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Effect of low rates of phosphorus on wheat under rainfed conditions of bannu nwfp pakistan

, : Effect of low rates of phosphorus on wheat under rainfed conditions of bannu nwfp pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research 7(1): 10-13

The effect of low rates of P on wheat in the form of DAP mixed with the seed under barani conditions was determined at two places in Lakki Marwat Tehsil of Bannu area. The P2O5 was applied @ 0, 10, 15, 20 and 30 kg/ha in the form of DAP mixed with the seed at sowing. Data on plant population and grain yield were recorded which showed that 15 kg P can be applied in the form of DAP fertilizer mixed with the seed without any loss to plant population and yield. After this limit the seedling development was adversely affected resulting in low yields.


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