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Effect of prolonged infusions of poly glucin on the metabolic and morphological characteristics of the brain during the post resuscitation period

, : Effect of prolonged infusions of poly glucin on the metabolic and morphological characteristics of the brain during the post resuscitation period. Byulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 86(12): 668-671

Polyglucin infusions (10 ml/kg) during the first 10 days of postresuscitation period after 4 h hypovolemic hypotension promotes normalization of general RNA content, quick mobile protein fractions, corresponding prealbumins, albumins, postalbumins, ceruloplasmin, transferrin and .alpha.-globulins. Macromolecular protein fractions .beta.- and .gamma.-globulins remained considerably changed: .beta.-globulins doubled, and .gamma.-globulins decreased 1.7-fold. Acid phosphatase specific activity increased in the postmitochondrial supernatant by 53%; an increase in the acid phosphatase activity was revealed in the neurons, glia and vascular endothelium. The amount of Purkinje's cells in the cerebral cortex in the experimental group did not differ essentially from the control values. The importance of prolonged polyglucin infusions together with other resuscitation measures in the treatment of hypovolemic states is emphasized.


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