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Conidial fusion and nuclear behavior at the time of fusion in fusarium leaf spot fungus of rice plants

, : Conidial fusion and nuclear behavior at the time of fusion in fusarium leaf spot fungus of rice plants. Nippon Kingakukai Kaiho 18(3): 328-338

In Fusarium leaf spot fungus (Fusarium sp.) fusion of conidia is usually observed on rice plant leaves or on various media. Such a fusion occurs between germtubes, germtube and projection-like short hypha, or between projection-like short hyphae. These projection-like short hyphae were usually formed on germtubes or conidia, and seemed to be a fusion organ, because they were formed only when other germtubes or conidia came in the neighborhood and stimulated the fusion. The fusion may possibly occur by producing attractive substance which stimulates alteration of the growth direction of germtubes or projections. After the fusion occurred between 2 germtubes or between germtube and projection-like short hypha, Y-shaped hyphal cell, a compound germtube developed and the vigorous new hypha began to grow from the compound germtube. The bridge-like, connective hypha was also formed by the fusion of projections between adjacent conidia, but in this case new hyphal growth did not occur. Nuclei migrated into compound germtube or connective hypha from parent conidial cells. It was probable that these migrated nuclei fused in the compound germtube.


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