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Ichthyotoxicity of Chattonella marina (Raphidophyceae) to damselfish (Acanthochromis polyacanthus): the synergistic role of reactive oxygen species and free fatty acids

, : Ichthyotoxicity of Chattonella marina (Raphidophyceae) to damselfish (Acanthochromis polyacanthus): the synergistic role of reactive oxygen species and free fatty acids. Harmful Algae 2(4): 273-281

This investigation aimed to elucidate the relative roles of putative brevetoxins, reactive oxygen species and free fatty acids as the toxic principle of the raphidophyte Chattonella marina, using damselfish as the bioassay. Our investigations on Australian C. marina demonstrated an absence or only very low concentrations of brevetoxin-like compounds by radio-receptor binding assay and liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy techniques.


DOI: 10.1016/S1568-9883(03)00046-5

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