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A new species of aquatic mite of the lebertia genus lebertiidae acariformes

, : A new species of aquatic mite of the lebertia genus lebertiidae acariformes. Biologicheskie Nauki (Moscow) (3): 44-48

A female, male and a deutonymph of L. mamolinensis sp. nov. were described. The new species was found in the Mamolina tributary of the Anadyr River, Chukot National Okrug, Russian SFSR, USSR. L. mamolinensis could not be identified with any certainty with any of 6 sspp. of Lebertia. In some morphological indices it resembled representatives of the subgenera L. (Hexalebertia) and Mixolebertia; other indices were typical for L. (Lebertia) and L. (Pseudolebertia). The dorsodistal position of one of the middle chaeta on the pedipalp joint distinguished it from other species of the genus.


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