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Effects of direct current electrofishing on the mottled sculpin

, : Effects of direct current electrofishing on the mottled sculpin. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 8(1): 112-116

We examined the effects of electrofishing on the survival of mottled sculpin Cottus bairdi in two experiments. Three tanks each were filled with mottle sculpin collected by electrofishing (treatment) and by kick-seining (control). We maintained these tanks for at least 30 d and recorded all deaths. Patterns of survival were not significantly different among tanks in either of the experiments. In addition, there were no significant differences between pooled data sets (all control tanks versus all treatment tanks) within each experiment. Failure to demonstrate a treatment effect in either experiment suggests that electrofishing does not adversely affect the short-term survival of mottled sculpin. Although samples sizes were insufficient for statistical analysis, a similar result was obtained for several other species of stream fishes. To test the effects of multiple electrofishing exposures, we conducted another experiment in four artificial stream sections. Treatment mottled sculpin were shocked, and both treatment and control fish were handled, weekly, for 5 weeks. Although overall survival in all stream sections was lower than that seen in the first two experiments, there were no significant differences in survival among sections or between treatments in this experiment. These data suggest that handling stress was a greater determinant of mortality rates than was electrofishing.


DOI: 10.1577/1548-8675(1988)008<0112:EODCEO>2.3.CO;2

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