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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 5452

Chapter 5452 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Favorable effect of storage at 0 celsius on the oxygen transport function of heparinized blood. Haematologia 11(3-4): 331-334

Favorable effects of acebutolol on exercise performance and angina in men with coronary artery disease. Chest 82(1): 40-43

Favorable effects of hydralazine on the hemodynamic response to isometric exercise in chronic severe aortic regurgitation. American Journal of Cardiology 53(11): 1603-1607

Favorable effects of oral digoxin therapy on the left ventricular performance in patients with artificial pacemakers. European Journal of Cardiology 12(1): 1-13

Favorable effects of pindolol in dilated cardiomyopathy. Chest 90(5): 777-779

Favorable effects of therapy on cardiac performance in spontaneously hypertensive rats. American Journal of Physiology 242(5): H776-H784

Favorable evolution of a severe diabetic retinopathy after pancreatic and renal graft. Revue Francaise d'Endocrinologie Clinique Nutrition et Metabolisme 29(2): 137-141

Favorable evolution of cryo globulinemia following treatment with chlorambucil 2 cases. Revue Roumaine de Medecine Medecine Interne 19(4): 363-366

Favorable factors in the adjuvant therapy of breast cancer. Cancer 50(1): 18-23

Favorable influence of gossypium raimondii genes on fiber properties of cultivated cotton. Genetica Agraria 29(3-4): 277-281

Favorable influences of imuthiol on mouse reproduction and immune system of offspring. American Journal of Reproductive Immunology and Microbiology 8(3): 101-106

Favorable prognosis for malignant melanomas associated with acquired melanocytic nevi. Archives of Dermatology 119(6): 455-462

Favorable prognosis of brain metastases in small cell lung cancer. Annals of Internal Medicine 106(3): 386-389

Favorable prognosis of solid tumors with very low chromosome numbers?. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics 34(1): 121-123

Favorable response to maintenance therapy of 2nd or subsequent remissions in childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia. Cancer 46(5): 1093-1097

Favorable results of acrylic cementation for giant cell tumors. Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica 55(2): 209-214

Favorable therapeutic results in cutaneous porphyria obtained with agrimonia eupatoria. Revista de Medicina Interna Neurologie Psihiatrie Neurochirurgie Dermato-Venerologie Serie Dermato-Venerologia 29(2): 153-157

Favored incorporation of tubercidin in poly adenylic 7 deaza adenylic acids and their function as messenger rna in protein synthesis. Biochemistry 20(9): 2559-2564

Favored patterns in spike trains 1. detection. Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) 49(6): 1334-1348

Favored patterns in spike trains 2. application. Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) 49(6): 1349-1363

Favored sites for thyroid hormone formation on the peptide chains of human thyro globulin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 257(1): 88-94

Favorinus vitreus new species nudibranchia aeolidoidea from the canary islands spain. Nautilus 96(2): 45-48

Favus 20 indigenous cases in the province of quebec. Archives of Dermatology 114(11): 1647-1648

Fawn production and survival in the north kings river deer herd. California Fish and Game 64(1): 38-52

Faxonella blairi new species of crayfish from the red river drainage of oklahoma and arkansas usa. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 90(1): 1-5

Fayetteville green lake new york usa tritium helium 3 water mass ages and secondary chemical structure. Limnology & Oceanography 26(1): 110-122

Fayoumaster pharaonum new genus new species asteroidea goniasteridae and its stratigraphic and paleoecologic surroundings egyptian eocene. Annales de Paleontologie 73(1): 29-50

Fazadinium and pancuronium: a pharmacodynamic study. British Journal of Anaesthesia 52(12): 1209-1221

Fazadinium bromide and anesthesia in cerebropathic children with motor problems. Acta Anaesthesiologica Italica 32(3): 541-547

Fazadinium bromide and induction of anesthesia in cardiac surgery. Acta Anaesthesiologica Italica 32(3): 421-430

Fazadinium bromide experience with emergency surgery. Ospedali Italiani Pediatria (e Specialita' Chirurgiche) 16(2): 362-366

Fazadinium in anesthesia. British Journal of Anaesthesia 50(3): 289-294

Fazadinium in surgery. Acta Anaesthesiologica Italica 32(3): 442-451

Fazadon a new muscle relaxant in ear nose and throat surgery. Acta Anaesthesiologica Italica 32(3): 498-506

Fazadon in neuro surgery. Acta Anaesthesiologica Italica 32(3): 488-497

Fazadon in pediatric surgery. Acta Anaesthesiologica Italica 32(3): 524-532

Fazytan a system for fast automated cell segmentation cell image analysis and feature extraction based on television image pickup and parallel processing. Analytical & Quantitative Cytology 2(1): 25-40

Fb prime 2 a new peptic fragment of human immuno globulin g. Biochemical Journal 155(1): 31-36

Fbc operon encoding the rieske iron sulfur protein cytochrome b and cytochrome c 1 apoproteins previously described from rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides is from rhodopseudomonas capsulata. Journal of Molecular Biology 195(1): 25-30

Fbj osteo sarcoma virus in tissue culture part 3 isolation and characterization of nonvirus producing fbj transformed cells. Journal of Virology 26(1): 11-15

Fbr murine osteo sarcoma virus 1. molecular analysis and characterization of a 75000 dalton gag fos fusion product. Virology 135(1): 218-228

Fc and C3b receptor expression of phagocytes in poorly controlled diabetic patients. Proceedings of the National Science Council, Republic of China. Part B, Life Sciences 10(4): 236-244

Fc and complement c 3 receptor patterns on 2 epstein barr virus negative burkitts lymphoma lines during acute exposure to epstein barr virus p 3hr 1 substrain. European Journal of Cancer 17(2): 161-166

Fc and complement c 3 receptors as membrane differentiation markers of acute myelogenous leukemia cells. Scandinavian Journal of Haematology 25(3): 205-213

Fc and complement c 3 receptors induced by herpes simplex virus on cultured human endothelial cells. Journal of Clinical Investigation 69(1): 123-128

Fc and complement c 3 receptors of swine alveolar macrophages. Research in Veterinary Science 28(3): 380-381

Fc and complement c 3b receptor changes on mouse peritoneal leukocytes following stimulation with an extract of ascaris suum. Zentralblatt fuer Bakteriologie Mikrobiologie und Hygiene Series A 260(1): 126-131

Fc and complement c 3b receptors on cultured retino blastoma cells. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 21(4): 550-553

Fc and complement c 3b receptors on pulmonary endothelial cells induction by injury. Science (Washington D C) 214(4520): 557-558

Fc and complement receptors on malignant tumor cells. Cancer 48(8): 1761-1767

Fc dependence of anti mu antibody induced isotype suppression of mice. Cellular Immunology 62(1): 1-7

Fc dependent binding of monocytes to areas with endothelial injury in the rabbit aorta. Experimental & Molecular Pathology 34(3): 264-280

Fc epsilon receptors and fc gamma receptors expressed on murine immuno globulin e specific suppressor t hybridomas dissociation between suppressor activity and fc epsilon receptors expression. Microbiology & Immunology 27(10): 877-892

Fc epsilon receptors on human cell lines and peripheral blood lymphocytes detected by binding of immunoglobulin e immune complexes. Journal of Clinical Immunology 5(1): 38-45

Fc fc interactions revealed by spin labeled immunoglobulin g heterosaccharides in model immune complexes. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications 137(1): 237-243

Fc fragment activation of t lymphocytes 1. fc fragments trigger lyt 1 plus 23 minus t lymphocytes to release a helper t cell replacing activity. Journal of Immunology 126(2): 632-635

Fc gamma and fc mu receptors in b cell neoplasms correlation to developmental stages. Acta Haematologica (Basel) 63(5): 247-251

Fc gamma of immuno globulin g a specific agent of destabilization of lipid bi layers containing oleic acid. Molecular Immunology 20(3): 247-254

Fc gamma positive t lymphocytes and depressed poly clonal immuno globulin synthesis in multiple myeloma. Bollettino Societa Italiana Biologia Sperimentale 59(1): 26-32

Fc gamma receptor effects on induction of c myc messenger rna expression in mouse b lymphocytes by anti immunoglobulin. Molecular Immunology 24(11): 1199-1206

Fc gamma receptor expressed on t cell hybrids specificity behavior and relationship with ia antigens. Cellular Immunology 63(2): 349-361

Fc gamma receptors on fetal rat brain cells during neoplastic transformation in culture after exposure to ethylnitroso urea in vivo. Cancer Letters 8(2): 97-102

Fc gamma receptors on keratinocytes in psoriasis. Archives of Dermatological Research 280(1): 12-17

Fc gamma RI and Fc gamma RII on monocytes and granulocytes are cytotoxic trigger molecules for tumor cells. Journal of Immunology 139(10): 3536-3541

Fc immuno globulin g receptor bearing lymphocytes and mono clonal antibody defined t cell subsets in atopic dermatitis effect of treatment with thymopoietin penta peptide. International Archives of Allergy & Applied Immunology 69(3): 238-244

Fc immuno globulin g receptor distributions in homogeneous and heterogeneous cell populations by flow micro fluorometry. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 78(1): 519-523

Fc immuno globulin g receptors on rat basophilic leukemia cells. Journal of Immunology 126(1): 138-145

Fc immuno globulin m and fc immuno globulin g receptors on human circulating bone marrow derived lymphocytes. Journal of Immunology 121(3): 887-890

Fc immuno globulin receptors on human lympho blastoid bone marrow derived cell lines. European Journal of Immunology 8(4): 274-278

Fc intermediate a papain generated fragment of human immunoglobulin g intermediate in charge molecular weight and cleavage between the fc and fc' fragments of immunoglobulin g. Molecular Immunology 22(6): 705-714

Fc mediated binding of immuno globulin g to vimentin type intermediate filaments in vascular endothelial cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 81(10): 3103-3107

Fc mediated immune precipitation 3. visualization by electron microscopy. Immunology 48(3): 469-476

Fc mediated immune precipitation 4. antigen dependency and specificity. Immunology 48(3): 477-488

Fc mu receptors on neutrophils. Byulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 99(2): 174-176

Fc receptor activity of pulmonary alveolar macrophage in granulomatous lung diseases. Hokkaido Journal of Medical Science 57(2): 157-168

Fc receptor bearing cells in spleen of mice injected with cell free ehrlich ascites fluid. Blut 41(4): 269-276

Fc receptor bearing lymphoid cells in the chicken part 1 characterization of the fc immuno globulin g receptor. Immunological Communications 7(6): 601-620

Fc receptor bearing lymphoid cells in the chicken part 2 relative increase of fc immuno globulin g receptor bearing cells in obese strain chickens. Immunological Communications 7(6): 621-634

Fc receptor bearing mononuclear leukocytes from peripheral blood of patients with dermatitis herpetiformis. Acta Dermato-Venereologica 59(3): 201-204

Fc receptor bearing peripheral blood mononuclear cells in breast cancer patients a possible marker of tumor burden and prognosis. Clinical & Experimental Immunology 44(3): 629-637

Fc receptor dependency of antibody mediated feedback regulation on the mechanism of inhibition. Cellular Immunology 40(2): 395-403

Fc receptor epsilon positive lymphocytes and regulation of the immunoglobulin e antibody system 1. a new class of molecules termed immunoglobulin e induced regulants which modulate fc receptor epsilon expression by lymphocytes. Journal of Immunology 133(6): 2821-2828

Fc receptor epsilon positive lymphocytes and regulation of the immunoglobulin e antibody system 2. fc receptor epsilon positive b lymphocytes initiate a cascade of cellular and molecular interactions that control fc receptor epsilon expression and immunoglobulin e production. Journal of Immunology 133(6): 2829-2836

Fc receptor epsilon positive lymphocytes and regulation of the immunoglobulin e antibody system 3. suppressive factor of allergy is produced during the in vitro fc receptor epsilon expression cascade and displays corollary physiologic activity in vivo. Journal of Immunology 133(6): 2837-2844

Fc receptor epsilon positive lymphocytes and regulation of the immunoglobulin e antibody system 4. delineation of target cells and mechanisms of action of suppressive factor of allergy and enhancing factor of allergy in inhibiting in vitro induction of fc receptor epsilon expression. Journal of Immunology 133(6): 2845-2851

Fc receptor for immuno globulin a on erythrocytes. Molecular Immunology 19(12): 1675-1680

Fc receptor for immuno globulin m factors influencing detection on human thymus derived lymphocytes. Journal of Immunological Methods 29(3): 245-252

Fc receptor heterogeneity immuno fluorescent studies of bone marrow derived cells 3rd population lymphocytes in human blood with rabbit immuno globulin g b 4 anti b 4 complexes. Journal of Immunology 119(5): 1778-1784

Fc receptor heterogeneity of human suppressor thymus derived cells. Journal of Immunology 121(1): 1-5

Fc receptor mediated binding and endocytosis by human mononuclear phagocytes monomeric immunoglobulin g is not endocytosed by u 937 cells and monocytes. Journal of Cell Biology 100(2): 558-564

Fc receptor mediated desensitization of superoxide generation response of guinea pig macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocytes. Immunology 55(4): 629-638

Fc receptor mediated inhibition of murine bone marrow derived lymphocyte activation. Journal of Experimental Medicine 144(3): 768-775

Fc receptor mediated phagocytosis occurs in macrophages at exceedingly low cytosolic calcium levels. Journal of Cell Biology 106(3): 657-666

Fc receptor mediated phagocytosis occurs in macrophages without an increase in average intracellular free calcium ion concentration. Journal of Cell Biology 102(5): 1586-1592

Fc receptor modulation in mononuclear phagocytes maintained on immobilized immune complexes occurs by diffusion of the receptor molecule. Journal of Experimental Medicine 157(6): 2121-2139

Fc receptor of chronic myelogenous leukemia cells. Gan 69(5): 731-732

Fc receptors and ia immune response associated antigens. Immunological Communications 5(4): 243-261

Fc receptors and immuno globulin g associated with human malignant tumors. Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica Section C Immunology 86(5): 259-264

Fc receptors for human, rabbit and pig antibodies on human eosinophils from normal persons and patients with atopic dermatitis. International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology 59(3): 249-255

Fc receptors for immuno globulin a on human bone marrow derived and human non bone marrow derived non thymus derived lymphocytes. Journal of Immunology 123(2): 714-719

Fc receptors for immuno globulin and other immuno globulins on resident and activated alveolar macrophages. Molecular Immunology 20(9): 1029-1038

Fc receptors for immuno globulin e on a sub population of human peripheral blood monocytes. Journal of Immunology 125(3): 1026-1031

Fc receptors for immuno globulin e on human and rat eosinophils. Journal of Immunology 126(6): 2087-2092

Fc receptors for immuno globulin e on mouse macrophages and macrophage like cell lines. Journal of Immunology 128(5): 2265-2268

Fc receptors for immuno globulin e on normal rat lymphocytes. Journal of Immunology 121(2): 471-478

Fc receptors for immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m on human thymus derived lymphocytes mode of reexpression after proteolysis or interaction with immune complexes. Journal of Immunology 121(2): 767-770

Fc receptors for immuno globulin g immuno globulin m and immuno globulin e on human leukemic lymphocytes. Clinical & Experimental Immunology 35(2): 286-295

Fc receptors for immunoglobulin g 1 and immunoglobulin g 3 on human mononuclear cells an evaluation with known levels of erythrocyte bound immunoglobulin g. Vox Sanguinis 50(2): 97-103

Fc receptors for mouse immunoglobulin g 1 on human monocytes polymorphism and role in antibody induced t cell proliferation. Journal of Immunology 133(3): 1185-1189

Fc receptors ia antigens and immuno globulin on normal and activated mouse thymus derived lymphocytes. Journal of Experimental Medicine 142(6): 1403-1415

Fc receptors induced by herpes simplex virus part 1 biologic and biochemical properties. Journal of Immunology 121(2): 726-730

Fc receptor(s) induced by human cytomegalovirus bind differentially with human immunoglobulin G subclasses. Journal of General Virology 67: 1475-1478

Fc receptors of a human pro myelocytic leukemic cell line evidence for 2 types of receptors defined by binding of the staphylococcal protein a immuno globulin g 1 complex. Journal of Immunology 125(1): 448-453

Fc receptors of human peripheral mononuclear cells. Haematologia 13(1-4): 239-248

Fc receptors of liver sinusoidal endothelium in normal rats and humans. A histologic study with soluble immune complexes. Gastroenterology 93(5): 1078-1085

Fc receptors of mouse cell lines 1. distinct proteins mediate the immuno globulin g subclass specific fc binding activities of macrophages. Journal of Immunology 128(4): 1819-1824

Fc receptors of mouse cell lines 2. immuno globulin g binding specificity and identification of the fc receptor on a lymphoid leukemia. Journal of Immunology 128(4): 1825-1831

Fc receptors on cultured myeloma and hybridoma cells. Journal of Immunology 134(3): 1774-1779

Fc receptors on granulocytes from patients with rheumatoid arthritis and Felty's syndrome. Clinical and Experimental Immunology 55(3): 677-683

Fc receptors on human blood bone marrow derived lymphocytes. Clinical and Experimental Immunology 28(1): 99-102

Fc receptors on human neutrophils: electron microscopic study of natural surface distribution. Immunology 40(1): 1-8

Fc receptors on human t lymphocytes 5. effects of colchicine and cytochalasin b on fc receptor expression. Journal of Immunology 125(5): 2215-2219

Fc receptors on human T lymphocytes: loss of Fc mu and expression of Fc gamma receptors by T cells stimulated in mixed lymphocyte reaction. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 13(5): 447-451

Fc receptors on human thymus derived lymphocytes part 1 transition of immuno globulin g receptor bearing thymus derived cells to immuno globulin m receptor bearing thymus derived cells. Journal of Immunology 121(4): 1540-1548

Fc receptors on human thymus derived lymphocytes part 2 cyto toxic capabilities of human thymus derived lymphocytes bearing receptor for immuno globulin g thymus derived lymphocytes bearing receptor for immuno globulin m bone marrow derived cells and high affinity fc receptor containing cells. Cellular Immunology 42(2): 410-417

Fc receptors on human thymus derived lymphocytes part 3 characterization of sub populations involved in cell mediated lympholysis and antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity. Journal of Immunology 122(2): 599-604

Fc receptors on immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g antibody forming cells in an early immune response. Cellular Immunology 61(1): 124-133

Fc receptors on lymphocytes from the blood of rheumatoid arthritis patients and normal controls a comparison of 4 fc receptor assays. Clinical & Experimental Immunology 45(3): 532-537

Fc receptors on monocytes cause okt 3 treated lymphocytes to internalize t 3 and to secrete interleukin 2. Cellular Immunology 98(1): 181-187

Fc receptors on mouse neutrophils and eosinophils: antigenic characteristics, isotype specificity and relative cell membrane density measured by flow cytometry. Immunology 55(1): 125-133

Fc receptors on rabbit lymphocytes existence of receptors for immuno globulin g antibody complexed with antigen conditions for its detection. European Journal of Immunology 10(3): 192-197

Fc receptors on the human placenta. Obstetrics and Gynecology 48(2): 170-171

Fc receptors on tumor cells in mice bearing syngeneic or allogeneic lymphoma. Comunicaciones Biologicas 4(3): 271-286

Fc receptors specific for immuno globulin e on sub populations of human lymphocytes and monocytes. Clinical Immunology & Immunopathology 15(3): 424-433

Fce receptor a specific differentiation marker transiently expressed on mature b cells before isotype switching. Journal of Experimental Medicine 164(5): 1455-1469

Fcigg and fcigm receptor bearing lymphocytes in peripheral blood of humans optimum conditions for detection of t m lymphocytes. Allergie und Immunologie (Leipzig) 33(1): 53-62

FD and FAB mass spectra of some oligopeptides of the tryptophyllin family. Biomedical & Environmental Mass Spectrometry 14(9): 487-493

Fear and affiliation in domesticated male rats. Journal of Comparative & Physiological Psychology 95(5): 685-693

Fear and aggression in the rat. Aggressive Behavior 10(4): 309-316

Fear and performance in novice parachutists. Ergonomics 30(10): 1463-1474

Fear and social motivation as factors in open field behavior of the domestic chick a theoretical consideration. Biology of Behaviour 8(2): 103-116

Fear anxiety and panic disorder conceptual and historical aspects. Psiquis 8(5): 29-32

Fear as a discriminative stimulus for an appetitive instrumental response. Learning and Motivation 7(3): 327-339

Fear as factor of motivation. Stomatologie der DDR 38(4): 219-223

Fear behavior elicited in the cat by stimulation of the amygdaloid nuclei after removal of the neo cortical association areas. Soobshcheniya Akademii Nauk Gruzinskoi SSR 104(2): 449-452

Fear brady cardia in captive eastern chipmunk tamias striatus. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology A 70(4): 529-532

Fear bradycardia in the eastern fox squirrel sciurus niger and eastern gray squirrel sciurus carolinensis. Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology A 78(3): 409-412

Fear conditioned with escapable and inescapable shock effects of a feedback stimulus. Journal of Experimental Psychology Animal Behavior Processes 10(3): 307-323

Fear conditioning and extinction in rats at different times of day. Journal of General Psychology 99(1): 87-92

Fear dependent variations in continuous avoidance behavior of pigs part 1 lack of effect of diazepam on performance of discriminative fear conditioning. Psychopharmacology 49(1): 69-74

Fear dependent variations in continuous avoidance behavior of pigs part 2 effects of diazepam on acquisition and performance of pavlovian fear conditioning and plasma cortico steroid levels. Psychopharmacology 49(1): 75-78

Fear head shaking and production in 5 populations of caged chickens. British Poultry Science 20(1): 39-44

Fear imagery and text processing. Psychophysiology 23(3): 247-253

Fear in childrens drawings. Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift Martin Luther Universitaet Halle Wittenberg Mathematisch Naturwissenschaftliche Reihe 25(1): 65-72

Fear in periods of stress and calm among israeli students. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry 8(1): 5-9

Fear in the counter transference. American Journal of Psychotherapy 36(2): 240-247

Fear of animals: correlations between fear ratings and perceived characteristics. Psychological Reports 60(3 Pt 2): 1203-1209

Fear of animals what is prepared. British Journal of Psychology 75(1): 37-42

Fear of breakdown: a clinical example. International Journal of Psycho-Analysis 61(3): 351-357

Fear of criticism in washers checkers and phobics. Behaviour Research & Therapy 17(1): 79-81

Fear of death and dying among medical students. Social Science & Medicine 16(15): 1421-1424

Fear of death and the concept of extended self. Psychological Reports 56(2): 419-425

Fear of death in the aging. American Journal of PsychoTherapy 32(4): 552-560

Fear of failure a place for the trial of instrumental delivery. British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 94(1): 60-66

Fear of failure and indices of leadership utilized in the training of reserve officers training corps cadets. Psychological Reports 56(1): 27-30

Fear of failure fear of evaluation perceived competence and self esteem in competitive trait anxious children. Journal of Sport Psychology 5(2): 172-188

Fear of failure in families without fathers. Psychological Reports 59(2 Pt 1): 571-574

Fear of flying case study of a phobia. Australian Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis 9(1): 5-8

Fear of hypnosis the role of labeling in patients' acceptance of behavioral interventions. Behavior Therapy 17(1): 2-13

Fear of obesity. A cause of short stature and delayed puberty. New England Journal of Medicine 309(9): 513-518

Fear of recording a negative physical examination. European Journal of Pediatrics 137(1): 3-4

Fear of solo driving treated with sequentially arranged behavioral methods a case study. Behavior Therapy 9(2): 290-292

Fear of strangers a developmental milestone or an over studied phenomenon. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science 8(4): 351-362

Fear of success and its relationship to job performance tenure and desired job outcomes of women. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science 16(1): 65-75

Fear of success and sex role there are reliable relationships. Psychological Reports 53(3): 735-738

Fear of success and the need for power. Psychological Reports 43(3 PART 1): 763-766

Fear of success consequence scale measurement of fear of social consequences of academic success. Psychological Reports 54(2): 499-504

Fear of success in high school girls as related to family composition. Psychological Reports 42(3 Pt 1): 889-890

Fear of success: the construction and validation of a measuring instrument. Journal of Personality Assessment 47(1): 36-41

Fear of the conditioned stimulus and of the context in two way avoidance learning between and within subjects manipulations. Animal Learning & Behavior 14(1): 80-89

Fear of the dental clinic as a limiting factor in the delivery of mouth and teeth health care. Acta Stomatologica Croatica 20(4): 291-298

Fear of the warning signal during overtraining of avoidance. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Section B Comparative & Physiological Psychology 39(1): 23-34

Fear reduction research and clinical phobias. Psychological Bulletin 85(2): 390-404

Fear related responses of white leghorn hens of several genetic stocks in 5 bird cages and associations with quantitative traits. Poultry Science 63(9): 1679-1688

Fear responses in domestic chicks as a function of the social environment. Behavioural Processes 8(4): 309-325

Fear responses in patients with epilepsy. Archives of Neurology 39(10): 626-630

Fear survey response as a function of item specification. Perceptual and Motor Skills 45(3 Pt 2): 1246-1246

Fear survey schedule iii oblique and orthogonal factorial structures in an american college population. Personality & Individual Differences 9(2): 401-410

Fear word choice in preschoolers. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry 9(2): 189-190

Fearful and associated responses of White Leghorn hens: effects of cage environments and genetic stocks. Poultry Science 65(12): 2199-2207

Fearfulness of caged laying hens the effects of cage level and type of roofing. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 17(1-2): 171-176

Fearlessness and courage a laboratory study of paratrooper veterans of the falklands war. British Journal of Psychology 78(3): 375-384

Fearlessness and courage a replication experiment. British Journal of Psychology 76(2): 187-198

Fearlessness and courage in paratroopers undergoing training. Personality & Individual Differences 9(2): 373-378

Fears and worries of young children as expressed in a contextual play setting. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry & Allied Disciplines 26(6): 981-988

Fears of phobic patients factor analyses of self report data. Behaviour Research and Therapy 16(1): 1-6

Fears of senegalese secondary school students. Journal of Psychology 107(2): 281-288

Feasibility and compliance studies of a home measurement monitoring program for cystic fibrosis. Journal of Chronic Diseases 39(3): 195-206

Feasibility and efficacy of long term treatment by continuous sub cutaneous insulin infusion in insulin dependent diabetes. Netherlands Journal of Medicine 27(5): 185-192

Feasibility and efficacy of preirradiation chemotherapy for pediatric brain tumors. Neurosurgery 22(4): 687-690

Feasibility and limits of quantitative and analytic monitoring of electro encephalograms. Agressologie 20(3): 183-192

Feasibility and reproducibility of the measurement of protein synthesis with nitrogen 15 glycine in intensive care patients. Annales Francaises d'Anesthesie et de Reanimation 6(3): 178-181

Feasibility and stability in randomly assembled lotka volterra models. Ecological Modelling 3(1): 63-71

Feasibility and usefulness of depression screening in medical outpatients. Archives of Internal Medicine 146(4): 729-731

Feasibility and variability of six methods for the echocardiographic and Doppler determination of cardiac output. British Heart Journal 59(3): 299-303

Feasibility assessment of whey based ethanol facilities. Energy in Agriculture 4(2): 93-108

Feasibility constraints on the elastic expansion of ecosystem models. Journal of Theoretical Biology 97(2): 277-288

Feasibility hypothesis for the maritime alps natural park. Landscape Planning 5(2-3): 109-128

Feasibility in differentiation of resistance of rice varieties to brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens using radio isotope phosphorus 32 tracer technique. Korean Journal of Plant Protection 20(4): 207-211

Feasibility of 2 phase anaerobic stabilization of industrial waste with simultaneous production of energy. Environmental Technology Letters 5(9): 373-382

Feasibility of a large prospective study in general practice an italian experience. British Medical Journal 294(6565): 157-160

Feasibility of a moderate sodium restriction diet by the use of a salt substitute. Cardiologia (Rome) 32(4): 405-408

Feasibility of absolute activity measurements using the Cleon emission tomography system. Radiology 133(2): 497-500

Feasibility of accelerating the selection process in improving early orange quality. Ciencias de la Agricultura (28): 54-59

Feasibility of analytical procedures and unit operations for the distinction between organic natural or conventional foods. Biological Agriculture & Horticulture 2(2): 183-194

Feasibility of ante natal diagnosis of beta thalassemia by dna polymorphisms in asian indian and cypriot populations. British Journal of Haematology 57(2): 255-264

Feasibility of automated headspace gas chromatography in identification of anaerobic bacteria. Acta Pathologica Microbiologica et Immunologica Scandinavica Section B Microbiology 90(2): 125-130

Feasibility of automating the micronucleus assay. Analytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology 8(3): 219-223

Feasibility of centralized measurements of glycated hemoglobin in the diabetes control and complications trial a multicenter study. Clinical Chemistry 33(12): 2267-2271

Feasibility of contact surveys in general practice. British Medical Journal 295(6606): 1101-1104

Feasibility of continuous glutamate monitoring in perfused retinal tissue with a potentiometric biosensing probe. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 23(1): 63-70

Feasibility of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion in young diabetic patients. Diabete & Metabolisme 14(2): 108-113

Feasibility of controlled micturition through electric stimulation. Urologia Internationalis 34(3): 199-230

Feasibility of coronal views in computed scanning of the head. Radiology 120(1): 217-218

Feasibility of cross protection for control of tomato mosaic virus in fresh market field grown tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum. Plant Disease 65(1): 56-58

Feasibility of cutaneous blood gas monitoring during exercise stress testing. Annals of Clinical Research 16(1): 40-46

Feasibility of detecting wooden foreign bodies in the orbits by computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging following perforating eye injury. Radiologe 28(7): 334-337

Feasibility of different combinations of chemo therapy 6 mechlorethamine vincristine procarbazine prednisone cycles plus radio therapy in hodgkins disease. Tumori 65(6): 729-742

Feasibility of direct cut forage conservation in quebec canada. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 28(1): 31-34

Feasibility of discontinuation of corticosteroid maintenance therapy in heart transplantation. Journal of Heart Transplantation 6(2): 71-78

Feasibility of double cropping under dryland conditions of central uttar pradesh india. Indian Journal of Agricultural Research 12(4): 241-245

Feasibility of drug screening with panels of human tumor cell lines using a microculture tetrazolium assay. Cancer Research 48(3): 589-601

Feasibility of electron transfer to singlet oxygen from mitochondrial components. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications 96(2): 770-776

Feasibility of eletrohydrodynamic cotton mite polyphagotarsonemus latus control. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 21(4): 369-374

Feasibility of enzymatic hydrolysis and alcoholic fermentation of starch contained in buffalo gourd (Cucurbita foetidissima) roots. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 29(4): 436-444

Feasibility of estimating phytoplankton size and biomass in fresh and preserved samples from the benguela current with a coulter counter. South African Journal of Marine Science (3): 99-110

Feasibility of evaluating the susceptibility of larix to lachnellula wilkommii by artificial inoculation. Annales des Sciences Forestieres (Paris) 40(4): 337-354

Feasibility of feeding spirulina maxima arthrospira platensis or chlorella sp to pigs weaned to a dry diet at 4 to 8 days of age. Nutrition Reports International 25(3): 543-552

Feasibility of filter paper disc method for collection of blood for measles antibody testing. Journal of Communicable Diseases 17(3): 240-242

Feasibility of freeze fracturing single isolated renal tubules. Kidney International 12(1): 66-71

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