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Arterial to end tidal carbon di oxide tension difference in children under halothane anesthesia

, : Arterial to end tidal carbon di oxide tension difference in children under halothane anesthesia. Canadian Anaesthetists' Society Journal 29(1): 12-15

Using blood gas determinations and capnography, the relationship between arterial and end-tidal PCO2 [partial pressure of CO2] was investigated in 20 children under halothane anesthesia with spontaneous respiration. A median arterial to end-tidal CO2 tension difference of 5 mm Hg was found. There was a close correlation between PaCO2 [arterial PCO2] and the magnitude of the CO2 difference. An increase in VD/VT [vol dead space air/tidal vol] (presumably mainly due to a reduction of VT caused admixture of dead space air throughout expiration. Though end-tidal CO2 does not exactly reflect PaCO2, capnography may be of value as a monitor of respiration in pediatric anesthesia at normal or near-normal values of end-tidal CO2.


PMID: 6799179

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