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Calculation of gibberellin content of pea seedlings as influenced by the gene for dwarfism and by red light

, : Calculation of gibberellin content of pea seedlings as influenced by the gene for dwarfism and by red light. Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenphysiologie 82(2): 137-143

Based on the assumption that growth of non-treated seedlings is effected by the endogenous gibberellin, the gibberellin contents are calculated from dose-response-curves of applied gibberellin (extracted from pea seeds [Pisum sativum]) on growth. Under equal conditions the content of dwarfs is higher than that of talls. Irradiation by red light raises the gibberellin-content strongly in talls, less so in dwarfs. The data of extractions and bio-assays by Kohler was confirmed. Dwarfs react less to pea gibberellin than talls and irradiated seedlings less than non-irradiated. Apparently gibberellin is bound to a receptor for effecting growth. Light or the dwarfing gene decrease the affinity of the receptor, causing slow growth, until by accumulation of gibberellin the loss of affinity is compensated for and full growth is resumed. Since accumulation of gibberellin cannot compensate both effects of light and the dwarfing gene, growth is continually inhibited.


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