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Endoscopic studies on gastric mucosal defense mechanism part i. acute gastric mucosal lesion

, : Endoscopic studies on gastric mucosal defense mechanism part i. acute gastric mucosal lesion. Gastroenterological Endoscopy 27(12): 2699-2706

Gastric mucosal defence mechanism of acute gastric mucosal lesion by means of endoscopical measurement of gastric mucosal blood flow (BF) and gastric mucosal potential difference (PD) was studied. BF measurement by H2 gas clearance method decreased in comparison with control. Especially, BF of the corpus decreased remarkably than that of the antrum. BF was 52.2 .+-. 2.0 ml/min per 100 g on the antrum, 37.6 .+-. 1.7 ml/min per 100 g on corpus in AGML, and 55.8 .+-. 5.3 ml/min per 100 g on the antrum, 67.4 .+-. 4.9 ml/min per 100 g on the corpus in control. Therefore, in chronic gastric ulcer BF and PD decreased on the ulcer, but did not decrease on the surrounding mucosa. Relationship between AGML and atrophic pattern by an endoscopic congo-red method was studied in 50 [human] cases of AGML and 455 cases of control and other gastric diseases. The closed type of atrophic pattern was seen 94% of the cases with AGML. Especially, in the cases of AGML C1 and C2 due to endoscopic atrophic patterns established by KIMURA and TAKEMOTO were dominantly seen. From those results, it is concluded that it was difference between onset of AGML and that of chronic gastric ulcer.


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