzynieria Rolnicza 5(13): 534-540

Errors in estimating tree age: implications for studies of stand dynamics. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 31(7): 1262-1271

Errors in methods used in nutritional studies on laboratory animals. Zywienie Czowieka i Metabolizm 28(1): 31-39

Errors in repeated measurements of soil water content in pots using a ThetaProbe. Soil use and management 19(1): 87-88

Erupted bilateral-symmetrical compound odontomas in a Black Russian Terrier. Kleintierpraxis 48(2): 97-106

Erwinia amylovora longevity in beehives, beehive products and honeybees. Acta Horticulturae (590): 201-205

Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora and Erwinia-derived elicitors HrpN and PehA trigger distinct but interacting defense responses and cell death in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 16(3): 179-187

Erwinia chrysanthemi genes specifically induced during infection in chicory leaves. Molecular Plant Pathology 3(4): 271-275

Erwinia chrysanthemi strains cause death of human gastrointestinal cells in culture and express an intimin-like protein. FEMS microbiology letters, 2000 190(1): 81-86

Erwinia chrysanthemi, the cause of soft rot in ginger (Zingiber officinale) in Australia. Australasian Plant Pathology 31(4): 419-420

Eryngium horridum Malme (caraguata) leaf area determination by lineal measurement. Revista Cientifica Agropecuaria 7(1): 25-28

Eryngium horridum Malme fruit viability during an annual period. Revista Cientifica Agropecuaria 7(1): 63-68

Eryphus Perty, 1832 and Tacyba, a new genus of Heteropsini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae). Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 46(1): 83-92

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Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae: an unusual pathogen of infective endocarditis. International Journal of Cardiology 88(2/3): 297-299

Erysiphales and their hyperparasite, Ampelomyces quisqualis, of the Drawsko Landscape Park, Poland. Acta Mycologica 35(1): 79-84

Erysiphe (Uncinula) prunastri on Prunus domestica in Lithuania. Botanica Lithuanica 8(2): 165-169

Erysiphe flexuosa, a new for Poland powdery mildew causing disease of Aesculus hippocastanum. Phytopathologia Polonica (24): 67-71

Erysiphe glycines: a new pathogen of soybean. Indian Phytopathology 56(1): 122

Erysiphe hellebori, a new agent of powdery mildew in Yugoslavia. Persoonia 18(1): 139-142

Erythema migrans in the immunocompromised host. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 111(22/23): 923-932

Erythema multiforme associated with Trichophyton mentagrophytes infection. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology 16(6): 645-646

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Erythema nodosum associated with sporotrichosis. International Journal of Dermatology 41(2): 114-116

Erythematous papules on the skin after pine needle puncture in a patient receiving corticoid treatment. Enfermedades Infecciosas Y Microbiologia Clinica 21(4): 209-210

Erythrinaline alkaloids and antimicrobial flavonoids from Erythrina latissima. Planta Medica 68(7): 640-642

Erythrinan alkaloids and isoflavonoids from Erythrina poeppigiana. Planta Medica 67(9): 871-873

Erythritol, the solution for tastier new low-calorie beverages. Agro Food Industry Hi Tech 14(1): 20-21

Erythro/threo ratio of beta -O-4 structures as an important structural characteristic of lignin. I: Improvement of ozonation method for the quantitative analysis of lignin side-chain structure. Journal of Wood Science 48(3): 210-215

Erythrocytapheresis for Plasmodium falciparum infection complicated by cerebral malaria and hyperparasitemia. Journal of Clinical Apheresis 16(1): 15-18

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Erythrocyte calpain is dispensable for malaria parasite invasion and growth. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 122(2): 227-229

Erythrocyte cell membrane phospholipid levels compared against reported dietary intakes of polyunsaturated fatty acids in pregnant Mexican women. Public Health Nutrition 5(6a): 931-937

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Erythrocytic glutathione and plasma cysteine status of human immunodeficient patients. Experimental Biology and Medicine 226(9): 866-869

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Eryvarins F and G, two 3-phenoxychromones from the roots of Erythrina variegata. Phytochemistry 62(8): 1243-1246

Esa1, an Arabidopsis mutant with enhanced susceptibility to a range of necrotrophic fungal pathogens, shows a distorted induction of defense responses by reactive oxygen generating compounds. Plant journal: for cell and molecular biology 29(2): 131-140

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