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Effects of cylindrocladium gracile fusarium roseum and plenodomus meliloti on crown and root rot forage yield and winterkill of alfalfa in northeastern alberta canada

, : Effects of cylindrocladium gracile fusarium roseum and plenodomus meliloti on crown and root rot forage yield and winterkill of alfalfa in northeastern alberta canada. Canadian Plant Disease Survey 67(2): 31-34

A field trial was conducted to compare the effects of three soil-bome pathogens on the incidence of crown and root rot, forage yield and winter survival of alfalfa. Cylindrocladium gracile, Fusarium roseum and Plenodomus meliloti were applied alone and in combination to test plots. There was no significant difference in fresh and dry matter yields among the treatments. Disease severity was significantly less in the control plots than in the treated plots. All treated plots were assessed an average disease severity rating of moderate. Percent winterkill in the plots inoculated with a combination of the three fungi was not significantly different than that of the other treatments except F. roseum alone.


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