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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 4062

Chapter 4062 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Breeding systems of invasive alien plants in South Africa: does Baker's rule apply?. Diversity and Distributions 10(5/6): 409-416

Breeding technique for practicable rice thermo-sensitive genic male sterile (TGMS) lines in Guangdong province of China. Hybrid Rice 19(1): 17-19

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Breeding techniques for the welfare and production. Rivista di Coniglicoltura 40(5): 34-38

Breeding to enhance yield potential of rice at IRRI: the ideotype approach. International Rice Research Notes 29(1): 5-9

Breeding tomato for pollen tolerance to low temperatures by gametophytic selection. Euphytica 142(3): 253-263

Breeding tomatoes for their high nutritional value. Recent research developments in plant science Vol 2: 33-52

Breeding towards a Cabernet-type wine. Vinohrad Bratislava 42(6): 12-14

Breeding traits of temperature tolerant button mushroom. Journal of Eco Physiology 6(1/2): 53-56

Breeding tropical and subtropical fruits. Breeding tropical and subtropical fruits: xvi + 338 pp.

Breeding true cassava seed progeny for mosaic disease (CMD) resistance. Gene Conserve (11): 154-186

Breeding value estimation and family selection for seedling seed orchard of Masson's pine. Journal of Northeast Forestry University 32(4): 3-5, 11

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Breeding value estimation of broad sows for the reproductive traits on the basis of animal model with repeatability. Cercetari de Genetica Vegetala si Animala 8: 211-218

Breeding value evaluation in Polish fur animals: estimates of direct heritability and portion of litter variation of fur coat and reproduction traits. Czech Journal of Animal Science 49(11): 474-482

Breeding value evaluation in Polish fur animals: factors affecting pelt prices in the international trading system. Czech Journal of Animal Science 50(6): 266-272

Breeding value evaluation in Polish fur animals: statistical description of fur coat and reproduction traits - relationship and inbreeding. Czech Journal of Animal Science 49(1): 16-27

Breeding value for own growth of beef bulls in performance-test station. Animal Science Papers and Reports 22(Supplement 2): 97-103

Breeding value for type traits in beef cattle in the Czech Republic. Czech Journal of Animal Science 50(9): 385-393

Breeding value of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.) from the Kodzko Forest District (SW Poland). Journal of Forest Science 50(1): 17-23

Breeding value of winter wheat specimens from VIR world collection under forest steppe conditions of Western Siberia. Russian Agricultural Sciences (11): 1-4

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Breeding vegetable crops for resistance to diseases. Kartofel' i Ovoshchi (1): 27-28

Breeding vireya rhododendrons for cold hardiness. American Rhododendron Society Journal 59(2): 101-105

Breeding wheat on high bread making quality. Sjemenarstvo 22(1/2): 5-11

Breeding white clover (Trifolium repens L.) for Europe: successes and challenges. Land use systems in grassland dominated regions Proceedings of the 20th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation, Luzern, Switzerland, 21-24 June 2004: 392-394

Breeding winter wheat for yellow rust resistance in Tajikistan. Meeting the challenge of yellow rust in cereal crops Proceedings of the First Regional Conference on Yellow Rust in the Central and West Asia and North Africa Region, Karaj, Iran, 8-14 May 2001: 28-33

Breeding work on sorghum crops at the Stavropol' Breeding Centre. Kukuruza i Sorgo (5): 14-17

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Breeds with portosystemic shunts. Compendium on Continuing Education for the Practicing Veterinarian 26(10): 759-760

Brefeldin A production by Phoma medicaginis in dead pre-colonized plant tissue: a strategy for habitat conquest?. Mycological Research 108(6): 662-671

Breinlia (Breinlia) ventricola sp. nov., a nematode parasite from the heart of the red kangaroo, Macropus rufus, in Western Australia. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia Incorporated 128(1): 67-71

Bremia lactucae.. IMI Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria ( 69): Sheet 682

Brevenal is a natural inhibitor of brevetoxin action in sodium channel receptor binding assays. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology 24(4): 553-563

Brevennia rehi.. Distribution Maps of Plant Pests (December): Map 401

Brevibacillus agri, a pathogenic bacterium of Malacosoma neustria (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae). Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 14(2): 98-100

Brevibacillus brevis isolated from cadmium- or zinc-contaminated soils improves in vitro spore germination and growth of Glomus mosseae under high Cd or Zn concentrations. Microbial Ecology 49(3): 416-424

Brevibacillus levickii sp. nov. and Aneurinibacillus terranovensis sp. nov., two novel thermoacidophiles isolated from geothermal soils of northern Victoria Land, Antarctica. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 55(Pt 3): 1039-1050

Brevicompanine C, cyclo-(D-Ile-L-Trp), and cyclo-(D-Leu-L-Trp), plant growth regulators from Penicillium brevi-compactum. Journal of Natural Products 68(2): 237-239

Brevicoryne brassicae.. Distribution Maps of Plant Pests (December): Map 37

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Brevipalpus californicus, B. obovatus, B. phoenicis, and B. lewisi (Acari: Tenuipalpidae): a review of their biology, feeding injury and economic importance. Experimental and Applied Acarology 30(1/3): 5-28

Brevipalpus californicus.. Distribution Maps of Plant Pests (June): Map 107

Brevipalpus obovatus.. Distribution Maps of Plant Pests (June): Map 128

Brevipalpus phoenicis.. Distribution Maps of Plant Pests (June): Map 106

Brevipalpus-transmitted plant virus and virus-like diseases: cytopathology and some recent cases. Experimental and Applied Acarology 30(1/3): 135-160

Brewery maintenance. Brauwelt International 23(5): 348-352

Brewery properties of two barley varieties from different cultivation systems. Prace Instytutow i Laboratoriow Badawczych Przemysu Spozywczego 59: 7-19

Brewing trials with a xanthohumol-enriched hop product. Brauwelt International 22(3): 182-184

Bridging model and crop legumes through comparative genomics. Plant Physiology 137(4): 1189-1196

Bridging political expectations and scientific limitations in climate risk management - on the uncertain effects of international carbon sink policies. Climatic Change 67(2/3): 449-460

Bridging research and policy for improving natural resource management - lessons and challenges in the highlands of South-western Uganda. Renewable natural resources management for mountain communities: 247-266

Bridging the gap between evidence-based innovation and national health-sector reform in Ghana. Studies in Family Planning 35(3): 161-177

Bridging the gap between managerial and participatory evaluations of forestry programmes: the case of the Vosges after the 1999 storm. EFI Proceedings (52): 189-197

Bridging the gap in agricultural developmental efforts through collaborative approach. Fertiliser Marketing News 35(7): 1, 3, 5, 7

Bridging the gap in life expectancy of the aborigines in Taiwan. International Journal of Epidemiology 33(2): 320-327

Bridging the gap in the market. WWT Water and Waste Treatment 48(3): 37-38

Bridging the gap: communities, forests and international networks: synthesis report of the project 'Learning lessons from International Community Forestry Networks'. CIFOR Occasional Paper (41): vii + 60 pp.

Bridging the gap: computer model enhanced learning about natural resource management in Burkina Faso. Bridging the gap: computer model enhanced learning about natural resource management in Burkino Faso: 219 pp.

Bridging the gaps between agricultural policy, land-use and biodiversity. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 20(11): 610-616

Bridging the productivity gap between maize inbreds and hybrids by replacing gene and genome dichotomization with gene and genome integration. Maydica 50(1): 49-61

Bridging the worlds of fire managers and researchers: lessons and opportunities from the Wildland Fire Workshops. General Technical Report Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service (PNW-GTR-599): iv + 41 pp.

Bridging troubled waters: biological invasions, transoceanic shipping, and the Laurentian Great Lakes. BioScience 54(10): 919-929

Brief access to sweets protect against relapse to cocaine-seeking. Brain Research 1049(1): 128-131

Brief communication: hematogenous dissemination in early Lyme disease. Annals of Internal Medicine 142(9): 751-755

Brief communication: sleep curtailment in healthy young men is associated with decreased leptin levels, elevated ghrelin levels, and increased hunger and appetite. Annals of Internal Medicine 141(11): 846-850

Brief description of external quarantine in Cuba. Fitosanidad 9(1): 57-64

Brief description of the survival analysis procedure using the running rejection behaviour of young rabbits as a model trait. Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra 69(1): 29-33

Brief epidemiological dossier on Salmonella, as a cause of alimentary infections. Higiene Alimentar 19(128): 33-44

Brief episode of STZ-induced hyperglycemia produces cardiac abnormalities in rats fed a diet rich in n-6 PUFA. American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology 287(6): H2518-H2527

Brief history of cassava brown streak virus disease. Cassava brown streak virus disease: past, present and future: Proceedings of an International Workshop, Mombasa, 27-30 October 2002: 5-6

Brief history of the ammoniacal silver carbonate Fernandez-Galiano method in protozoology. Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural, Seccion Biologica 99(1/4): 157-162

Brief history of veterinary medicine in Brazil. A Hora Veterinaria 24(144): 47-50

Brief introduction about the self fruitful sweet cherry cultivars bred in the United States and Canada. China Fruits (2): 60-61

Brief introduction and comprehensive evaluation for water saving irrigation devices in China. Water Saving Irrigation (1): 40-41

Brief introduction of 12 apple new cultivars. China Fruits (6): 7-8

Brief introduction of 2 pecan selections. South China Fruits (2): 53

Brief introduction of medicinal insect resources in Jiangsu. Journal of Jiangsu Forestry Science and Technology 31(2): 44-48

Brief introduction of strawberry breeding in Italy. China Fruits (5): 58-59

Brief introduction of the deciduous fruit germplasm in Turkey. China Fruits (3): 60-61

Brief introduction to ready-to-feed infant milk. China Dairy Industry 30(5): 83-84

Brief look at sorbitol in 1-year-old shoots of apple (Malus domestica). New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science 33(1): 81-87

Brief note on the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow: its establishment and salient achievements. International Sugar Journal 106(1272): 646, 648

Brief overview of main existing and some potential microbial hazards in meat. Tehnologija Mesa 46(1/2): 29-38

Brief overview of the bluetongue situation in Mediterranean Europe, 1998-2004. Veterinaria Italiana 40(3): 57-60

Brief report on microbiological quality of sugar produced in the 2003 campaign. Gazeta Cukrownicza 112(8): 216-217

Brief report on the sweet cherry cultivars and rootstocks grown in Germany. China Fruits (4): 61-62

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Brief review on pollen-stigma recognition in plants. Journal of Jiangsu Forestry Science and Technology 31(3): 49-51

Brief stimulation of the peroneal nerve attenuates the exercise pressor reflex in anaesthetised cats. Autonomic Neuroscience 118(1-2): 1-11

Brief survey about feeding and obesity. Bulletin de l' Academie Nationale de Medecine 187(7): 1379-1389

Bright prospects for sea cucumber industry in China. INFOFISH International (4): 60-63

Bright: botanical and rotational implications of genetically modified herbicide tolerance. Aspects of Applied Biology (74): 207-210

Brightness discrimination and neutral point testing in the horse. Canadian Journal of Zoology 82(4): 660-670

Brilliant thoughts and practice of ecosystem management contained in traditional culture in China. World Forestry Research 18(2): 70-72

Brine recovery system at a sugar refinery. International Sugar Journal 107(1280): 462-464, 466

Brine shrimp toxicity and antiplasmodial activity of five Kenyan medicinal plants. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 90(1): 129-133

Brine shrimp toxicity of leaf and seed extracts of Cassia alata Linn. and their antibacterial potency. Journal of Medical Sciences Pakistan 4(3): 188-193

Brine treatment, smoking and storage techniques: their effects on the microbial quality of smoked mackerel. Journal of Food Technology in Africa 6(2): 59-62

Bringing asparagus to market: preventing pathogens. Infos Ctifl (203): 38-40

Bringing back the forests: by whom and for whom?. RAP Publication (14): 27-36

Bringing back the forests: policies and practices for degraded lands and forests. Proceedings of an international conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 7-10 October 2002. RAP Publication (14): vi + 337 pp.

Bringing fallacies to light: debunking radiation-measurement misconceptions for plant photosynthesis. Resource, Engineering and Technology for a Sustainable World 12(2): 9-10

Bringing family back to the park. Parks and Recreation Ashburn 40(7): 47-50

Bringing medicinal plants into cultivation: opportunities and challenges for biotechnology. Trends in Biotechnology 23(4): 180-185

Bringing political economy into the debate on the obesity epidemic. Agriculture and Human Values 21(4): 299-312

Bringing science to wildlife tourism: the influence of managers' and scientists' perceptions. Journal of Ecotourism 3(1): 1-19

Bringing sportsmanship back to your youth sports leagues. Parks and Recreation Ashburn 39(6): 46-51

Bringing sustainable to the people - roasters everywhere are providing Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee. Indian Coffee 69(5): 11-13

Bringing the moral charge home: fair trade within the North and within the South. Rural Sociology 69(2): 169-196

Bringing the world to Canada: 'the periphery of the centre'. Third World Quarterly 25(7): 1215-1232

Bringing together ideas of social enterprise, education and community woodland: the Hill Holt Wood approach. Scottish Forestry 59(1): 7-14

Bringing together viewpoints of mothers and health workers to enhance monitoring and promotion of growth and development of children: a case study from the Republic of Congo. Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition 22(1): 59-67

Brining of cod fillets: influence on sensory properties and consumers liking. Food Quality and Preference 15(5): 421-428

Brinjal shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis) status in coastal districts of Orissa. Resources management in plant protection during twenty first century, Hyderabad, India, 14-15 November 2002 Volume II: 121-123

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British Small Animal Veterinary Association Membership Handbook 2004/2005. British Small Animal Veterinary Association Membership Handbook 2004/2005: 296 pp.

British and Irish pug moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Larentiinae, Eupitheciini): a guide to their identification and biology. British and Irish pug moths Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Larentiinae, Eupitheciini: a guide to their identification and biology: 264 pp.

British forestry in the 20th century: policy and achievements. British forestry in the 20th century: policy and achievements: xlvii + 282 pp.

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Broadleaf privet, Ligustrum lucidum Aiton (Oleaceae), a late-season host for Nezara viridula (L.), Plautia affinis Dallas and Glaucias amyoti (Dallas) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in northern New South Wales, Australia. Australian Journal of Entomology 43(4): 335-339

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