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Biosynthesis and production of tetrocarcin a a new anti tumor antibiotic in chemically defined medium

, : Biosynthesis and production of tetrocarcin a a new anti tumor antibiotic in chemically defined medium. Agricultural & Biological Chemistry 46(4): 1021-1026

A chemically defined medium was devised to examine the growth [of Micromonospora chalcea], production and biochemical pathway of tetrocarcin A. The production of tetrocarcin A was greatly stimuliated by L-leucine and its corresponding keto acid, .alpha.-ketoisocaproate, suggesting that L-leucine is involved in the biosynthesis of tetrocarcin A. About 10-12 .mu.g/ml of tetrocarcin A was produced in a chemically defined medium consisting of 20 g sucrose, 2.5 g KNO3, 5 g MgSO4.cntdot.7H2O, 5 g KH2PO4 and 1 g L-leucine/l of water (pH 7.0).


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