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Distribution seasonal abundance and pest status of the oriental cockroach blatta orientalis orthoptera blattidae and an evaniid wasp prosevania punctata hymenoptera evaniidae in urban apartments

, : Distribution seasonal abundance and pest status of the oriental cockroach blatta orientalis orthoptera blattidae and an evaniid wasp prosevania punctata hymenoptera evaniidae in urban apartments. Journal of Economic Entomology 79(2): 431-436

From May to September 1984, oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis L., and evaniid wasp, Prosevania punctata (Brulle), populations were sampled to determine their abundance and distribution in apartments in Roanoke, Va. Concurrently, 151 residents were interviewed to assess their knowledge and attitudes toward these insects. Life cycles of oriental cockroaches and evaniid wasps were synchronized. The three population peaks of the evaniid wasp population in may, June, and July occurred during rise, peak, and decline of the adult oriental cockroach population. Residents were intolerant of oriental cockroaches found indoors. Of 136 residents who had seen oriental cockroaches, 90% found them indoors, 60% considered one oriental cockroach indoors a problem, and 77% had taken steps to control these cockroaches. Residents were more tolerant of eveniid wasps. Of 91 residents who had seen evaniid wasps, 70% did not consider them a problem, and 70% would not have killed them after learning about the wasp life cycle. Observations by residents on distribution and seasonal abundance of both species were well correlated with field collection data. These results are important for designing an effective oriental cockroach pest management program.


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