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Abnormal behavior patterns developing in chimpanzee infants during nursery care a note

, : Abnormal behavior patterns developing in chimpanzee infants during nursery care a note. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines 19(4): 387-392

During mildly understimulating nursery care, chimpanzee babies and infants developed various abnormal behavior patterns. These patterns were nearly always lacking during care by a chimpanzee mother. The abnormalities closely resembled those known of human infants. Their development was attributed to a restricted possibility of showing behavior directed to the caretaker. Redirected clasping could be attributed to a lack of clinging to an adult. Body-rocking developed when locomotion was hampered. The etiology of digit-sucking was inconclusive, but compatible with the hypothesis that it arose if babies fell asleep while alone. These infantile deviant behavior patterns can probably be used as indications for an optimal adjustment of parental behavior to the needs of a particular infant.


PMID: 568631

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