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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 4798

Chapter 4798 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Attitudes toward smoking and smoking rate: implications for smoking discouragement. International Journal of the Addictions 20(3): 483-488

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Attraction of aedes aegypti part 2 velocity of reaction to host with and without additional carbon di oxide. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 13(1): 47-53

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Attraction of ants conomyrma insana to narrow band maser like far ir radiation as evidence for an insect ir communication system. Physiological Chemistry & Physics 14(2): 139-144

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Attraction of bull frogs amphibia anura ranidae to distress calls of immature frogs. Journal of Herpetology 11(2): 234-235

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Attraction of drosophila buzzatii and drosophila aldrichi to species of yeasts isolated from their natural environment 2. field experiments. Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 34(5-6): 613-624

Attraction of drosophila buzzatii and drosophila aldrichi to species of yeasts isolated from their natural environment 2. laboratory experiments. Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 34(5-6): 593-612

Attraction of entomophagous and associate insects of the southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis to beetle and host tree produced volatiles. Journal of the Georgia Entomological Society 15(4): 378-389

Attraction of ereunetis simulans lepidoptera tineidae to the sex attractant of peachtree borer sanninoidea exitiosa lepidoptera sesiidae. Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society 22(3): 457-460

Attraction of european elm bark beetles scolytus multistriatus to pheromone baited traps. Journal of Chemical Ecology 5(5): 781-794

Attraction of female and male caribbean fruit flies to food baited and male baited traps under field conditions. Environmental Entomology 5(6): 1208-1210

Attraction of female colletes louisae bees to netted conspecific females hymenoptera apoidea. Wasmann Journal of Biology 35(1): 144-148

Attraction of female lesser wax moths achroia grisella lepidoptera pyralidae to male produced and artificial sounds. Journal of Economic Entomology 77(2): 346-349

Attraction of female mosquitoes anopheles quadrimaculatus to stored human emanations in conjunction with adjusted levels of relative humidity temperature and carbon di oxide. Journal of Chemical Ecology 5(3): 383-396

Attraction of flour beetles tribolium castaneum herbst coleoptera tenebrionidae to wheat flour heritable character or conditioning. Journal of Applied Entomology 104(2): 179-186

Attraction of flying scolytus multistriatus to cut wood of 3 elm species in california usa. Environmental Entomology 10(4): 565-566

Attraction of gerbil meriones unguiculatus pups to maternal nest odors duration specificity and ovarian control. Physiology & Behavior 31(2): 241-248

Attraction of greater wax moth females to male produced pheromones. Southwestern Entomologist 2(2): 62-65

Attraction of harrisina americana and acoloithus falsarius males lepidoptera zygaenidae to r levo 2 butyl z 7 tetradecenoate. Environmental Entomology 15(4): 959-962

Attraction of heliothis armigera larvae by chick pea cicer arietinum seed powder constituents. Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Entomologie 97(2): 145-153

Attraction of hollow nesting bird species to oak stands. Gorskostopanska Nauka 24(2): 55-59

Attraction of honey bees apis mellifera hymenoptera apidae to traps baited with lures for japanese beetles popillia japonica coleoptera scarabaeidae. Journal of Economic Entomology 76(4): 769-770

Attraction of hylemya antiqua diptera anthomyiidae in the field to host produced oviposition stimulants and their nonhost analogs. Canadian Journal of Zoology 59(6): 872-881

Attraction of liomys salvini mice to horse dung and the extinction of this response. Animal Behaviour 30(2): 483-489

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Attraction of motile caulobacter vibrioides cells by amino acids. Mikrobiologiya 52(3): 357-359

Attraction of nerve fiber outgrowth from sympathetic ganglia to heart auricles in tissue culture. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 103(4): 394-403

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Attraction of notropis lutrensis cyprinidae to water conditioned by the presence of conspecifics. Southwestern Naturalist 25(4): 525-528

Attraction of phytophthora cinnamomi zoospores to blueberry roots. Hortscience 21(6 SECT 1): 1361-1363

Attraction of plant parasitic nematodes to host roots. Nematologica 23(1): 119-121

Attraction of rats to sulfur compounds. Behavioral Biology 23(2): 267-270

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Attraction of rhagoletis flies diptera tephritidae to red spheres of different sizes. Canadian Entomologist 109(4): 593-596

Attraction of sitophilus oryzae and sitophilus zeamais coleoptera curculionidae to extracts from two corn genotypes. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 59(1): 190-194

Attraction of some adult midges diptera chironomidae of florida usa to artificial light in the field. Florida Entomologist 69(4): 644-650

Attraction of species of the genus zygaena by tortricid sex pheromone components lepidoptera zygaenidae and tortricidae. Annales de la Societe Entomologique de France 17(4): 441-448

Attraction of synthetic sex pheromone components to male corn borer ostrinia furnacalis in the field. Acta Entomologica Sinica 25(2): 164-171

Attraction of the bark beetle tomicus piniperda and some other bark and wood living beetles to the host volatiles alpha pinene and ethanol. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 46(3): 203-210

Attraction of the black turpentine beetle dendroctonus terebrans coleoptera scolytidae and other forest coleoptera to turpentine baited traps. Environmental Entomology 14(6): 768-775

Attraction of the leek moth acrolepiopsis assectella in an olfactometer by volatile allelochemical compounds found in the leek allium porrum. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 30(3): 293-300

Attraction of the male brown winged greenbug plautia stali heteroptera pentatomidae for males and females of the same species. Applied Entomology & Zoology 19(3): 317-322

Attraction of the native elm bark beetle hylurgopinus rufipes to american elm ulmus americana after the pruning of branches. Journal of Economic Entomology 74(5): 577-580

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Attraction of the two lined chestnut borer agrilus bilineatus coleoptera buprestidae and associated borers to volatiles of stressed white oak. Canadian Entomologist 118(6): 503-510

Attraction of webbing coneworm dioryctria disclusa males to female sex pheromone. Environmental Entomology 10(1): 119-121

Attraction of wild ungulates to mineral rich springs in central canada. Holarctic Ecology 3(1): 36-39

Attraction of xylosandrus morigerus blandford 1894 coleoptera scolytidae to different substances and branches of cacao plants. Revista Theobroma 16(3): 155-160

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