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Comparison of analytical methods for the estimation of glycosylated hemo globins

, : Comparison of analytical methods for the estimation of glycosylated hemo globins. Journal of Clinical Chemistry & Clinical Biochemistry 19(11): 1097-1102

The glycosylated Hb of 26 different blood samples from diabetic patients were analyzed by 6 different methods; the regression lines and the correlation coefficients were calculated from the analytical data. The best separation and estimation of the fast Hb fractions were achieved by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Therefore HPLC is regarded as the reference method for the analysis of fast Hb fractions. Microcolumn chromatography or the thiobarbituric acid method are recommended for routine analysis in clinical laboratories. Since the labile aldimine (Schiff's base) can be calculated from the analytical data or destroyed by appropriate methods, this glycosylated Hb fraction does not interfere with the results.


PMID: 7310330

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