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Attraction of sitophilus oryzae and sitophilus zeamais coleoptera curculionidae to extracts from two corn genotypes

, : Attraction of sitophilus oryzae and sitophilus zeamais coleoptera curculionidae to extracts from two corn genotypes. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 59(1): 190-194

Extracts and fractions thereof from two corn genotypes, A619 and B387, were expoed to Sitophilus oryzae (L.) and S. zeamais Motsch. to test their comparative attractiveness to these weevils. Both species were attracted to most of the fractions. Generally, S. zeamais responded more quickly than S. oryzae, S. zeamais was also more discriminating between the two genotypes, preferring the dichloromethane and some of the ether extracts of A619 over those of B37. Several attractive components appeared to be present as evidenced by the sequential extractions by different solvents of the same meal. The later extractions were still attractive. S. oryzae may not have responded as sensitively as S. zeamais because it was reared on a wheat diet.


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