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A new pimelodid catfish from the deep river channel of the rio napo eastern ecuador pisces pimelodidae

, : A new pimelodid catfish from the deep river channel of the rio napo eastern ecuador pisces pimelodidae. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 138(1): 46-52

Horiomyzon retropinnatus n. gen. and sp. was collected with a fine mesh otter trawl in the deep-river channel of the Rio Napo, eastern Ecuador. It is distinguished from all known pimelodid catfishes by: (1) a pectoral fin with the anteriormost, unbranched element shorter than any branched pectoral-fin ray, and branched rays 4-6 distinctly longer than the other branched rays; (2) a row of irregular, fleshy papillae on the upper lip; and (3) the postcleithral process expanded posterodorsally, forming a thin, bulbous structure. Form of the first pectoral-fin ray (unserrated, flexible distally) and a relatively low total number of vertebrae (36) suggest that this new taxon may be related to a group of genera including Imparfinis, Nannorhamdia, Pariolius, and Cetopsorhamdia.


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