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Chemical studies on the alkaloids isolated from the tuber of yuanhu corydalis turtschaninovii bess. f. yanhusuo y. h. chou et c. c. hsu

, : Chemical studies on the alkaloids isolated from the tuber of yuanhu corydalis turtschaninovii bess. f. yanhusuo y. h. chou et c. c. hsu. Yaoxue Xuebao 21(6): 447-453

Fifteen alkaloids were isolated from the tuber of Corydalis turtschaninovii Bess. f. yanhusuo Y. H. Chou et C. C. Hsu cultivated in Dong-yang county, Zhejiang province, were identified by means of physical constants and spectral data as well as in comparison with known compounds. Nine alkaloids, (+)-corydaline (I), (.+-.)-tetrahydropalmatine (II), (-)-tetrahydrocoptisine (III), (-)-tetrahydrocolumbamine (IV), (+)-corybulbine (V), dehydrocorydaline (VI), (+)-glaucine (VII), protopine (VIII), .alpha.-allocryptopine (IX) were further confirmed. Five alkaloids, (-)-tetrahydroberberine (X), palmatine (XI), columbamine (XII), (+)-N-methyllaurotetanine (XIII) and dehydroglaucine (XIV) were isolated from this plant for the first time. The alkaloid XV was found to be a new tetraahydroprotoberberine-type alkaloid which was named yuanhunine.


PMID: 3811930

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