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A generalized packing model for type i collagen

, : A generalized packing model for type i collagen. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 6(3): 133-136

Only [rat] tail tendon (TT) collagen has a sharp X-ray diffraction pattern, so that packing models for the equatorial arrangement of molecules in collagen fibrils have been developed primarily for TT collagen. A more general structure is developed applicable to all type I collagen tissues. Comparison of water content-equatorial diffraction spacing plots of several collagens shows all have essentially the same dry state diffraction spacing but differ as water content increases. TT collagen has the least spacing and the sharpest pattern. The interplanar spacing of the Hulmes-Miller quasi-hexagonal model for TT collagen was used to calculate the intermolecular spacing, which matched the observed diffraction spacing for bone matrix collagen. It is inferred that wet bone matrix collagen packs in a rectangular pattern because of the interaction between the many intermolecular crosslinks and the water absorbed on the collagen molecules. This argument also indicates that TT collagen packs into a quasi-hexagonal scheme because there are fewer intermolecular crosslinks than in bone matrix collagen.


DOI: 10.1016/0141-8130(84)90053-9

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