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A biological analysis of eel catches anguilla anguilla from the lagoons of lesina and varano italy

, : A biological analysis of eel catches anguilla anguilla from the lagoons of lesina and varano italy. Journal of Fish Biology 16(4): 413-424

A study of eel catches from Lesina (444 specimens) and Varano lagoons (325 specimens), in the southern Adriatic, Italy, was made. Male silver eels in Lesina ranged from 33.4-51.5 cm in length, with a mean of 42.6 cm; from 50-240 g in weight, with a mean of 141 g, and were 1.5-6.5 yr old with a mean of 2.5 yr. The average length of male silver eels in Varano lagoon was 40.5 cm (range 31-48.5 cm); the average weight was 122 g (range 80-220 g) and a mean age of 2.6 yr (range 1.5-7.5 yr). The females are bigger, heavier and older than the males in Lesina, with a mean length of 61 cm (range 50.9-74.3 cm), a mean weight of 438 g (range 240-730 g) and a mean age of 3.4 yr (range 1.5-6.5). The average length of Varano female silver eels was 58 cm (range 50.8-72.5 cm), and the average weight was 383 g (range 225-840 g). They were 1.5-7.5 yr old, with an average of 3.8 yr. Female silver eels were only 20% of the population in Lesina and 10% in Varano. In comparison with the silver eel populations of the North Adriatic lagoons, the North Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, the silver eels of Lesina and Varano show a greater growth rate, are younger and have a sex ratio in favor of the males. The water temperature, higher than in other countries, could be an important factor affecting the differences in age and growth rates between Lesina and Varano silver eels and those of other waters.


DOI: 10.1111/j.1095-8649.1980.tb03719.x

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