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Calcium mobilization in hypomagnesemic wethers fed on a low magnesium and or high potassium diet

, : Calcium mobilization in hypomagnesemic wethers fed on a low magnesium and or high potassium diet. Japanese Journal of Zootechnical Science 59(1): 75-81

Four wethers were subjected to four diet treatments for 7-10 days in a 4 .times. 4 latin square design to determine calcium mobilization in hypomagnesemic sheep fed on a low magnesium and/or high potassium diet. The diet treatment were a normal diet, low magnesium diet, high potassium diet and low magnesium/high potassium diet. On the final day of each diet feeding period, the intravenous infusion of EDTA soluton at a rate of 0.263mmol/kg body weight was performed for 60 min to determine calcium mobilization during the infusion period. Mean plasma magnesium levels in animals receiving the low magnesium, high potassium and low magnesium/high potassium diets were 0.55, 074 and 0.61 mmol/l, respectively. They were significantly lower than those of the control diet fed-sheep. Diet treatments did not affect plasma calcium and potassium concentrations. Plasma-ionized calcium concentrations linearly decreased during the EDTA infusions in all groups. The rate of decrease in ionized calcium tended to be greater in hypomagnesemic sheep compared with those of the control sheep. The mean calcium mobilization rates in the control, low magnesium, high potassium and low magnesium/high potassium diet-fed sheep during the EDTA infusion period were 4.98 mmol, 3,83 mmol, 3.23 mmol and 3.58 mmol, respectively. The results suggest that hypomagnesemic sheep which are induced by the consumption of a low magnesium and/or high potassium diet, could be susceptible to hypocalcemia due to depressed calcium mobilization.


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