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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 5018

Chapter 5018 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Comparisons of herring otoliths using fourier series shape analysis. Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences 43(6): 1228-1234

Comparisons of highly repetitive sequences of dna in man and in various species of primates. Biochemical Systematics & Ecology 12(2): 237-244

Comparisons of histones in retinal and brain nuclei from newborn and adult mice. Developmental Brain Research 33(2): 161-168

Comparisons of hoe 39866 sc 0224 paraquat and glyphosate in no till corn zea mays. Weed Science 33(4): 531-536

Comparisons of human infuenced and natural soils at the san luis archaeological site florida usa. Soil Science Society of America Journal 51(1): 171-176

Comparisons of human placental lactogen messenger rna levels from placentas of diabetics and normal term. Molecular & Cellular Endocrinology 39(1): 61-70

Comparisons of immunological tests for serodiagnosis of Chagas disease in Bolivian patients. Tropical and Geographical Medicine 37(3): 231-238

Comparisons of in vivo and in vitro photosensitivity and dna repair in fibroblast and keratinocyte cells. Archives of Dermatological Research 279(2): 125-129

Comparisons of in vivo bromodeoxy uridine labeling methods and spontaneous sister chromatid exchange frequencies in regenerating murine liver and bone marrow cells. Chromosoma (Berlin) 68(4): 303-312

Comparisons of inhibitors of tyrosine oxidation in the enzymatic blackening of potatoes. American Potato Journal 58(2): 85-92

Comparisons of invasion and development of globodera spp and european potato cyst nematode pathotypes in roots of resistant solanum subgenus leptostemonus. Nematologica 29(1): 95-108

Comparisons of isozyme patterns between the symbiotic and non symbiotic strain of amoeba proteus. Korean Journal of Genetics 8(2): 91-98

Comparisons of labeling efficiency biological activity and biodistribution among iodine 125 gallium 67 dtpa and gallium 67 dfo lectins. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine 13(7): 366-370

Comparisons of larval development and killing stage of toxorhynchites brevipalpis and toxorhynchites amboinensis. Cahiers O R S T O M (Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre-Mer) Serie Entomologie Medicale et Parasitologie 21(1): 13-18

Comparisons of lead 210 and pollen methods for determining rates of estuarine sediment accumulation. Quaternary Research (Orlando) 18(2): 196-217

Comparisons of maprotiline with imipramine in severe depression: a multicenter controlled trial. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 19(1): 64-74

Comparisons of measures of dominance in adult and subadult male mice. Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra Dansk Naturhistorisk Forening (146): 47-62

Comparisons of measures of dominance in the laboratory mouse. Animal Behaviour 28(4): 1274-1279

Comparisons of median survival times and median lethal exposure times for gammarus pulex exposed to cadmium permethrin and cyanide. Water Research 20(5): 579-582

Comparisons of mescal bean alkaloids with mescaline delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol and other psychotogens. Life Sciences 25(12): 1043-1054

Comparisons of metabolism of apolipoprotein B in normal subjects, obese patients, and patients with coronary heart disease. Journal of Clinical Investigation 76(2): 586-595

Comparisons of mitochondrial dna from the sibling species heterodera glycines and heterodera schachtii. Journal of Nematology 20(3): 443-450

Comparisons of models of associative recall. Memory & Cognition 9(1): 1-16

Comparisons of morphology lactate dehydrogenase and distribution of rana blairi and rana utricularia in illinois and missouri. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science 69(1): 37-48

Comparisons of mutation induction by 6 monocyclic aromatic amines in salmonella typhimurium tester strains ta 97 ta 1537 and ta 1538. Environmental Mutagenesis 7(4): 535-546

Comparisons of mutation induction in reversion systems of saccharomyces cerevisiae and salmonella typhimurium. Mutation Research 53(1): 1-10

Comparisons of mycelia derived and spherule derived antigens in cellular immunoassays of coccidioides immitis infected guinea pigs. Infection & Immunity 31(2): 687-692

Comparisons of nests made by different populations of chimpanzees pan troglodytes. Primates 22(4): 474-486

Comparisons of nuclear antigens of epstein barr virus and epstein barr like simian viruses. Journal of General Virology 48(2): 265-272

Comparisons of nucleotide sequences in the genomes of the New Jersey and Indiana serotypes of vesicular stomatitis virus. Journal of Virology 33(1): 69-77

Comparisons of nutrient uptake rates for baltic macro algae with different thallus morphologies. Marine Biology (Berlin) 80(2): 215-225

Comparisons of nutritive values between sorghum silage and foggage. Japanese Journal of Zootechnical Science 59(6): 541-547

Comparisons of oxygen metabolism and tissue oxygen partial pressure in cortex and hippocampus of gerbil brain. Stroke 18(3): 616-622

Comparisons of parasitism and densities of parlatoria oleae 1952 1982 in relation to ecological theory. American Naturalist 128(3): 379-393

Comparisons of pathogenicity and cultural characteristics among 4 isolates of ceratocystis ulmi and some variants. Mycologia 71(6): 1186-1196

Comparisons of peatland types using macro nutrient contents of peat. Vegetatio 33(2-3): 163-174

Comparisons of perceptions of the environments of adolescent drug treatment residential and outpatient programs by staff vs. clients and by sex of staff and clients. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 12(1-2): 31-52

Comparisons of performance effectiveness among divers. Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine 51(11): 1193-1196

Comparisons of permethrin formulations and application methods for northern fowl mite ornithonyssus sylviarum control on caged laying hens. Poultry Science 61(5): 879-884

Comparisons of phenology and growth of michigan usa and western north american sources of populus tremuloides. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 14(6): 789-793

Comparisons of phomopsis isolates obtained from sunflower plants and debris in yugoslavia. Transactions of the British Mycological Society 85(3): 477-484

Comparisons of photosynthesis and photoinhibition in the cam vine hoya australis and several c 3 vines growing on the coast of eastern australia. Plant Cell & Environment 11(3): 173-182

Comparisons of photosynthetic characteristics of the leaf blade of rice grown at the different altitude localities. Acta Botanica Yunnanica 8(4): 459-466

Comparisons of Photosynthetic Responses of Xanthium strumarium and Helianthus annuus to Chronic and Acute Water Stress in Sun and Shade. Plant Physiology 84(2): 476-482

Comparisons of plant growth under 4 different lamp combinations and various temperature and irradiance levels. Agricultural Meteorology 16(2): 231-245

Comparisons of plasma luteinizing hormone progesterone testosterone and estradiol concentrations in male and female chickens gallus domesticus from 28 to 1141 days of age. Endocrinologia Japonica 28(5): 605-614

Comparisons of plasma membrane poly peptides from soybean glycine max and alfalfa medicago sativa. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 22(2): 353-358

Comparisons of plasma membranes from shoots and roots of winter rye secale cereale cultivar puma polypeptide composition atpase activity and specific naphthylphthalamic acid binding capacity. Plant & Cell Physiology 26(1): 35-46

Comparisons of platinum crucible ashing and porcelain crucible ashing for the colorimetric determination of titanium dioxide in food and the real situation of titanium dioxide content in market foods. Eisei Kagaku 32(1): 54-56

Comparisons of pooled polyclonal rabbit anti human complement c 3d with four monoclonal mouse anti human c 3ds i. preparation purification and binding properties. Vox Sanguinis 50(1): 42-51

Comparisons of pooled polyclonal rabbit anti human complement c 3d with four monoclonal mouse anti human c 3ds ii. quantitation of red blood cell bound c 3d and characterization of antiglobulin agglutination reactions against red blood cell from 27 patients with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Vox Sanguinis 50(2): 87-93

Comparisons of population demography of microtus ochrogaster and microtus pennsylvanicus. Acta Theriologica 24(22-31): 319-350

Comparisons of preoperative and postoperative minnesota multiphasic personality inventory data in chronic back patients. Spine 11(4): 385-390

Comparisons of prescribed burning and cutting of utah usa marsh plants. Great Basin Naturalist 45(3): 462-466

Comparisons of production costs and genetic benefits of transplants and rooted cuttings of picea sitchensis. Forestry (Oxford) 56(1): 61-74

Comparisons of prostaglandin vasoactive effects and interactions in the in vivo micro circulation of the rat urinary bladder. Microvascular Research 17(1): 1-11

Comparisons of protein components between lymph and blood in frog. Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 310(2): 167-181

Comparisons of proteins and glycoproteins in neuronal plasma membranes, axolemma, synaptic membranes, and oligodendroglial plasma membranes. Journal of Neuroscience Research 17(3): 277-284

Comparisons of proteins associated with duck globin messenger rna and its poly adenylated segment in poly ribosomal and repressed free messenger ribo nucleo protein complexes. European Journal of Biochemistry 114(2): 179-194

Comparisons of proton nmr in cancer and normal tissues from mice under frequency and temperature variables. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de ses Filiales 177(3): 347-351

Comparisons of psychological and social factors in patients with chronic oro facial pain and dental phobic disorders. Australian Dental Journal 32(5): 331-335

Comparisons of radiata pine pinus radiata cuttings of hedge and tree form origin after 7 growing seasons. Silvae Genetica 31(1): 9-13

Comparisons of radioactive and chemical wastes. Hazardous Waste & Hazardous Materials 5(1): 73-84

Comparisons of reaction time patterns in a sequential visual recognition task with simple geometric forms. Perception and Psychophysics 22(2): 191-200

Comparisons of reduced time and energy seedbed preparation systems year 1. New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 9(3-4): 299-306

Comparisons of relative activities of maize adh 1 alleles in hetero zygotes analyses at the protein level. Genetics 74(4): 615-617

Comparisons of residual toxicities of 24 registered or candidate pesticides applied to field micro plots of soil by different methods. Journal of Economic Entomology 69(4): 429-437

Comparisons of response of fischer 344 and charles river rats to 1.5 percent nitrilo tri acetic acid and 2 percent tri sodium nitrilo tri acetate mono hydrate. Food and Cosmetics Toxicology 17(2): 137-140

Comparisons of ring current shifts calculated from the crystal structure of egg white lysozyme of hen with the proton nmr spectrum of lysozyme in solution. Biochemistry 19(2): 245-258

Comparisons of rotamer populations of nialamide azaperone and chloroquine in solid state and in solution. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 70(3): 284-287

Comparisons of salt marsh fucoid production estimated from 3 different indices. Journal of Phycology 13(4): 328-335

Comparisons of sample stimuli in delayed symbolic matching to sample some results and implications. Psychological Record 31(1): 77-94

Comparisons of scintigraphy with indium 111 labeled leukocytes and gallium 67 diagnosis of occult sepsis. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 23(7): 618-626

Comparisons of serologic responses of white Leghorn and New Hampshire red chickens to purified lipopolysaccharides of Pasteurella multocida. Avian Diseases 28(4): 984-989

Comparisons of several biological and physicochemical properties of human leukocyte interferons produced by human leukocytes and by escherichia coli. Gene (Amsterdam) 11(3-4): 181-186

Comparisons of several structure toxicity relationships for chlorophenols. Aquatic Toxicology (Amsterdam) 8(2): 121-128

Comparisons of sevin and vydate for thinning apples malus domestica. Hortscience 17(5): 777-778

Comparisons of sexual receptivity and proceptivity in female hamsters. Behavioral Biology 18(4): 473-487

Comparisons of similarity criteria in a numerical classification of the fern genus lygodium in america. Feddes Repertorium 90(1-2): 11-18

Comparisons of sites infested and not infested with saltcedar tamarix pentandra and russian olive elaeagnus angustifolia. Weed Science 30(4): 360-364

Comparisons of smoke components from lamina and midrib cigarettes of flue cured tobacco leaves by tri methyl silylation method. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 42(2): 407-410

Comparisons of smoke components in the semi volatile phase from lamina and midrib cigarettes of flue cured tobacco leaves. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 42(8): 1527-1532

Comparisons of soil organic matter and its fractions by pyrolysis mass spectrometry. Geoderma 22(1): 25-38

Comparisons of soil test phosphorus by olsen bray p 1 mehlich i and mehlich iii methods. Communications in Soil Science & Plant Analysis 16(5): 467-484

Comparisons of soluble reactive phosphorus and ortho phosphorus concentrations at an offshore station in southern lake michigan usa. Journal of Great Lakes Research 7(3): 290-298

Comparisons of somatic crossing over frequency in nicotiana tabacum and 3 other crop species. Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 18(1): 57-65

Comparisons of some properties of crystalline acid proteinases produced by the parent and mutant strains of irpex lacteus. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 40(8): 1463-1469

Comparisons of sonographic results with roentgenograms and pathologic anatomic changes in dysplasia of hip. Beitraege zur Orthopaedie und Traumatologie 34(2): 93-98

Comparisons of spatial pattern structure and tree composition between virgin and cut over jarrah forest in western australia. Forest Ecology & Management 9(2): 101-126

Comparisons of spatial patterns of oospores of peronosclerospora sorghi in the soil and of sorghum plants with systemic downy mildew. Phytopathology 78(4): 432-434

Comparisons of specific 2 way and 3 way crosses of swine. Journal of Animal Science 42(5): 1150-1157

Comparisons of speech recognition in noise by mildly to moderately hearing impaired children using hearing aids and frequency modulation systems. Journal of Speech & Hearing Disorders 49(4): 409-418

Comparisons of stage sensitivity of sex linked recessive lethals and translocations induced by x irradiation between c 3g mutant and wild type of drosophila melanogaster. Journal of Science of the Hiroshima University Series B Division 1 (Zoology) 30(1): 27-32

Comparisons of stimulus learning and response learning in a punishment situation. Learning & Motivation 11(1): 78-96

Comparisons of stylosanthes humilis with stylosanthes hamata and stylosanthes subsericea in the queensland australia dry tropics effects on pasture composition and cattle live weight gain. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 31(1): 205-220

Comparisons of sweat gland counts electro dermal activity and habituation behavior in young and old groups of subjects. Psychophysiology 17(2): 146-152

Comparisons of tests of milk samples taken conventionally and with an automatic in line sampler. Journal of Food Protection 44(4): 257-262

Comparisons of the agar film and membrane filter methods for the estimation of hyphal lengths in soil with particular reference to the effect of magnification. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 12(4): 385-388

Comparisons of the attractiveness of 3 different types of pheromone traps. Anzeiger fuer Schaedlingskunde Pflanzenschutz Umweltschutz 61(1): 5-8

Comparisons of the cellular immune response of fish vaccinated by immersion and injection of vibrio anguillarum. Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 50(7): 1187-1192

Comparisons of the cognitive functioning of familial and nonfamilial alcoholics. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 48(5): 425-429

Comparisons of the complete sequences of 2 collagen genes from caenorhabditis elegans. Cell 30(2): 599-606

Comparisons of the composition of fat cells obtained from the marrow of normal individuals or of subjects with aplastic anemia and from bone marrow cultures. Experimental Hematology 12(3): 191-197

Comparisons of the concentrations of palmitate and cortisol in amniotic fluid for the prediction of pulmonary maturity. Clinica Chimica Acta 83(1-2): 171-176

Comparisons of the disappearance of ytterbium 169 chromium 51 and intrinsically carbon 14 labeled plant cell walls from continuously fed fermentors. Journal of Dairy Science 70(3): 576-581

Comparisons of the distribution of nucleotides and common sequences in dna from selected bacterio phages. Journal of Virology 9(4): 583-593

Comparisons of the effectiveness of iodophor and hypo chlorite disinfectant teat dips in reducing new intra mammary infection in dairy cows. Irish Journal of Agricultural Research 14(2): 99-105

Comparisons of the effects of chemical carcinogens in mixed cultures of rat hepatocytes and human fibroblasts. Carcinogenesis 2(8): 709-715

Comparisons of the expectations of parents and teachers for the behavior of preschool children. Child Development 49(4): 1146-1154

Comparisons of the feeding activity and diets of male and female cunners tautogolabrus adspersus pisces labridae. Marine Biology (Berlin) 84(1): 7-12

Comparisons of the fertilizing and liming properties of lime treated sewage sludge with its incinerated ash. Fertilizer Research 9(3): 187-198

Comparisons of the foveae dorsales in male and female ixodid ticks amblyomma americanum amblyomma maculatum dermacentor andersoni and dermacentor variabilis acari ixodidae. Journal of Medical Entomology 16(3): 173-179

Comparisons of the freezing and melting characteristics of anti freeze glyco proteins and other substances. Cryo Letters 3(4): 221-226

Comparisons of the general and ball formula methods for retort pouch process calculations. Journal of Food Science 47(3): 880-884, 888

Comparisons of the growth in tissue culture of primary and metastatic melanoma. Pathology 17(2): 355-359

Comparisons of the hybrids hordeum chilense x hordeum vulgare hordeum chilense x hordeum bulbosum hordeum chilense x secale cereale and the amphidiploid of hordeum chilense x hordeum vulgare. Theoretical & Applied Genetics 69(5-6): 519-522

Comparisons of the immunocytochemical localization of choline acetyltransferase in the vestibular nuclei of the monkey and rat. Brain Research 418(2): 403-408

Comparisons of the inotropic effects of the beta 1 adrenoceptor partial agonists sl 75.177.10 1 4 2 cyclo propylmethoxyethoxyphenoxy 3 1 methylethylamino 2 propanol hydro chloride and ici 118587 xamoterol with digoxin on the intact canine heart. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 6(4): 720-726

Comparisons of the interaction of propranolol and timolol with model and biological membrane systems. Molecular Pharmacology 24(2): 259-269

Comparisons of the intraindividual and interindividual variability in sex hormone levels of men. Annals of Human Biology 13(1): 63-72

Comparisons of the inversion polymorphism in 3 danish populations of the midge chironomus plumosus diptera chironomidae. Hereditas (Lund) 89(2): 151-162

Comparisons of the melting temperature of dna in the family salmonidae. Japanese Journal of Genetics 51(2): 91-97

Comparisons of the morphological and genetical characteristics for the different tuber sources of the same potato variety solanum tuberosum l. cultivar irish cobbler. Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration (Suweon) 29(1 HORTICULTURE): 125-134

Comparisons of the peptide maps of Kunjin virus proteins smaller than the envelope protein. Journal of Virology 24(2): 662-672

Comparisons of the performance greater than verbal sign on the wechsler intelligence scale for children revised and wechsler adult intelligence scale revised in delinquent males. Journal of Clinical Psychology 42(1): 173-176

Comparisons of the performance of sugarcane varieties in trials and in agriculture. Experimental Agriculture 17(2): 137-144

Comparisons of the physical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosol from airborne and surface measurements on the east coast of england uk. Atmospheric Environment 21(10): 2233-2246

Comparisons of the plasma steroid concentration profiles and wool growth responses after administration of 2 forms of dexamethasone to sheep. Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 32(3): 343-352

Comparisons of the productivity of various systems of natural pasture management in the Adamawa (Cameroon) during the rainy season. Revue D'elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 33(3): 329-337

Comparisons of the respiratory effluxes of nodules and roots in 6 temperate legumes. Annals of Botany (London) 52(4): 469-478

Comparisons of the two stationary rotation center systems and the continuously moving rotation center system for several clinical factors in pantomograph. Shikwa Gakuho 86(5): 733-753

Comparisons of the use of pre germinated dry and pelleted seeds for block raising of glasshouse lettuce. Scientia Horticulturae (Amsterdam) 17(1): 15-26

Comparisons of the yields of 4 potato varieties in trials and in agriculture. Experimental Agriculture 16(4): 393-398

Comparisons of three bacterial leaf spots of hibiscus rosa sinensis. Plant Disease 70(4): 334-336

Comparisons of three spring cereals and of some of their cultivars for forage and grain production. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 67(1): 137-146

Comparisons of traps and visual searches of foliage for monitoring aphid homoptera aphididae population density in broccoli. Journal of Economic Entomology 75(5): 853-856

Comparisons of trophic state measurements. Water Research 17(11): 1619-1626

Comparisons of tryptophan hydroxylase from a malignant murine mast cell tumor and rat mesencephalic tegmentum. Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics 199(2): 355-361

Comparisons of ultrasonic apparatus and caliper in measuring skinfold thickness of school children. Journal of the Anthropological Society of Nippon 93(4): 439-446

Comparisons of ultrastructural changes during extracellular freezing at minus 10 celsius and ice encasement at minus 1 celsius in winter wheat crown cells by the method of freeze fixation. Cryo Letters 2(4): 117-124

Comparisons of various serological methods and isolation media for their selectivity and sensitivity in detecting low numbers of erwinia carotovora in gnotobiotic conditions. Record of Agricultural Research (Belfast) 33: 13-16

Comparisons of volatile nitrogen containing compounds in the smoke of lamina and midrib of flue cured tobacco leaves. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 41(2): 377-382

Comparisons of volatile organic compound monitors equipped with cryogenic preconcentrators. Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association 35(10): 1053-1056

Comparisons of witch flounder glyptocephalus cynoglossus stocks of the newfoundland labrador area canada based upon a new multi variate analysis method for meristic characters. Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences 39(4): 564-570

Comparisons of yeast florae from natural substrates and larval guts of southwestern usa drosophila. Oecologia (Berlin) 52(2): 187-191

Comparisons of young childrens syntax to the syntax of their basal readers. Reading Psychology 5(1-2): 17-30

Comparisons using sulfur 35 labeled and phosphorus 32 labeled dna for hybridization on nitro cellulose filters. Analytical Biochemistry 134(2): 269-271

Compartment analysis of cobalt (II) metabolism in rats of various ages. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 38(2): 425-438

Compartment analysis of contrast enhancement in brain infarctions. Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography 3(2): 234-240

Compartment analysis of plant cells by turgor pressure relaxation 1. theoretical considerations. Journal of Membrane Biology 85(2): 121-132

Compartment analysis of plant cells by turgor pressure relaxation 2. experimental results on chara corallina. Journal of Membrane Biology 85(2): 133-142

Compartment analysis of the potassium fluxes in the cochlea. Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 237(2): 125-132

Compartment independent and model independent linear plateau principle of drugs during a constant rate absorption or intra venous infusion. Journal of Pharmacokinetics & Biopharmaceutics 8(3): 311-318

Compartment model approaches for estimating the parameters of a chronic disease process under changing risk factor exposures. Computers & Biomedical Research 19(2): 151-169

Compartment of aldolase isoforms in maize leaves. Journal of Experimental Botany 38(192): 1228-1237

Compartment of membrane phosphatidyl ethanolamine formed by base exchange reaction in rat brain microsomes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 730(1): 104-110

Compartment of rehabilitation in patients diagnosed in ophthalmology department at dr. salvador allende teaching hospital cuba. Revista Cubana de Higiene y Epidemiologia 22(3): 278-283

Compartment pressure following leg injury the effect of diuretic treatment. Injury 16(9): 591-594

Compartment syndrome as a complication of intra aortic balloon pumping. Perfusion (London) 1(3): 209-212

Compartment syndrome as a complication of the Hauser procedure. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 61(2): 185-191

Compartment syndrome delays tibial union. Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica 58(3): 249-252

Compartment syndrome in open tibial fractures. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 68(9): 1348-1353

Compartment syndrome in the lower limb its basic evaluation. Journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association 57(12): 1835-1846

Compartment syndrome of the fore arm following radial artery puncture in a patient treated with anti coagulants. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery American Volume 60(8): 1136-1137

Compartment syndrome resulting from intravenous regional anesthesia. Journal of Hand Surgery 12A(4): 559-562

Compartment syndromes and compression neuropathies in coma. Neurology 36(10): 1370-1374

Compartment syndromes of the leg. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 80(10): 679-683

Compartmental analysis of cerebrospinal fluid transfer and absorption in simulated hydrocephalus. Physics in Medicine & Biology 30(10): 1113-1122

Compartmental analysis of circulation of erythrocytes through the rat spleen. American Journal of Physiology 239(2): H272-H277

Compartmental analysis of iodine 125 labeled albumin washout from the coronary vessels of isolated perfused hearts. Studia Biophysica 71(2): 85-92

Compartmental analysis of linoleate and palmitate turnover in a murine carcinoma. Cancer Research 40(7): 2447-2454

Compartmental analysis of phosphate in roots of intact barley hordeum vulgare cultivar bonanza seedlings. Canadian Journal of Botany 62(5): 1076-1080

Compartmental analysis of regional cerebral blood flow in patients with acute severe head injuries. Journal of Neurosurgery 47(5): 699-712

Compartmental analysis of resting and activated pulmonary natural killer cells. Experimental Lung Research 12(3): 239-251

Compartmental analysis of sodium ion efflux across ileum mucosal membrane. Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology 378(2): 155-160

Compartmental analysis of sulfate transport in lemna minor taking plant growth and sulfate metabolization into consideration. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 644(1): 24-35

Compartmental analysis of the accumulation of tritium labeled dopamine in synaptosomes from rat corpus striatum. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 308(1): 31-40

Compartmental analysis of the efflux of tritiated levo norepinephrine from isolated perfused rat lungs. Journal of Applied Physiology 58(1): 244-250

Compartmental analysis of the partitioning of photoassimilated carbon in nodulated soybean glycine max plants during the light period. Journal of Experimental Botany 37(180): 994-1005

Compartmental analysis of the plasma clearance of tetra bromsulfophthalein and di bromsulfophthalein in the normal dog and in patients with liver disease. Digestion 19(3): 186-196

Compartmental analysis of the sodium ion flux ratio with application to data on frog skin epidermis. Journal of Theoretical Biology 112(1): 193-220

Compartmental analysis of the steady state distribution of oxygen 15 labeled di oxygen and oxygen 15 labeled water in total body. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 22(11): 959-965

Compartmental analysis part 1 linde a program using an analytical method of integration with constituent matrices. Computers in Biology & Medicine 9(1): 49-66

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Compartmental behavior of ornithine in Neurospora crassa. Journal of Biological Chemistry 251(13): 3948-3955

Compartmental body composition of cancer patients by measurement of total body nitrogen potassium and water. Metabolism Clinical & Experimental 30(3): 222-230

Compartmental distribution of beta hexosaminidase ec iso enzymes in i cell fibroblasts. Biochemical Journal 196(3): 657-662

Compartmental distribution of striatal cell bodies expressing methionine enkephalin like immunoreactivity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 81(24): 7980-7984

Compartmental efflux analysis: an evaluation of the technique and its limitations. Plant Physiology 80(4): 1006-1011

Compartmental model analysis of procainamide and its metabolite n acetylprocainamide in the rat by application of a multi line curve fitting technique. Yakuzaigaku 47(2): 61-69

Compartmental model describing the foliar behavior of tridiphane on giant foxtail. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 34(2): 229-234

Compartmental model for tritium persistence in the soil plant system. International Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes 28(5): 481-484

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Compartmental models with multiple sources of stochastic variability the 1 compartment time invariant hazard rate case. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 41(4): 491-516

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Compartmental models with uncertain flow rates. Mathematical Biosciences 43(1-2): 131-140

Compartmental organization of the nucleolus. Biofizika 25(4): 669-674

Compartmental origin of pulmonary macrophages harvested from mechanically disrupted lung tissue. Experimental Lung Research 13(4): 361-383

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Compartmental pressure measurements: an experimental investigation using the slit catheter. Journal of Trauma 21(6): 446-449

Compartmental restrictions and blastema formation during pattern regulation in drosophila melanogaster imaginal leg discs. Developmental Biology 87(1): 64-75

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Compartmental syndromes in children. Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics 1(1): 33-41

Compartmental systems with pipes. Mathematical Biosciences 53(3-4): 223-247

Compartmental transfers and accumulation rates in unclipped and clipped plots of cynodon community. Geobios (Jodhpur) 4(3): 92-94

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Compartmental vs. noncompartmental modeling for 2 accessible pools. American Journal of Physiology 247(3 PART 2): R488-R496

Compartmentalization and 1 step separation of enzymes of malate metabolism in muscle extracts of toxocara canis. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology B 69(4): 859-864

Compartmentalization and movement of calcium in the thyroid. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 5(3-4): 303-313

Compartmentalization and niche differentiation causal patterns of competition and coexistence. Acta Biotheoretica 36(4): 215-240

Compartmentalization and persistence of endothall in experimental pools. Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety 10(1): 86-96

Compartmentalization in proteinoid microspheres. Biosystems 9(1): 1-22

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Compartmentalization of adriamycin and daunomycin in cultured chick cardiac myocytes. Effects on synthesis of contractile and cytoplasmic proteins. Circulation Research 53(3): 352-362

Compartmentalization of american elm ulmus americana tissues infected by ceratocystis ulmi. Plant Disease 65(9): 715-718

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