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Deoxyribose ring conformation of d ggtatacc2 an analysis of vicinal proton proton coupling constants from two dimensional proton nmr

, : Deoxyribose ring conformation of d ggtatacc2 an analysis of vicinal proton proton coupling constants from two dimensional proton nmr. Biochemistry 27(16): 6013-6020

Exchangeable and nonexchangeable protons of [d(GGTATACC)]2 in aqueous cacodylate solution were assigned from two-dimensional nuclear Overhausser effect (2D NOE) spectra. With phase-sensitive COSY and double quantum filtered COSY (DQF-COSY) experiments, the cross-peaks resulting from deoxyribose ring conformation sensitive proton-proton vicinal couplings, i.e., all 1'-2', 1'-2", 2'-3', and 3'-4' couplings and six from 2"-3' couplings, were observed. From the cross-peak find structure, the 2',2" proton assignments can be confirmed; coupling constants J1'2' and J1'2" and sums of coupling constants involving H2' and H2" for all residues and H3' for C8 were obtained. The DISCO procedure [Kessler, H., Muller, A., and Oschkinat, H. (1985) Magn. Reson. Chem. 23, 844-852] was used to extract individual 1'-2' and 1'-2" coupling constants. The sum of coupling constants involving H1' or H3' was measured from the one-dimensional spectrum where signal overlap is not a problem. Analysis of the resulting coupling constants and sums of coupling constants, in the manner of Rinkel and Altona [Rinkel, L. J., and Altona, C. (1987) J. Biomol. Struct. Dyn. 4, 621-649], led to the following conclusion: C2'-endo deoxyribose ring conformation is predominant for every residue, but a significant amount of C3'-endo conformation may exist, ranging from 14% to 30%.


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