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Repetitive DNA sequences as probes for phylogenetic analysis in Vicia genus

, : Repetitive DNA sequences as probes for phylogenetic analysis in Vicia genus. Caryologia 2005; 57(4): 379-386

In the process of further characterizing phylogenetic relationships among Vicia species of the subgenus Vicia, four different molecular DNA markers were used: a tandemly repeated DNA sequences approximately 60 bp in length (FokI); a 336-bp element (pVf7) homologous to the IGS repeats (but that does not reside in the polycistronic rDNA units); a family of repeated DNA sequences (VfB) approximately 1200 bp in length (that might be derived from a mobile DNA element); and a family of repeated DNA sequences (VfM) of approximately 60 bp that can be considered a minisatellite-like sequence (EMBL accession nr. AJ242773). The comparison of the obtained results enabled the definition of the phylogenetic relationships among the analysed species and confirmed that V. faba, V. bithynica and the species of Narbonensis section represent three distinct taxonomic groups according to Maxted's classification. VfB and VfM marker discriminated species within the section Narbonensis and indicated a great affinity between some species.


DOI: 10.1080/00087114.2004.10589420

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