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Activation of mouse macrophages for tumor cell killing 1. quantitative analysis of interactions between lymphokine and lipo poly saccharide

, : Activation of mouse macrophages for tumor cell killing 1. quantitative analysis of interactions between lymphokine and lipo poly saccharide. Journal of Immunology 126(5): 1863-1868

Lymphokine[LK]-rich supernatants from concanavalin A-stimulated spleen cell cultures failed to activate mouse peritoneal macrophages for tumor cell killing, providing that the assay system was free of detectable (< 0.125 ng/ml) endotoxin. Increasing amounts of LK progressively increased the sensitivity of macrophages to activation by purified bacterial [Escherichia coli] lipopolysaccharide (LPS). The effect of minute amounts of LK was detected in the presence of relatively high (though nonactivating) concentrations of LPS. This was exploited to develop a highly sensitive, quantitative LK assay. In this assay, serially diluted supernatants were tested on macrophage monolayers in the presence of a constant LPS concentration (3 ng/ml). Under these conditions, the LK dose-response curve was sigmoidal and therefore suitable for conversion to a linear plot using the logarithmic transformation of the von Krogh equation. Activity could be expressed quantitatively and reproducibly in terms of activity units. By facilitating purification the assay should contribute to the development of a more precise biochemical understanding of the role of LK in macrophage activation for tumor cell killing.


PMID: 7217671

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