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Aspects of the aquatic chemistry of cadmium and zinc in a heavy metal contaminated lake

, : Aspects of the aquatic chemistry of cadmium and zinc in a heavy metal contaminated lake. Water Research 14(8): 1061-1066

Concentrations of Cd and Zn were determined at several sites in Palestine Lake, Indiana, USA, and in the stream (Williamson Ditch) which transports metal-bearing wastes to the lake. Average dissolved Cd and Zn concentrations in the lake were as high as 17.3 and 293 .mu.g l-1, respectively, while corresponding suspended levels were 30.3 .mu.g Cd l-1 and 270 .mu.g Zn 1-1. Average levels of Cd and Zn in the dissolved fraction exceeded those in the suspended fraction except at 1 site in the lake where suspended Cd was higher. During anaerobic conditions occurring in lake's hypolimnion, a marked decrease in the dissolved fraction and concomitant increase in the suspended fraction of Cd and Zn were noted. A Cd-specific ion electrode was used to determine the chemical forms of dissolved Cd present in the lake. Free Cd2+ was the dominant form; Cd-organic complexes sometimes comprised a significant portion of the total dissolved Cd.


DOI: 10.1016/0043-1354(80)90153-0

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