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A central areolar choroidal dystrophy

, : A central areolar choroidal dystrophy. Rinsho Ganka 41(4): 383-386

We diagnosed a 38-year-old female as bilateral central areolar dystrophy in its early stage. As characteristic features of macular involvement, a well-defined geographic atrophy was located at the level of retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) surrounded by numerous atrophic dots in the same level. The perifoveal capillary arcade failed to fill by fluorescein angiography. The visual acuity was 0.7 and 0.9 for the right and left eye. The pathological fundus findings became more pronounced during the follow-up period of 14 months, associated with decrease in visual acuity by two lines in either eye. No remarkable changes were observed concerning other visual functions including visual field, color vision, electrooculogram and photopic electroretinogram. The enlargement of geographic macular area occurred as consequence of confluence of dot lesions. The extension of geographic lesion was more manifest in sectors with irregular borders. The enlargement of the geographic lesion was associated with an increase in pigment clumps and in the visibility of choroidal vessels.


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