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Actions of neuro hypophyseal peptides on pancreatic hormone release

, : Actions of neuro hypophyseal peptides on pancreatic hormone release. American Journal of Physiology 246(1 PART 1): E108-E114

The effect of neurohypophyseal extracts or hormones on the function of the endocrine pancreas was studied. A surprisingly small amount of neural lobe (NL) extract (0.025 NL eq/ml) stimulated a 425% increase in the release of glucagon from islets isolated from the pancreas of the rat. Gel filtration of the extract produced an elution profile of glucagon-releasing activity that was superimposable on the profiles of oxytocin (OT) and arginine vasopressin (AVP). Synthetic OT and AVP each elicited a concentration-dependent stimulation of glucagon release but failed to influence insulin release in medium 199 containing 5.6 mM glucose. They were effective at 0.2 ng/ml (+55%, +50%) and produced a striking increase (5- to 7-fold) at 20 ng/ml. The response to each peptide was greatly diminished in the presence of a higher concentration of glucose (11 mM). The lysine, desamino-, and 1,6-aminosuberyl analogs of vasopressin, vasotocin and AVP are equipotent peptides, whereas the desglycinamide analog, pressinoic acid and angiotensin II were inactive. Injection of AVP (1 .mu.g i.v.) produced a rapid increase in peripheral glucagon (+185% in 5 min). The response to injection of OT was less rapid (+105% in 15 min), but in each case elevation of insulin was also observed. Evidently, OT and AVP can act directly on the endocrine pancreas and may help explain previous reports of metabolic actions of these peptides.


PMID: 6364829

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