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Description of dolichodorus longicaudatus new species and neodolichodorus leiocephalus new species nematoda tylenchida

, : Description of dolichodorus longicaudatus new species and neodolichodorus leiocephalus new species nematoda tylenchida. Revue de Nematologie 4(2): 191-198

Two new species of the subfamily Dolichodorinae Chitwood et Chitwood, 1950 found in a grass area in Cordoba, Argentina, are described. Dolichodorus longicaudatus sp. nov. differs from other species of the genus by the conic tail of the females and the presence of large hypoptygma in the males. Neodolichodorus leiocephalus sp. nov. also has males and females and is characterized by a smooth lip region and a conical tail that narrows abruptly in its posterior part.


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