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Cytological studies on differentiation and de differentiation in pericycle cells of excised rice oryza sativa cultivar aichi asahi roots

, : Cytological studies on differentiation and de differentiation in pericycle cells of excised rice oryza sativa cultivar aichi asahi roots. Japanese Journal of Crop Science 51(4): 553-560

Decapitated root segments of rice cultured on modified L-S [Linsmaier-Skoog] medium in absence or presence of 2,4-D (5 .times. 10-5 M) formed lateral roots or callus, respectively, from the pericycle and endodermis. The structural features of the callus initials were similar to those of the lateral root primordia under the light microscope. Ultrastructural differences were observed between them in the cell wall, plasmamembrane and plasmodesmata. Normal fibrillar structure of cellulose was seen in the cell wall of lateral root primordia but fewer and indistinct fibrils were seen in many cell walls of callus initials. The plasma membrane of the cell in lateral root primordia revealed distinct structure of unit membrane. In the callus initials it ran irregularly and was rather indistinct. Plasmodesmata in callus initials were also indistinct in the portion of highly irregular cell wall. These differences were particularly clear when the sections of the tissues were stained with phosphotungstic acid for polysaccharides. Structure and function of cell wall in differentiation and dedifferentiation of tissues are discussed.


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