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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 4812

Chapter 4812 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Bancroftian filariasis wuchereria bancrofti in a philippine village entomological findings. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine & Public Health 10(1): 51-61

Band 1 and voltage sensitive sodium ion channels are not co distributed in cultured rodent neuronal cells. Journal of Neuroimmunology 1(3): 239-248

Band 3 is the basolateral anion exchanger of dark epithelial cells of turtle urinary bladder. American Journal of Physiology 252(5 Pt 1): C570-C574

Band 3 protein of the red cell membrane of the llama llama glama crosslinking and cleavage of the cytoplasmic domain. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications 130(1): 493-499

Band 3 tyrosine kinase. Association with the human erythrocyte membrane. Journal of Biological Chemistry 261(6): 2804-2809

Band application of sulfuric acid or elemental sulfur for control of iron deficiency chlorosis of soybeans glycine max. Agronomy Journal 75(3): 451-454

Band assignments in the raman spectra of celluloses. Carbohydrate Research 160: 113-130

Band broadening effects in a column switching system for high performance liquid chromatography. Journal of Chromatographic Science 14(12): 584-588

Band keratopathy due to silicone oil in the anterior chamber. Rinsho Ganka 40(9): 1082-1084

Band keratopathy updating report. Bollettino di Oculistica 65(4): 739-750

Band like structures in the chromocenters of lupinus polyphyllus. Plant Systematics & Evolution 131(3-4): 235-242

Band patterns and demonstration of constitutive hetero chromatin in the guinea pig cavia cobaya. Studii si Cercetari de Biologie 29(1): 69-72

Band patterns seen by electron microscopy in ordered arrays of bovine and human fibrinogen and fibrin after negative staining. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 80(6): 1570-1573

Band recoveries of the magpie goose anseranas semipalmata. Australian Wildlife Research 4(1): 81-84

Band structure and interaction in early southern ontario canada. Canadian Journal of Anthropology 5(2): 83-95

Band structure of electronic circular dichroism spectra and the born oppenheimer approximation. Biopolymers 22(6): 1571-1578

Band structure of surface electric potential in growing roots. Biophysical Chemistry 21(3-4): 285-294

Band width in diagnostic classification using the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory as a predictor. Journal of Consulting Psychology 48(3): 1980

Bandage lenses and the use of topical solutions containing preservatives. Annals of Ophthalmology 10(10): 1319-1321

Banded admirals from western maryland usa analysis of the limenitis arthemis astyanax and limenitis arthemis arthemis complex lepidoptera nymphalidae at green ridge state forest. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 89(4): 633-645

Banded birds captured in the pelagian islands pantelleria egadi and in libya. Supplemento alle Ricerche di Biologia della Selvaggina 8(1): 491-512

Banded chromosome studies and b chromosomes in wild caught raccoon dogs nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus. Cytogenetics & Cell Genetics 42(1-2): 85-93

Banded chromosome study of the Iriomote cat. Journal of Heredity 78(2): 105-107

Banded chromosomes of galago crassicaudatus monteiri galago crassicaudatus garnetti and a subspecific hybrid. Cytogenetics & Cell Genetics 34(4): 296-304

Banded chromosomes of the owl monkey, Aotus trivirgatus. Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 19(4): 215-226

Banded filamentous associates in the intra cellular and extracellular space in connection with collagen degradation. Virchows Archiv Abteilung A Pathologische Anatomie 375(3): 185-196

Banded filaments associated with the aster yellows mycoplasma like organism in vinca rosea. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 24(11): 1417-1418

Banded intracochlear electrode array: evaluation of insertion trauma in human temporal bones. Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology 94(1 Pt 1): 55-59

Banded karyotypes from bone marrow a clinical useful approach. Human Genetics 53(2): 205-210

Banded karyotypes of 11 species of American bats (genus Myotis). Cytologia 44(4): 789-797

Banded karyotypes of 3 whales mesoplodon europaeus mesoplodon carlhubbsi and balaenoptera acutorostrata. Hereditas (Lund) 87(2): 189-200

Banded karyotypes of 6 taxa of kinosternid turtles. Copeia (4): 692-698

Banded karyotypes of the 44 chromosome gibbons. Folia Primatologica 48(1-2): 56-64

Banded stilt breeding at lake barlee western australia. Emu 82(4): 212-216

Banding analysis of 3 primary cancers. Acta Cytologica 22(6): 538-541

Banding and meiotic chromosome studies in a male eland. Genen en Phaenen 19(1): 7-10

Banding and polarity of actin filaments in interphase and cleaving cells. Journal of Cell Biology 86(2): 568-575

Banding and preparational techniques in normal and neoplastic tissue. I. Human lymphocyte and bone marrow cultures. Anticancer Research 6(4): 743-748

Banding and spiralization of human metaphase chromosomes. Human Genetics 36(2): 155-160

Banding by trypsin using giemsa stain is not sufficient for the localization of breakpoints in translocations. Cytobios 34(135-136): 175-180

Banding differences between tiger salamander ambystoma tigrinum and axolotl ambystoma mexicanum chromosomes. Canadian Journal of Genetics & Cytology 27(5): 510-514

Banding experiment on vampire bats desmodus rotundus in mexico. Zeitschrift fuer Saeugetierkunde 43(2): 70-75

Banding in leukemia: techniques and implications. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 58(1): 3-8

Banding isolated metaphase chromosomes by a sequential fluorescent giemsa quinacrine technique. Histochemistry 51(2-3): 103-111

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Banding of human chromosomes with basic fuchsin. Human Genetics 32(2): 155-169

Banding of lateral superior olivary nucleus afferents in the inferior colliculus: a possible substrate for sensory integration. Journal of Comparative Neurology 266(4): 519-534

Banding of peregrine falcon chicks in victoria australia. Emu 80(SUPPL): 288-291

Banding of sulfur and sulfuric acid in soil in which iron inefficient plants were grown. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 7(1): 7-13

Banding panel for a chromosome polymorphism. Acta Medica Auxologica (Milan) 11(1-2): 67-72

Banding pattern analysis of human chromosomes by use of a urea treatment technique. Chromosoma (Berlin) 37(1): 75-83

Banding pattern and fibrillogenesis of ceratotrichia in shark fins. Journal of Morphology 154(2): 187-204

Banding pattern observed in human chromosomes by the modified barium hydroxide saline giemsa technique. Human Genetics 31(3): 283-292

Banding patterns in human glioma cell lines. Hereditas 87(2): 243-260

Banding patterns in maize zea mays mitotic chromosomes. Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 22(1): 61-68

Banding patterns in newt chromosomes by the giemsa stain. Chromosoma (Berlin) 40(4): 321-331

Banding patterns in plant chromosomes 3. dactylis glomerata ssp aschersoniana from poland. Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 54(2): 169-178

Banding patterns of isozymes and total protein in parmelia omphalodes ascomycetes and related lichens. Annales Botanici Fennici 23(4): 283-288

Banding patterns of normal human chromosomes. Seoul Journal of Medicine 21(2): 133-137

Banding patterns of the chromosomes of 2 new karyotypes of the owl monkey aotus captured in panama. Journal of Medical Primatology 7(3): 146-155

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Banding patterns of the chromosomes of cebus apella comparative studies between specimens from paraguay and argentina. Primates 28(1): 111-118

Banding patterns of the chromosomes of Cebus apella: unstable chromosomes and pericentric inversion. Folia Primatologica; International Journal of Primatology 29(3): 196-205

Banding patterns of the chromosomes of cercopithecus petaurista comparison with other primate species. Folia Primatologica 34(3/4): 278-285

Banding patterns of the chromosomes of erythrocebus patas compared to other primate species. Genetica (Dordrecht) 56(1): 39-46

Banding patterns of the chromosomes of Miopithecus talapoin compared with Macaca mulatta and Cercopithecus aethiops. Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 28(1-2): 41-46

Banding patterns of the chromosomes of nycticebus coucang/. Folia Primatologica 29(2): 103-106

Banding patterns on lampbrush chromosomes of triturus marmoratus amphibia urodela by the giemsa stain. Chromosoma (Berlin) 49(2): 121-134

Banding recoveries and the dispersal of seabirds breeding in french austral and antarctic territories. Emu 85(1): 22-33

Banding returns arrival times and site fidelity in the savannah sparrow passerculus sandwichensis. Wilson Bulletin 96(2): 196-205

Banding studies in the volcano rabbit romerolagus diazi and crawshays hare lepus crawshayi evidence of the leporid ancestral karyotype. Canadian Journal of Genetics & Cytology 23(3): 469-474

Banding studies of chromosomal abnormalities in patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Cancer Research 39(1): 227-238

Banding studies of chromosomes in a patient with mycosis fungoides. Cancer 42(5): 2262-2268

Banding studies on 6 killer whales orcinus orca an account of c band polymorphism and g band patterns. Cytogenetics & Cell Genetics 28(1-2): 71-78

Banding studies on chromosomes in diffuse histiocytic lymphomas correlation of 14 q plus marker chromosome with cytology. Blood 52(5): 989-1002

Banding studies on the gray whale eschrichtius robustus and sperm whale physeter macrocephalus karyotypes. Hereditas (Lund) 95(2): 277-282

Banding studies on the polytene chromosomes of rhynchosciara hollaenderi. Chromosoma (Berlin) 68(4): 337-356

Bands and chromosome arrangement in interphase nuclei. Cytologia 42(3-4): 425-432

Bands and condensed chromatin as sites of transcription in polytene chromosomes of drosophila. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 17(3): 239-248

Bands involved in primary chromosome rearrangements in sarcomas are not constitutionally liable to breakage in sarcoma patients. Human Genetics 79(4): 309-314

Bands on chromosomes of 4 anuran amphibia and the relationship between the c banding silver stained nucleolar organizer regions and the secondary constrictions. Acta Genetica Sinica 11(4): 294-301

Bandwidth choice and confidence intervals for derivatives of noisy data. Biometrika 74(4): 743-750

Bandwidth comparison between continuous and multiphasic zone electro phoresis. Analytical Biochemistry 89(2): 609-615

Bandwidth requirements for video transmission of american sign language and finger spelling. Science 210(4471): 797-799

Bank and float angler perceptions of use levels on the madison river montana usa. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 6(3): 430-438

Bank conditions and erosion along selected reservoirs. Environmental Geology & Water Sciences 9(3): 143-154

Bank of human fibroblasts for the study of disorders of amino acid and organic acid metabolism. Revista Espanola de Fisiologia 38(SUPPL): 207-210

Bank of sequences specific for the human genome i. the structure of a repeat of the alu family. Bioorganicheskaya Khimiya 14(1): 114-115

Bank vole clethrionomys glareolus response to an increase of environmental capacity. Bulletin de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences Serie des Sciences Biologiques 29(3-4): 129-134

Bank vole populations are their densities really high and individual home range small?. Acta Theriologica 31(27-41): 409-422

Banked autologous blood in total hip replacement. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics 145(1): 63-64

Banked blood micro filtration part 1 micro filter composed of 5 poly urethane foam layers with graded pore size. British Journal of Haematology 33(4): 583-590

Banked blood micro filtration part 2 dacron wool micro filter. British Journal of Haematology 33(4): 591-599

Banker plant production of encarsia formosa and its use in the control of glasshouse whitefly on tomatoes. Plant Pathology (Oxford) 26(2): 63-66

Bankia amakusensis new species in paleogene fossil wood from amakusa kumamoto prefecture japan. Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan New Series O(112): 417-423

Bankia neztalia new species mollusca bivalvia teredinidae from australia and new zealand and its relationships. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 9(4): 465-474

Banksia pollen as a source of protein in the diet of 2 australian marsupials cercartetus nanus and tarsipes rostratus. Oikos 43(1): 53-61

Banksiamyces new genus a discomycete on dead banksia cones. Transactions of the British Mycological Society 79(2): 271-278

Bannucine a new dihydroindole alkaloid from catharanthus roseus. Journal of the Chemical Society Perkin Transactions I (6): 923-926

Bannwarth's syndrome and Lyme disease in Finland. Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases 18(5): 421-424

Banstead woods england uk an ecological survey. London Naturalist (65): 83-99

Banvel d herbicide a programmed approach to economic weed control in maize. Fragmenta Herbologica Jugoslavica 12(1): 81-90

Banyusidi village water supply project implementation and utilization in rural indonesia. Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 84(4): 141-146

Baptisia tinctoria new record leguminosae new to wisconsin usa. Rhodora 78(813): 155-157

Baptodoris perezi new record lera y ortea 1982 a new doridacean species gastropoda opisthobranchia for the mediterranean and iberian fauna. Iberus 6(`2): 185-188

Bar calcification of the mitral anulus. A risk factor in mitral valve operations. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 94(3): 399-404

Bar holding during partial reinforcement of avoidance responding. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 22(6): 583-586

Bar magnets mask the effect of normal magnetic disturbances on pigeon orientation. Journal of Comparative Physiology A Sensory Neural and Behavioral Physiology 110(3): 227-232

Bar press and bar release as avoidance responses. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 31(3): 373-381

Bar press variability as a function of 2 methods of body weight control. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 12(5): 344-346

Bar suture (toggle pin) vs open surgical abomasopexy for treatment of left displaced abomasum in dairy cattle. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 193(5): 557-559

Bar synapses and gap junctions in the inner plexiform layer: synaptic relationships of the interstitial amacrine cell of the retina of the cichlid fish, Astronotus ocellatus. Journal of Comparative Neurology 218(4): 471-479

Bar synapses in the end buds of lamprey lampetra skin. Cell & Tissue Research 216(2): 445-448

Baragwanathia abitibiensis new species from the sextant formation emsian northern ontario canada. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 86(1-2): 57-80

Barathra brassicae nuclear polyhedrosis virus in lines of transplanted cells of lepidoptera. Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal (Kiev) 42(5): 630-636

Barbadian adolescents' knowledge of, and attitudes toward, drugs: an exploratory study. International Journal of the Addictions 21(9-10): 1125-1138

Barbadian west indies childrens understanding of mental retardation. Applied Research in Mental Retardation 6(2): 185-198

Barbafera carnica new genus new species a problematic organism from the cidaris beds gosaukamin austria and from the amphyclina beds slovenia yugoslavia carnian upper triassic paleontology and micro facies of upper triassic reefs in the alpine mediterranean region 20. Verhandlungen der Geologischen Bundesanstalt (2): 105-114

Barbaloin in aloe species. Planta Medica 53(4): 345-348

Barbamyl distribution in human donor blood. Farmatsiya (Moscow) 33(5): 55-57

Barban aqueous nitrogen combinations for wild oat avena fatua control. Weed Science 26(4): 344-348

Barbarea intermedia new record and barbarea verna new record 2 new synanthropic species in the flora of poland. Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 28(4): 541-548

Barbarea stricta new record quebec canada. Naturaliste Canadien (Quebec) 105(4): 297-298

Barbari goat temporal effect on the cell stage and location of embryo. International Goat & Sheep Research 2(3): 227-230

Barbash strain spotted fever group rickettsia is a strain of Rickettsia conorii and differs from Rickettsia sibirica. Acta Virologica 31(6): 489-498

Barbatia mytiloides and the evolution of shell torsion in arcid pelecypods. Lethaia 14(2): 143-150

Barbatimao stryphnodendron pollyphyllum perspective of a biocide to rats. Ciencia e Cultura (Sao Paulo) 34(4): 510-518

Barbatoside, a new Iridoid glucoside from Penstemon barbatus. Planta Medica 45(2): 127-128

Barbatusin and cyclo butatusin 2 novel di terpenoids from coleus barbatus. Tetrahedron 33(12): 1457-1468

Barberry a source of stem rust in cereals. Mikologiya i Fitopatologiya 14(6): 510-514

Barbexaclone vs. phenobarbital neuropsychological evaluation in school age epileptic children. Giornale di Neuropsichiatria dell'Eta Evolutiva 7(4): 325-330

Barbidrilus paucisetus new genus new species oligochaeta enchytraeidae from eastern north america. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 93(4): 1173-1176

Barbilophozia binsteadii new record hepaticae new for the bryoflora of spain. Cryptogamie Bryologie Lichenologie 7(4): 495-498

Barbilophozia hatcheri var grandiretis new variety hepaticae jungermanniaceae. Annales Botanici Fennici 14(2): 70

Barbital and diazepam plasma levels during treatment of delirium tremens. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 59(3): 263-275

Barbital type physical dependence liability of mequitazine 10 3 quinuclidinylmethyl phenothiazine lm 209 in mice and rats. Journal of Toxicological Sciences 6(1): 61-70

Barbiturate and gamma amino butyric acid receptors coupled to benzodiazepine receptors in rat hippocampal formation a radio histochemical study. Life Sciences 29(18): 1895-1900

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Barbiturate anesthesia and alcohol tolerance in a rat model. Anesthesia and Analgesia 67(9): 868-871

Barbiturate anesthesia blocks the positive feedback effect of progesterone, but not of estrogen, on luteinizing hormone release in ovariectomized guinea pigs. Endocrinology 104(3): 687-692

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Barbiturate induced dis orientation of root and shoot geo tropism in germinating cruciferous seedlings. Annals of Botany (London) 43(2): 173-178

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Bare root planting of malaysian dipterocarps effect of starch reserves in stem on survival and growth of transplants. Bulletin for the Forestry & Forest Products Research Institute (316): 91-116

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Bargaining a will for madmen. Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences 23(3): 183-193

Bargaining for a new car the knowledgeable vs. the naive consumer. Psychological Reports 59(1): 284-286

Barilius shacra naseeri new subspecies pisces cyprinidae a new fish from pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Zoology 18(1): 67-70

Barilius vagra pakistanicus pisces cyprinidae a new fish from pakistan. Biologia (Lahore) 24(1): 1-5

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Baring of a circumlinear vessel in glaucoma. Archives of Ophthalmology 101(5): 739-744

Barite nodules of possible late diagenetic origin from twitya river area mackenzie mountains northwest territories canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 13(10): 1446-1455

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