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Enhanced blood pressure responses to loud noise in offspring of monkeys macaca fascicularis with high blood pressure

, : Enhanced blood pressure responses to loud noise in offspring of monkeys macaca fascicularis with high blood pressure. Physiology & Behavior 32(5): 779-784

Sixteen unanesthetized immature M. fascicularis monkeys, 18-43 mo. of age, were tested for mean arterial blood pressure (MBP) and heart rate (HR) responses to 30 min of continuous broadband noise (95 dB). Eight animals (OH group) were offspring of monkeys with high blood pressure (parents' MBP = 115.5 .+-. 1.0 (SEM [standard error of the mean]) mm Hg), and 8 (OC group) were offspring of control animals with normal blood pressure (parents' MBP = 96.6 .+-. 1.7 mm Hg). Resting MBP during a 17-24 h period prior to the experiment in the OH group was 100.6 .+-. 1.9 mm Hg, significantly higher (P < 0.05) than the MBP of the OC group (94.3 .+-. 2.2 mm Hg). Immediately prior to noise exposure, MBP in the OH group was stable for 30 min, at 104 .+-. 3 mm Hg. During noise exposure, MBP increased significantly to 108 .+-. 4 mm Hg. In the OC group, MBP during the 30 min baseline interval was 95 .+-. 2 mm Hg, and during noise exposure was not significantly changed at 94 .+-. 3 mm Hg. Heart rate decreased significantly during noise in the OC group and did not change in the OH group. Evidently, the offspring of monkeys with high blood pressure had higher resting MBP than control animals and showed significant MBP increases in response to loud noise. Control animals showed no change in MBP and decreases in HR in response to noise.


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