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Karyotypes of two cytotypes of Paspalum quadrifarium Lam. (Poaceae). An alternative technique for small chromosomes in plants

, : Karyotypes of two cytotypes of Paspalum quadrifarium Lam. (Poaceae). An alternative technique for small chromosomes in plants. Genetics and Molecular Biology 26(4): 499-503

Paspalum quadrifarium is a bunchgrass native to Uruguay, Argentina, and southern Brazil. Diploid, triploid, tetraploid and hexaploid cytotypes have been reported for this species of the Quadrifaria group of Paspalum. In this group, a high degree of cytogenetic homology between the genomes of several diploid species has been reported, based on meiotic pairing in interspecific hybrids; multivalent associations would thus be expected in polyploid hybrids.


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