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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 4319

Chapter 4319 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Significant decrease of cyclosporine bioavailability in rats caused by a decoction of the roots of Scutellaria baicalensis. Planta Medica 70(2): 132-137

Significant developments and emerging issues in human resource management. International Journal of Hospitality Management 23(5): 459-472

Significant effects of diacylglycerol on body fat and lipid metabolism in patients on hemodialysis. Clinical Nutrition 23(5): 1122-1126

Significant elevation of serum soluble CD14 levels in patients with brucellosis. Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases 58(1): 11-14

Significant familial differences in the frequency of abortion and Toxoplasma gondii infection within a flock of Charollais sheep. Parasitology 131(Pt 2): 181-185

Significant improvement in symptoms, skin test, and specific bronchial reactivity: after 6 months of treatment with a depigmented, polymerized extract of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and D. farinae. Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology 13(4): 244-251

Significant improvement of eczema with skin care and food elimination in small children. Acta Paediatrica 94(10): 1384-1388

Significant improvement of the recombinant Borrelia IgG immunoblot for serodiagnosis of early neuroborreliosis. International Journal of Medical Microbiology 293(Supp 37): 158-160

Significant increase in risk of gastroesophageal cancer is associated with interaction between promoter polymorphisms in thymidylate synthase and serum folate status. Carcinogenesis 26(8): 1430-1435

Significant increase in survival of captive-bred juvenile Banggai cardinalfish Pterapogon kauderni with an essential fatty acid-enriched diet. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 35(1): 61-69

Significant increases in the levels of liver enzymes in mice treated with anti-tuberculosis drugs. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 26(2): 152-158

Significant levels of sequence divergence and gene rearrangements have occurred between the mitochondrial genomes of the wild mulberry silkmoth, Bombyx mandarina, and its close relative, the domesticated silkmoth, Bombyx mori. Molecular Biology and Evolution 19(8): 1385-1389

Significant linkage disequilibrium and high genetic diversity in a population of Plasmodium falciparum from an area (Republic of the Congo) highly endemic for malaria. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 68(3): 345-349

Significant morphological but little molecular differences between Trypanosoma of rodents from Alaska. Journal of Parasitology 91(1): 201-203

Significant nutrient flows from the field. WasserWirtschaft Hydrologie, Wasserbau, Boden, Okologie 94(5): 42-45

Significant proteases of flukes - molecular characteristic and their biological functions. Wiadomosci Parazytologiczne 50(4): 657-664

Significant relationships between the serum leptin concentration and the conventional fat reserve indices in a wildlife species, Hokkaido sika deer (Cervus nippon yesoensis). Wildlife Research 31(1): 97-100

Significant reproductive skew in the facultatively polygynous ant Pheidole pallidula. Molecular Ecology uary; 13(1): 203-210

Significant roles of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism in the life-style related diseases. Nippon Nogeikagaku Kaishi 77(11): 1120-1123

Signs of illness in Kenyan infants aged less than 60 days. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 82(5): 323-329

Signs of infection in Pap smears and risk of adverse pregnancy outcome. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 17(4): 340-346

Signs of neurologic dysfunction in dogs with central versus peripheral vestibular disease. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 227(4): 570-574

Signs of oxidative stress in the chlorotic leaves of iron starved plants. Plant Science 169(6): 1037-1045

Signs of recovery for Italian wine exports. Informatore Agrario 61(20): 33-35

Signs of revival for Parmesan cheese. Informatore Agrario 59(39): 37-39

Signs to detect regeneration and degradation of agroecosystems in the coffee growing region of Colombia. Livestock Research for Rural Development 17(3): article 25

Signum, a new fungicide with interesting properties in resistance management of fungal diseases in strawberries. Communications in Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences 69(4): 743-755

Sigvard Andersson. An eminent Swedish soil physicist and academic. Kungl Skogs och Lantbruksakademiens Tidskrift 143(13): 77 pp.

Silage additives and aerobic stability - test results 2003. Agrarforschung 11(11/12): 511-515

Silage additives and aerobic stability: test results 2003. Revue Suisse d' Agriculture 37(1): 7-10

Silage and its risks. Comunicado Tecnico Embrapa Gado de Leite (33): 6 pp.

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Silage from narrow-leaved lupin and its mixtures. Kormoproizvodstvo (5): 27-28

Silage maize (Zea mays L.) seedlings emergence as influenced by soil compaction treatments and contact pressures. Plant, Soil and Environment 51(7): 289-295

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Silage preparation of total mixed ration with green tea grounds and its fermentation quality and nutritive value. Grassland Science 50(1): 40-46

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Silage production from tropical forages. Silage production and utilization Proceedings of the XIVth International Silage Conference, a satellite workshop of the XXth International Grassland Congress, Belfast, Northern Ireland, July 2005: 97-107

Silage production in practical herds. The major problem is poor compression. Mais 32(3): 80-83

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Silage quality of different forages ensiled in plastic bags. Range Management and Agroforestry 24(1): 42-44

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Silage trailers or motorised cutters?. Mechanizace Zemedelstvi (3): 22-24

Silage: a global perspective. Grasslands: developments, opportunities, perspectives: 111-132

Silana farinosa (Boheman) (Cassidinae: Chyrsomelidae), pest of curry leaf (Murraya koenigii) in Kerala. Insect Environment 9(3): 141

Silanization treatments on beans by hexamethyldisilazane: preliminary results. Ciencia Rural 35(1): 219-222

Silence is green. Biochemical Society Transactions 32(Pt 6): 946-951

Silence, work in progress!. Mondo Macchina 13(3): 51-53

Silencing a prohibitin alters plant development and senescence. Plant Journal 44(1): 16-24

Silencing in Arabidopsis T-DNA transformants: the predominant role of a gene-specific RNA sensing mechanism versus position effects. Plant Cell 16(10): 2561-2572

Silencing of DGAT1 in tobacco causes a reduction in seed oil content. Plant Science 169(4): 689-694

Silencing of NbECR encoding a putative enoyl-CoA reductase results in disorganized membrane structures and epidermal cell ablation in Nicotiana benthamiana. Febs Letters 579(20): 4459-4464

Silencing of Sm proteins in Trypanosoma brucei by RNA interference captured a novel cytoplasmic intermediate in spliced leader RNA biogenesis. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(51): 51469-51478

Silencing of a gene adjacent to the breakpoint of a widespread Drosophila inversion by a transposon-induced antisense RNA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 101(24): 9013-9018

Silencing of apple proteins that interact with DspE, a pathogenicity effector from Erwinia amylovora, as a strategy to increase resistance to fire blight. Acta Horticulturae (663(Vol.1)): 469-473

Silencing of fertility restoration genes in sunflower. Helia 26(39): 1-6

Silencing of hydroperoxide lyase and allene oxide synthase reveals substrate and defense signaling crosstalk in Nicotiana attenuata. Plant Journal 40(1): 35-46

Silencing of hydroxycinnamoyl-coenzyme A shikimate/quinate hydroxycinnamoyltransferase affects phenylpropanoid biosynthesis. Plant Cell 16(6): 1446-1465

Silencing of ribosomal protein L3 genes in N. tabacum reveals coordinate expression and significant alterations in plant growth, development and ribosome biogenesis. Plant Journal 39(1): 29-44

Silencing of subfamily I of protein phosphatase 2A catalytic subunits results in activation of plant defense responses and localized cell death. Plant Journal 38(4): 563-577

Silencing of the aleurone-specific Ltp2-gus gene in transgenic rice is reversed by transgene rearrangements and loss of aberrant transcripts. Plant & Cell Physiology 45(10): 1500-1508

Silencing of the mitogen-activated protein kinase MPK6 compromises disease resistance in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 16(4): 897-907

Silencing of the pollen-specific gene NTP303 and its family members in tobacco affects in vivo pollen tube growth and results in male sterile plants. Plant Molecular Biology 55(5): 715-726

Silencing of transposons in plant genomes: kick them when they're down. Genome Biology 5(12): 249-249

Silencing of yellow head virus replication in penaeid shrimp cells by dsRNA. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 334(1): 102-107

Silencing the ap65 gene reduces adherence to vaginal epithelial cells by Trichomonas vaginalis. Molecular Microbiology 53(4): 1099-1108

Silencing the expression of an Agrobacterium vitis oncogene in a model plant. Acta Horticulturae (603): 519-526

Silencing the jasmonate cascade: induced plant defenses and insect populations. Science 305(5684): 665-668

Silencing the major apple allergen Mal d 1 by using the RNA interference approach. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 115(2): 364-369

Silencing the nuclear actin-related protein AtARP4 in Arabidopsis has multiple effects on plant development, including early flowering and delayed floral senescence. Plant Journal 41(6): 845-858

Silencing viruses by RNA interference. Microbes and Infection 7(4): 767-775

Silent point mutation polymorphism of the bovine CD18 encoding gene. Journal of Applied Genetics 45(1): 73-76

Silent scourge: children, pollution and why scientists disagree. Silent scourge: children, pollution and why scientists disagree: 318 pp.

Silibinin causes cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human bladder transitional cell carcinoma cells by regulating CDKI-CDK-cyclin cascade, and caspase 3 and PARP cleavages. Carcinogenesis 25(9): 1711-1720

Silibinin down-regulates prostate epithelium-derived Ets transcription factor in LNCaP prostate cancer cells. Planta Medica 70(5): 397-400

Silibinin inhibits cell invasion through inactivation of both PI3K-Akt and MAPK signaling pathways. Chemico-Biological Interactions 156(2-3): 141-150

Silibinin prevents ultraviolet radiation-caused skin damages in SKH-1 hairless mice via a decrease in thymine dimer positive cells and an up-regulation of p53-p21/Cip1 in epidermis. Carcinogenesis 25(8): 1459-1465

Silica adsorbent prepared from spent diatomaceous earth and its application to removal of dye from aqueous solution. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 275(2): 428-433

Silica deposition in cell walls of the stomatal apparatus of rice leaves. Plant Production Science 8(1): 71-73

Silica deposition in relation to ageing of leaf tissues in Sasa veitchii (Carriere) Rehder (Poaceae: Bambusoideae). Annals of Botany 93(3): 235-248

Silica in several rattan species. Holzforschung 55(6): 595-600

Silica sampling and analysis: legal issues evolving from regulatory standards and the role of ASTM E 1132. Journal of ASTM International JAI 2(2): JAI12246

Silica treatment increases the susceptibility of the Cabo Frio strain of Biomphalaria tenagophila to Schistosoma mansoni infection but does not alter the natural resistance of the Taim strain. Parasitology Research 91(6): 500-507

Silica-cast replicas for morphology studies on spruce and birch xylem. IAWA Journal 25(2): 155-164

Silica-nanoparticle-based interface for the enhanced immobilization and sequence-specific detection of DNA. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 379(7-8): 1025-1030

Silicic acid: boric acid complexes as wood preservatives. Ability of treated wood to resist termites and combustion. Wood Science and Technology 37(3/4): 287-297

Silicon accumulation and water deficit tolerance in Brachiaria grasses. Scientia Agricola 60(4): 755-759

Silicon alleviates oxidative damage of wheat plants in pots under drought. Plant Science 169(2): 313-321

Silicon alleviates salt stress and increases antioxidant enzymes activity in leaves of salt-stressed cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). Plant Science 167(3): 527-533

Silicon and osmotic potential of nutrient solution in the growth of cucumber. Terra 22(4): 467-473

Silicon and plant disease resistance against pathogenic fungi. Fems Microbiology Letters 249(1): 1-6

Silicon and sodium chloride effects in leaf content of macronutrients, Na, Cl and SiO2 of dwarf-early cashew clones (Anacardium occidentale L.). Revista de Ciencias Agrarias (41): 203-213

Silicon application on flooded rice in production components. Bioscience Journal 20(3): 125-131

Silicon compatible with the height of human vertebral column. Biological Trace Element Research 95(2): 113-121

Silicon concentration in plasma in patients with acute myocardial infarction and stable ischeamic heart disease. Journal of Elementology 8(4): 223-230

Silicon concentrations in UK surface waters. Journal of hydrology10 304(1-4): 75-93

Silicon contents in soil and in highland rice plants under different doses of silicon and nitrogen fertilization. Revista Brasileira de Ciencia do Solo 27(5): 867-873

Silicon enhances the accumulation of diterpenoid phytoalexins in rice: a potential mechanism for blast resistance. Phytopathology 94(2): 177-183

Silicon induces antifungal compounds in powdery mildew-infected wheat. PMPP Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 66(3): 108-115

Silicon influence on the tritrophic interaction: wheat plants, the greenbug Schizaphis graminum (Rondani) (Hemiptera: Aphididae), and its natural enemies, Chrysoperla externa (Hagen) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) and Aphidius colemani Viereck (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae). Neotropical Entomology 33(5): 619-624

Silicon influences cytological and molecular events in compatible and incompatible rice-Magnaporthe grisea interactions. PMPP Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 66(4): 144-159

Silicon nutrition of tomato and bitter gourd with special emphasis on silicon distribution in root fractions. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 168(4): 600-606

Silicon shows promise for Fusarium wilt suppression. Australian Cottongrower 26(2): 50-52

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Silicon values - miniaturization, speed, and money. Seductions of place: geographical perspectives on globalization and touristed landscapes: 91-102

Silicon-mediated alleviation of Mn toxicity in Cucumis sativus in relation to activities of superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase. Phytochemistry 66(13): 1551-1559

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Silicone sensing phase for detection of aromatic hydrocarbons in water employing near-infrared spectroscopy. Analytical Chemistry 77(1): 72-77

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