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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 3861

Chapter 3861 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

New data on the horse fly fauna of Croatian Adriatic islands (Diptera Tabanidae). Bulletin de la Societe Royale Belge d' Entomologie 137(7/12): 113-116

New data on the occurrence of ochratoxin A in human sera from patients affected or not by renal diseases in Tunisia. Food and Chemical Toxicology 41(8): 1133-1140

New data on the taxonomy and distribution of leaf beetles in Israel (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Zoosystematica Rossica 10(2): 379-380

New data on two Dolichopodidae species (Diptera): Syntormon silvianum (Parvu, 1989) (description of the female) and Hercostomus plagiatus (Loew, 1857) from Romania (XVIII). Travaux du Museum National d' Histoire Naturelle "Grigore Antipa" 42: 157-164

New data regarding measurement of membrane permeability in apple fruits affected by some physiological disorders. Analele Institutului de Cercetari pentru Cereale Protectia Plantelor2000; 30: 51-55

New data regarding the spread, bioecology and control of wireworms, under conditions of Moldavian forest-steppe. Analele Institutului de Cercetari pentru Cereale si Plante Tehnice, Fundulea 67: 215-224

New data regarding the technical modifications of the structure of milking machines and installation optimization. Lucrai Stiintifice Zootehnie si Biotehnologii, Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara a Banatului Timisoara (34): 277-280

New data to appreciate the quality of vegetal proteins in humans - implications and outlook. OCL Oleagineux, Corps Gras, Lipides 10(1): 17-22

New data to the knowledge on the eriophyoid fauna on grasses in Hungary (Acari: Eriophyoidea). Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica 37(4): 409-412

New derivatives of acenaphthene and their biological testing. Lucrai Stiintifice Agricultura, Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara a Banatului Timisoara 32(2): 717-724

New derivatives of fumaric acid as plant growth regulators. Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics 379(1/6): 294-296

New design continuous vacuum pan for the Indian sugar industry - Triveni SRI make. International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Proceedings of the XXIV Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 17-21 September 2001 Volume 1: 93-99

New design of a flax sowing machine. Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny (2): 8-9

New design of light trap for survey and management of insect pest population of sugarcane based agro-ecosystem. Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology 16(1): 117-122

New detection and management practices for brown rot of peach in California. Acta Horticulturae (592): 637-643

New development of wood industry led by biological technology in 21st century. Journal of Zhejiang Forestry Science and Technology 21(6): 54-55, 78

New developments and results of phytomedicinal research. Zeitschrift fur Phytotherapie 23(4): 164-168

New developments facilitating nutritional intake after gastrointestinal surgery. Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care 6(5): 593-597

New developments for machine milking of cows in stalls. Tekhnika v Sel' skom Khozyaistve (1): 18-21

New developments for rural areas. Landnutzung und Landentwicklung 43(4): 159-161

New developments in Bemisia tabaci resistance to insecticides in greenhouse tomato in Morocco. Bulletin OILB/SROP 26(10): 21-25

New developments in beef recording (and its possible benefits). Performance recording of animals: state of the art 2002 Proceedings of the 33rd Biennial Session of ICAR, Interlaken, Switzerland, 26-31 May, 2002: 151-153

New developments in binge eating disorder and the night eating syndrome. Appetite 39(2): 175-177

New developments in cockroach control. Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur allgemeine und angewandte Entomologie 13(1-6): 557-560

New developments in decontaminating raw meat. Meat processing: improving quality: 259-282

New developments in dietary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique 38(3): 169-172

New developments in environmental exposure assessment in the EU pesticide regulatory process. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 82(8/9): 645-649

New developments in environmental fate and exposure assessment in the EU pesticide regulatory process. Pesticide in air, plant, soil and water system Proceedings of the XII Symposium Pesticide Chemistry, Piacenza, Italy, 4-6 June 2003: 417-421

New developments in fermentation microorganisms. Nippon Nogeikagaku Kaishi 76(4): 371-373

New developments in functional foods. DMZ, Lebensmittelindustrie und Milchwirtschaft 123(25): 36-38

New developments in genetic selection for litter size and piglet survival. Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 32(Supplement): 33-46

New developments in glutamine delivery. Journal of Nutrition 131(9 Suppl): 2562s-2568s

New developments in herbicides presented in Europe. Informatore Agrario 58(30): 49-55

New developments in insecticide resistance in the glasshouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) and the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) in the UK. Pest Management Science 58(2): 123-130

New developments in medical mycology. Der Hautarzt; Zeitschrift für Dermatologie, Venerologie, und Verwandte Gebiete 52(2): 91-97

New developments in plant protection in the European Union and Germany - ensuring sustainability in plant protection or single-goal strategy?. Zuckerindustrie 127(9): 679-681

New developments in the chemical characterisation of the fruit of Dacryodes edulis (G. Don) H.J. Lam. Forests, Trees and Livelihoods 12(1/2): 119-123

New developments in the chilling and freezing of meat. Meat processing: improving quality: 297-312

New developments in the cold chain: specific issues in warm countries. Bulletin de l' Institut International du Froid 83(3): 4-15

New developments in the control of false mildew. Obst und Weinbau 139(9): 6-10

New developments in the production of herbicide-resistant sugarcane. Proceedings of the Annual Congress South African Sugar Technologists' Association (75): 112-114

New developments in the treatment of senile diabetes in 2002. Geriatrika 18(10): 355-368

New developments in the world of saline agriculture. Prospects for saline agriculture: 321-332

New developments in therapy of deep mycoses. Nihon Ishinkin Gakkai Zasshi 41(4): 221-228

New developments in tick-borne infections. Pediatric Annals 31(3): 200-204

New developments in tree biology. Papers from the 64th Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of Japan, Shizuoka, Japan, 29 September 2000. Journal of Plant Research 114(1116): 471-537

New developments in waste treatment: filtration and thickening systems for inland farms. Cahiers Options Mediterraneennes 55: 129-137

New developments reproductive technologies in deer. Theriogenology 59(1): 189-205

New developments: chloroquine-resistance in Plasmodium falciparum. Drug Resistance Updates 4(3): 141-144

New device for the study of coarse soils on drying-wetting paths. Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey, 27-31 August 2001 Volumes 1-3: 579-582

New devices for pulse beetle management. Plant Protection Bulletin Faridabad 53(3/4): 27-29

New diagnosis, basis for therapy and technology in veterinary reproductive medicine. - Does the extent and intensity of conventional reproductive examination of the horse fit the recent demand of purchase exams? - Part 1: Mare. Pferdeheilkunde 19(6): 693-697

New diagnostic tools for plant pathogenic fungi. Informatore Fitopatologico 51(3): 7-22

New diarylheptanoids and diarylheptanoid glucosides from the rhizomes of Tacca chantrieri and their cytotoxic activity. Journal of Natural Products 65(3): 283-289

New diarylheptanoids from the stems of Carpinus cordata. Journal of Natural Products 65(9): 1367-1370

New dietary guidelines for diabetes from the American Diabetes Association. Nutrition Bulletin 27(2): 93-96

New dihydroalkylhexenones from Lannea edulis. Journal of Natural Products 66(4): 578-580

New dihydrobenzofurans and triterpenoids from roots of Microglossa pyrifolia. Planta Medica 69(3): 258-264

New dihydrostilbene derivatives from the leaves of Glycyrrhiza glabra and evaluation of their antioxidant activity. Journal of Natural Products 66(4): 477-480

New dimensions in hydatidology in the new Millennium, 20th International Congress of Hydatidology, 4-8 June 2001, Kusadasi, Turkey. Acta Tropica 85(2): 103-293

New dimensions of participatory watershed management: an interface of technology and capacity building. Indian Journal of Dryland Agricultural Research and Development 17(1): 1-13

New dimensions of timber-constructions. Lignovisionen 2: 63-68

New dimeric monoterpenes and dimeric diterpenes from the heartwood of Chamaecyparis obtusa var. formosana. Helvetica Chimica Acta 85(9): 2657-2663

New dimeric morphine from opium poppy (Papaver somuniferum) and its physiological function. Journal of Natural Products 66(7): 987-989

New dimeric naphthopyrones from Aspergillus niger. Journal of Natural Products 66(1): 136-139

New diplokaryotic microsporidia (Phylum Microsporidia) from freshwater bryozoans (Bryozoa, Phylactolaemata). European Journal of Protistology 38(3): 247-265

New direction for the improvements of special safeguard for developing countries. Journal of Rural Development Seoul 25(2): 181-199

New directions for weed control in trees and vines. Informatore Agrario 57(40): 61-69

New directions in foodborne disease prevention. International journal of food microbiology5, 78(1-2): 3-17

New directions in natural resource management: the offer of actor-network theory. IDS Bulletin 32(4): 18-25

New directions in the microbiological analysis of foods. Foodborne microorganisms of ic health significance (Ed.6): 103-161

New discovery of China Scrophulariaceae plants. Journal of Beijing Forestry University 22(6): 67-68

New discovery: report of a human schistosome. Chinese Journal of Schistosomiasis Control 15(2): 81-83

New disease of coriander in Australia associated with a Microdochium species. Plant Pathology 52(3): 408

New diseases caused by fungi on cut flower species. Atti, Giornate fitopatologiche, Baselga di Pine, Trento, Italy, 7-11 aprile 2002, Volume 2: 497-499

New diseases of asparagus - a threat to New Zealand's biosecurity. New Zealand Plant Protection Volume 55, 2002 Proceedings of a conference, Centra Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand, 13-15 August 2002: 49-52

New distillation technique for essential oils. Zeitschrift fur Phytotherapie 23(6): 288-289

New distributed records of Bambusoideae (Poaceae) in Southwest, China. Journal of Bamboo Research 20(2): 6-8

New distribution and morphological data of Vulpia membranacea. Willdenowia 31(2): 309-313

New distribution of Astragalus sikokianus Nakai (Leguminosae) in Korea. Journal of Japanese Botany 78(3): 167-169

New distribution of varieties of sugarcane in Tucuman province: 2001-2002. Avance Agroindustrial 23(4): 16-19

New distribution record for Elatophilus inimicus (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae). Florida Entomologist 85(1): 284-285

New distribution record for the endangered crawling water beetle Brychius hungerfordi (Coleoptera: Haliplidae) and notes on seasonal abundance and food preferences. Great Lakes Entomologist 33(3/4): 165-168

New distribution records for Minnesota Odonata. Great Lakes Entomologist 32(3): 219-223, Fall

New distribution records for exotic and non-indigenous fish species in the Lake Michigan drainage, Indiana. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 2001; 107(1/4): 61-70

New distributional and biological data on European Psylloidea (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha), with special reference to the fauna of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Entomologica Basiliensia 24: 161-177

New distributional data on Dermestidae (Coleoptera) from Iraq and Arabian Peninsula. Fragmenta Faunistica 45(1): 27-30

New distributional record of Lutzomyia cruciata (Diptera: Psychodidae) in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. Entomological News 112(5): 337-339

New distributional records of the mite Parasitus mycophilus (Acari: Mesostigmata), with a redescription of the male and first description of the deutonymph. Systematic and Applied Acarology 7: 113-122

New diterpenes and norditerpenes from the fruits of Vitex rotundifolia. Journal of Natural Products 65(4): 537-541

New diterpenoid alkaloids from Delphinium souliei Franch. Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B, Organic including Medicinal 40(12): 1285-1286

New diterpenoids from the aerial parts of Salvia candelabrum. Planta Medica 69(3): 254-257

New domestic water law changes water supply regulations. Deutsche Milchwirtschaft 53(9): 367-369

New drugs for large animals and horses 2000/2001. Tierarztliche Praxis Ausgabe G, Grosstiere/Nutztiere 30(6): 350-356

New dung beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) records for Florida. Insecta Mundi 15(3): 150

New dung beetle Oxythyrea funesta (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Estonian fauna. Baltic Journal of Coleopterology 3(1): 53-54

New durum wheat with Hessian fly resistance from Triticum araraticum and T. carthlicum in Morocco. Plant Breeding 122(5): 435-437, October

New dwarf apple cultivar 'Pidi'. Vedecke Prace Ovocnarske (17): 167-170

New dwarf peach and nectarine tree varieties registered in 2000 by the Fruit Research Station Constanta, Romania. Acta Horticulturae (592): 161-163

New dwarfing and semi-dwarfing Pillnitz apple and pear rootstocks. Acta Horticulturae (557): 55-61

New e-commerce impact study examines use of information and communication technologies by UK hospitality sector. Hospitality Directions Europe Edition (8): 11-20

New earliest apricot cultivars from embryo culture 'Tube Zaohong 1' and 'Tube Zaohe 1'. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 29(4): 392-393

New early chestnut varieties: Zhezao 1 and Zhezao 2. China Fruits (1): 2-4

New early kiwifruit cultivars. Informatore Agrario 57(36): 61-63

New earthworms of the genus Drawida Michaelsen, 1900 (Oligochaeta: Moniligastridae) from Korea. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 109(3): 475-482

New economics for the new economy?. E commerce and electronic markets in agribusiness and supply chains Proceedings of the 75th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists EAAE Bonn, Germany, 14-16 February, 2001: 111

New ectoparasite records for the rock squirrel, Spermophilus variegatus grammurus, in Socorro County, New Mexico. Southwestern Entomologist: 257-262

New educational strategies: evaluation of the Jury Trial technique for training council members in women's health in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Cadernos de Saude Publica 19(2): 525-534

New electrochemical detection method in high-performance liquid chromatography for determining free fatty acids. Analytica Chimica Acta 465(1-2): 199-206, 16 August

New elements in potato crop protection. Progress in Plant Protection 40(1): 169-176

New elements in the fight against Sclerotinia on oilseed rape: a new biological fungicide studied in France. Phytoma ( 539): 12-16

New elements in the technology of the apricot crop. Condensing the plantation and regulating the extent of fruit loading. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 38(1): 30-33

New elements in the technology of the apricot culture drip irrigation and chemical intervention in weed control. Rasteniev"dni Nauki 38(5/6): 265-268

New emergy indices for sustainable development. Journal of Environmental Sciences 15(4): 562-569

New emphasis on managing organic residuals. BioCycle 42(8): 71

New empirical evidence on price setting and consumer behaviour in the retail sector. Agrarwirtschaft 51(2): 99-111

New empirical findings on pricing and consumer behaviour in food retailing. Agrarokonomische Diskussionsbeitrage Universitat Giessen (64): 28 pp.

New empirical formula for hourly estimations of reference evapotranspiration. Agricultural Water Management 60(3): 157-180

New enantioselective synthesis of (10R,11S)-(+)-juvenile hormones I and II. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (11): 2145-2150

New endemic Peperomia species (Piperaceae) from Madagascar. Systematics and Geography of Plants 73(1): 71-81

New energy options in the Australian sugar industry. Proceedings of the 2002 Conference of the Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists held at Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 29 April 2 May 2002: 19-23

New ent-kaurane diterpenoids with anti-platelet aggregation activity from Annona squamosa. Journal of Natural Products 65(10): 1462-1467

New environmental requirements related to the use of sprayers. Informatore Fitopatologico 51(11): 13-18

New environmentally friendly products against psylla (Psylla pyricola). Acta Horticulturae (596): 559-561

New enzyme belonging to the family of molybdenum-free nitrate reductases. Biochemical Journal 369(Pt 1): 185-189

New enzyme technologies for poultry feeds. British Poultry Science 44(1, Supplement): S14-S16

New epoxyserratanes from Huperzia serrata. Planta Medica 69(1): 91-94

New equations for calculating the components of energy expenditure in infants. Journal of Pediatrics 140(5): 534-539

New equipment and devices. Kartofel' i Ovoshchi (5): 8-9

New era in Indian sugar industry: ICUMSA. Cooperative Sugar 33(11): 893, 895, 897, 899, 901, 903-907

New eremophilane sesquiterpenes from Cacalia ainsliaeflora. Planta Medica 69(8): 745-749

New eremophilenolides from Ligulariopsis shichuana. Journal of Natural Products 65(5): 714-717

New eriophyoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) from Australia. International Journal of Acarology 28(3): 241-249

New erythroxane-type diterpenoids from Fagonia boveana (Hadidi) Hadidi & Graf. Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung Section C, Biosciences 58(1/2): 23-32

New estimates and projections of population growth in Pakistan. Population and Development Review 29(3): 483-492

New estimates of methane emissions from Chinese rice paddies. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 64(1/2): 33-42

New eudesmane sesquiterpenes from the root of Lindera strychnifolia. Journal of Natural Products 64(3): 286-288

New evaluation of reproduction parameters of sows and its economic relation. Acta Agraria Kaposvariensis 5(3): 25-40

New evidence for cohesion-tension theory. Journal of Beijing Forestry University 24(4): 135-138

New evidence for isomerism of the formazyl group. Synthesis of selectively protected 2-deoxy-galactose formazans. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 20(7-8): 747-754, September-November

New evidence for leaf swallowing and Oesophagostomum infection in bonobos (Pan paniscus). International Journal of Primatology 23(5): 1053-1062

New evidence for the combined influence of vapor condensation and thermal convection on groundwater monitoring wells. Environmental Geology (Berlin) 42(2-3): 145-150, June

New evidence for the use of root foods in pre-agrarian subsistence recovered from the late Mesolithic site at Halsskov, Denmark. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 11(1/2): 23-32

New evidence of seasonal price transmission in soybean international market. Paradoxes in food chains and networks Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Chain and Network Management in Agribusiness and the Food Industry, Noordwijk, Netherlands, 6-8 June 2002: 1095-1098

New evidence of spontaneous cure in human Chagas' disease. Revista Da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical 36(1): 103-107

New evidence on the nutrition of British school children and conclusions for school meals. Nutrition and Health 16(2): 55-71

New experiences with forecasting of grapevine gray mould in Tuscany. Atti, Giornate fitopatologiche, Baselga di Pine, Trento, Italy, 7-11 aprile 2002, Volume 2: 403-408

New experiences with grapevine powdery mildew epidemic simulation models in Tuscany. Atti, Giornate fitopatologiche, Baselga di Pine, Trento, Italy, 7-11 aprile 2002, Volume 2: 357-364

New experiences with the grapevine downy mildew forecasting models in Tuscany. Atti, Giornate fitopatologiche, Baselga di Pine, Trento, Italy, 7-11 aprile 2002, Volume 2: 271-277

New extension system for modern irrigation management in Egypt. Acta Horticulturae (562): 407-411

New exudate flavonoids of species from the Chrysanthemum complex (Asteraceae-Anthemideae). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 31(5): 545-548

New eyes for looking back to the past and thinking of the future. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 130(1/4): 31-42

New faba bean genotypes resistant to chocolate spot caused by Botrytis fabae. Phytopathologia Mediterranea 41(2): 99-108

New factors in the regulation of adipose differentiation and metabolism. Current Opinion in Lipidology 13(3): 241-245

New facts about CdCl2 action on the photosynthetic apparatus of spinach chloroplasts and its comparison with HgCl2 action. Photosynthetica 39(4): 575-580

New facts regarding genetic indices: multiple trait / Interstallion indices . 28eme journee de la recherche equine, 27 fevrier 2002: 123-133

New farm policy to affect producer profitability, competitive position of U.S. global grain/oilseeds. Feedstuffs 74(40): 13-15, 18-19, 31

New farming systems for sugarcane production. International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Proceedings of the XXIV Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 17-21 September 2001 Volume 2: 52-57

New farnesane-type sesquiterpenes, hedychiols A and B 8,9-diacetate, and inhibitors of degranulation in RBL-2H3 cells from the rhizome of Hedychium coronarium. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 50(8): 1045-1049

New fava bean guard cell signaling mutant impaired in ABA-induced stomatal closure. Plant & Cell Physiology 44(9): 909-913

New feather mite species of the family Pteronyssidae (Astigmata: Analgoidea) from South African passerines (Aves: Passeriformes). Folia Parasitologica 47(4): 319-329

New feather mite taxa (Acari: Analgoidea) and mites collected from native and introduced birds of New Zealand. Acarologia 42(2): 185-201

New feather mites of the family Pterolichidae (Acari: Pterolichoidea) from parrots (Aves: Psittaciformes) in Australia. Australian Journal of Entomology 42(2): 185-202

New feather mites species of the genus Trouessartia (Acari: Analgoidea: Trouessartiidae) from South African passerines (Aves: Passeriformes). Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen Zoologischen Museum und Institut 97: 99-115

New features in karyotype structure and origin of saffron, Crocus sativus L. Cytologia 67(3): 245-252

New features of insect pest management in 21st century. Entomological Knowledge 39(4): 241-246

New federal incentives promote biopower and biobased products. BioCycle 43(11): 52-55

New federal support for priority watershed management needs. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 38(2): 577-586

New feed mixture for pigs in the fattening test. Veterinarija ir Zootechnika (20): 78-81

New feeding habit of Helicoverpa on cotton. Journal of Applied Zoological Researches 10(1): 45-46

New feeds from genetically modified plants: substantial equivalence, nutritional equivalence and safety for animals and animal products. INRA Productions Animales 15(2): 97-108

New feeds: safety, substantial equivalence and feeding value for farm animals. Advances in nutritional technology 2001 Proceedings of the 1st World Feed Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, 7-8 November, 2001: 229-248

New fertilizer pricing policy in India: an assessment of the current scene. Agro Chemicals Report 1(1): 28-31

New fertilizers for agricultural crops. Belorusskoe Sel' skoe Khozyaistvo (1): 24-25

New fibre flax variety 'Kastyciai'. Zemdirbyste, Mokslo Darbai ( 70): 235-244

New field of use for defribrator pulp, an intermediate product of fibreboard manufacture. Derevoobrabatyvayushchaya Promyshlennost' (2): 16-18

New filamentous fungus Sagenomella chlamydospora responsible for a disseminated infection in a dog. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 41(4): 1722-1725

New filtration equipment for the sugar industry . Tsukor Ukraini (1): 12-14

New findings about old-growth forests. Science Update Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service (4): 11 pp.

New findings in apple S-genotype analysis resolve previous confusion and request the re-numbering of some S-alleles. Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 106(4): 703-714

New findings in silage production. What are the practical implications?. Milchpraxis 40(2): 94-97

New findings of aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) from Serbia and Montenegro. Acta Entomologica Serbica 5(1/2): 111-118

New findings on Pandanus sect. Imerinenses and sect. Rykiella (Pandanaceae) from Madagascar. Adansonia 25(1): 53-63

New findings on sperm ultrastructure of Xenos vesparum (Rossi) (Strepsiptera, Insecta). Tissue and Cell 35(1): 19-27

New findings on umbel bronzing in annual caraway (Carum carvi L. var. annuum hort.). Zeitschrift fur Arznei and Gewurzpflanzen 6(3): 115-119

New findings to the role of tunikamycin in grapevine: disease defense responses. Vitis 40(4): 169-174

New finds of Malus sylvestris Mill. (wild apple) from Neolithic sites in Poland. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 10(2): 105-106

New fish-killing alga in coastal Delaware produces neurotoxins. Environmental Health Perspectives 110(5): 465-470

New flavanol derivatives from grape (Vitis vinifera) byproducts. Antioxidant aminoethylthio-flavan-3-ol conjugates from a polymeric waste fraction used as a source of flavanols. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 49(10): 4627-4634

New flavans, spirostanol sapogenins, and a pregnane genin from Tupistra chinensis and their cytotoxicity. Journal of Natural Products 66(2): 161-168

New flavones from Millettia erythrocalyx. Journal of Natural Products 65(4): 589-591

New flavonol oligoglycosides and polyacylated sucroses with inhibitory effects on aldose reductase and platelet aggregation from the flowers of Prunus mume. Journal of Natural Products 65(8): 1151-1155

New flavonol-phenylbutadiene adducts from the leaves of Alpinia flabellata. Journal of Natural Products 65(3): 389-391

New flavour compounds from orange essence oil. Flavour Research at the Dawn of the Twenty first Century Proceedings of the 10th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium, Beaune, France, 25-28 June, 2002: 745-748

New flea beetle genus and species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae, Alticinae) from Central Africa. Canadian Entomologist 133(5): 643-649

New floral crops of the world and the prospect of Korean wild flowers. Korean Journal of Horticultural Science and Technology 19(2): 253-261

New floristic records for Andalusian: Sierra de Gador (Almeria). Acta Botanica Malacitana 26: 256-259

New floristic records for Valladolid province. Acta Botanica Malacitana 26: 208-212

New fluorescence parameters for monitoring photosynthesis in plants. 1. The effect of illumination on the fluorescence parameters of the JIP-test. Photosynthesis Research 78(1): 17-33

New foliar disease of mango (Manguifera indica L.) in Cuba. Revista Mexicana de Fitopatologia 19(1): 104-106

New food additives applying for the designation and the revision of standards for use. Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi = Journal of the Food Hygienics Society of Japan 42(6): j337-j339

New food antioxidant additive based on hydrolysis products of lactose. Green Chemistry 5(1): 47-51

New food components and gastrointestinal health. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 60(4): 481-488

New food labelling initiatives in Australia and New Zealand. Food Control 14(6): 417-427

New for the Polish fauna and rare fruit-flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) with annotated check-list of this family. Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 70(4): 293-305

New for the Polish fauna and rare gelechiids (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne 70(3): 195-200

New for the Ukrainian fauna species of Lathridiidae (Coleoptera). Vestnik Zoologii 36(6): 72

New forage species for the Mediterranean environment. Informatore Agrario 58(23): 52-56

New forces are shaping the European hotel sector. Hospitality Directions Europe Edition (1): 19-32

New foreign pear cultivars in mountain areas of North-Western Caucasus. Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo (3): 18-19

New forest management and silvicultural systems in the Himalayas for production of Non-Wood Forest Products. Currents Uppsala (25/26): 21-27

New form of China aster (Callistephus chinensis (L.) Nees). Structure and biology of ray florets with open tubular corollas (type RO). Acta Agrobotanica 54(2): 123-140

New form of dispersion tensor for axisymmetric porous media with implementation in particle tracking. Water Resources Research 38(8): 21/1-21/16

New formative horizons for a multifunctional agriculture. New Medit 1(3): 10-21

New forms of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karsten) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) to the dendroflora of Lithuania. Botanica Lithuanica 8(4): 19-26

New forms of economic cooperation in family agriculture in Brazil. The case of condominiums in the state of Santa Catarina. Revista Espanola de Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros (191): 137-163

New formulae for determining sample size and the number of replications needed in investigations. Sadovodstvo i Vinogradarstvo (1): 22-24

New formulation - Integral. Zashchita i Karantin Rastenii (11): 21

New from the world of tropical disease research. Journal of Tropical Medicine Guangzhou 2(4): 396-397

New frontiers in gene targeting and cloning: success, application and challenges in domestic animals and human embryonic stem cells. Reproduction Cambridge 126(1): 1-11

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