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Biochemistry at depth pressure effects on biochemical systems of abyssal and mid water organisms the 1973 kona expedition of the alpha helix

, : Biochemistry at depth pressure effects on biochemical systems of abyssal and mid water organisms the 1973 kona expedition of the alpha helix. Hochachka, P W (Ed ) Biochemistry at Depth Pressure Effects on Biochemical Systems Of Abyssal And Midwater Organisms The 1973 Kona Expedition Of The Alpha Helix 202p Illus Pergamon Press: Oxford, England; New York, N Y , U S A Isbn 0-08-019960-7 1-202

This book records the results of an expedition to the Kona coast of Hawaii whose purpose was to gain insight into the nature of protein structures and function in general by investigating how proteins work under the physical conditions of the abyss. The collection of 34 papers provides an account of the effect of natural pressure systems on biochemical mechanisms. Individual articles are indexed in BIORESEARCH INDEX.


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