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Effects of indomethacin on renal hemodynamic alterations caused by arterial and ureteral pressure changes in rabbits

, : Effects of indomethacin on renal hemodynamic alterations caused by arterial and ureteral pressure changes in rabbits. Japanese Heart Journal 20(4): 523-536

Roles of prostaglandins [PG] in renal autoregulation and the distribution of cortical blood flow were studied in anesthetized rabbits by PG synthesis inhibition. Within the range of 80-130 mmHg renal perfusion pressure, a constancy of renal blood flow was maintained. With an abrupt elevation of perfusion pressure from 100 to 130 mmHg, blood flow was not altered in any region of the cortex. When perfusion pressure was reduced from 100 to 80 mmHg, blood flow decreased in the outer cortex with reciprocal increase in the inner cortex. These hemodynamic changes were not affected by indomethacin. Acute ureteral pressure elevation to 50 mmHg resulted in a redistribution of cortical flow to the inner cortex without significant change in renal blood flow. This redistribution was inhibited by indomethacin. During ureteral pressure elevation, autoregulation was impaired. Increased perfusion pressure produced a significant increase in blood flow in the outer cortex without significant change elsewhere. A reduction of perfusion pressure caused significant decrease in flow in the outer cortex without an increase in the inner cortex. In indomethacin-treated rabbits, ureteral pressure elevation impaired autoregulation slightly but not significantly. These findings suggest good autoregulatory capability in all regions of the renal cortex, a minor role of PG in the development of renal autoregulation in normal rabbits, and a partial contribution by PG to the impairment of autoregulation during ureteral pressure elevation.


PMID: 470148

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