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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 5487

Chapter 5487 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Freeze etch study of the tracheal epithelium of normal guinea pigs with particular reference to inter cellular junctions. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 61(1): 89-99

Freeze etch ultrastructure of a prochloron species the symbiont of didemnum molle. New Phytologist 88(3): 427-438

Freeze etch ultrastructure of waxy maize and acid hydrolyzed waxy maize starch granules. Journal of Food Science 43(3): 727-730

Freeze etched membrane faces and photosynthetic activity in normal and mutant tradescantia albiflora chloroplasts. Protoplasma 90(1-2): 1-14

Freeze etched proof of host parasite reactions in incompletely resistant lettuce cultivars infected with certain physiologic races of bremia lactucae. Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz 93(6): 614-623

Freeze etched surface of human erythrocyte membrane effect of the anti membrane antibody. Tokai Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine 2(1): 11-18

Freeze etching and the structure of biological membranes. Protoplasma 68(3): 253-270

Freeze etching automated. Mikroskopie 34(1-2): 6-11

Freeze etching nomenclature. Science (Washington D C) 190(4209): 54-56

Freeze etching observations on the characteristic arrangement of intra membranous particles in the apical plasma membrane of the thyroid follicular cell in thyrotropin treated mice. Cell and Tissue Research 171(3): 297-304

Freeze etching of corresponding fracture moieties a new approach to membrane structures. Protoplasma 70(1): 101-117

Freeze etching of plant cells. Mikroskopie 34(1-2): 12-18

Freeze etching of the cell envelope of an acinetobacter sp which carries a regular array of surface subunits. Journal of Bacteriology 116(3): 1383-1397

Freeze etching scanning electron microscopy with glycerinated biological tissues. Journal of Electron Microscopy 25(3): 171-173

Freeze etching studies of pulmonate spermatozoa. Veliger 20(2): 71-74

Freeze etching studies on ultrastructural changes of endothelial cells in the thyroid of normal thyrotropin treated and thyradin treated mice. Cell and Tissue Research 175(3): 313-318

Freeze etching study of the replication of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus. Weishengwu Xuebao 26(3): 216-220

Freeze etching technique with simple rapid freezing of fresh biological specimen. Journal of Electron Microscopy 29(4): 376-382

Freeze fracture analysis of gap junction disruption in rat ovarian granulosa cells. Tissue & Cell 13(4): 651-668

Freeze fracture analysis of membrane events during early neogenesis of cilia in tetrahymena pyriformis changes in fairy ring morphology and membrane topography. Journal of Cell Science 60: 137-156

Freeze fracture analysis of muscle plasma membrane in bupivacaine hydrogen chloride induced degeneration and regeneration. Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology 46(5): 522-532

Freeze fracture analysis of phloem structure in plant tissue cultures 1. the sieve element reticulum. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 82(1): 111-121

Freeze fracture analysis of phloem structure in plant tissue cultures 2. the sieve element plasma membrane. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 82(2): 189-197

Freeze fracture analysis of phloem structure in plant tissue cultures 3. protein sieve area pores and wounding. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 82(2): 198-211

Freeze fracture analysis of plasma membrane cholesterol in fast twitch and slow twitch muscles. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 81(1): 117-123

Freeze fracture analysis of structure of plasma membrane of photo receptor cell outer segments. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 66(3): 254-275

Freeze fracture analysis of the adrenal medulla in the rat. Folia Morphologica (Prague) 30(4): 370-373

Freeze fracture and analysis of membrane appression and protein segregation in model membranes containing the chlorophyll protein complexes from chloroplasts. European Journal of Biochemistry 137(1-2): 205-214

Freeze fracture and cytoplasmic maceration of pollen grains. Grana 25(1): 41-46

Freeze fracture and enzymatic analysis of membrane vesicles in sub cellular fractions of rat liver. Cellular & Molecular Biology (Oxford) 29(2): 129-138

Freeze fracture and etching studies on membrane damage on human erythrocytes caused by formation of intra cellular ice. Cryobiology 17(4): 351-362

Freeze fracture and filipin cytochemical observations of developing soybean glycine max cultivar forrest cotyledons. European Journal of Cell Biology 35(1): 1-7

Freeze fracture and freeze etching study of encystment of phytophthora palmivora zoo spores. Journal of General Microbiology 102(1): 149-156

Freeze fracture and histofluorescence studies on photoreceptive membranes of medusan ocelli. Zoological Science (Tokyo) 1(3): 367-374

Freeze fracture and numerical analyses of the spiral ganglion cells. Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 243(6): 407-410

Freeze fracture and thaw fixation of vicia faba root cells for scanning electron microscopy. Contributions from the Biological Laboratory Kyoto University 27(1): 1-8

Freeze fracture and tracer experiments on the permeability of the zonulae occludentes in the olfactory mucosa of vertebrates. Cell and Tissue Research 154: 51-59

Freeze fracture and transmission electron microscopic observations on the plasma membrane and associated structures of the epidermis of branchiostoma lanceolatum cephalochordata. Zoomorphology (Berlin) 103(3): 209-218

Freeze fracture architecture and poly peptide composition of thylakoid membranes from eu ploid ricinus communis cells. Journal of Cell Science 52: 167-182

Freeze fracture aspects of the spiral limbus. Archives of Oto Rhino Laryngology 221(3): 157-162

Freeze fracture characteristics of insect calliphora vicina gustatory and olfactory sensilla 1. a comparison with vertebrate olfactory receptor cells with special reference to ciliary components. Cell and Tissue Research 223(1): 1-27

Freeze fracture characteristics of insect gustatory and olfactory sensilla 2. cuticular features. Journal of Morphology 179(3): 305-322

Freeze fracture characteristics of the ocellar retina of the honeybee apis mellifera carnica hymenoptera apidae. International Journal of Insect Morphology & Embryology 14(1): 63-74

Freeze fracture characterization of the outermost golgi cisterna in rat pancreatic acinar cells. Biology of the Cell (Paris) 48(2-3): 175-184

Freeze fracture cytochemistry labeling of plasma and intra cellular membranes. Ciencia Biologica 7(1-2): 1-12

Freeze fracture differences in plasma membranes of the stratum corneum and replacement layer cells of amphibian epidermis. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 67(1): 55-64

Freeze fracture electron microscopic analysis of ultrarapidly frozen envelope membranes on intact chloroplasts and after purification. Protoplasma 125(1-2): 111-123

Freeze fracture electron microscopic and low temperature x ray scattering studies of the effect of cryo fixation on serum low density lipo protein structure. Journal of Microscopy (Oxford) 126(3): 243-252

Freeze fracture electron microscopic studies of developmental changes of intramembranous particles and square arrays in rat sarcolemma. Acta Medica Universitatis Kagoshimaensis 27(2): 53-64

Freeze fracture electron microscopy of the plasma membrane of the xenopus egg evidence for particle associated filaments. Cytobiologie 16(2): 358-366

Freeze fracture electron microscopy of the plasmalemma of ustilago avenae treated with systemic fungicides a quantitative analysis of the intra membrane particles. Pesticide Biochemistry & Physiology 21(2): 184-193

Freeze fracture evidence for lateral phase separations in the plasmalemma of chilling injured avocado fruit. Protoplasma 136(2-3): 71-80

Freeze fracture evidence for the isolation of inside out spinach thylakoid vesicles. Carlsberg Research Communications 43(2): 77-90

Freeze fracture evidence of differences between membranes of peri algal and digestive vacuoles in paramecium bursaria. Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung Section C Journal of Biosciences 35(11-12): 1107-1110

Freeze fracture evidence of gel phase lipid in membranes of senescing cowpea vigna unguiculata cotyledons. Planta (Heidelberg) 163(3): 360-369

Freeze fracture image of elastic cartilage in rat epiglottis. Journal of Electron Microscopy 28(1): 12-19

Freeze fracture images of distribution of filipin cholesterol complexes in secretory cells of the anterior pituitary and adrenal medulla of mice. Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica 15(1-2): 284-293

Freeze fracture images of distribution of filipin cholesterol complexes in the oviduct epithelium of mice. Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica 16(2): 112-118

Freeze fracture images of mammary glands of lactating mice. Anatomy & Embryology 163(2): 173-184

Freeze fracture investigations of the pulmonary alveoli of the crabeater seal lobodon carcinophagus and weddell seal leptonychotes weddelli. Zeitschrift fuer Saeugetierkunde 50(3): 174-182

Freeze fracture microscopy of structures involved in fusion of chloroplast liposomes by melittin. Micron & Microscopica Acta 19(1): 33-40

Freeze fracture morphology of biological membranes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 515(3): 303-327

Freeze fracture morphology of the tight junctions of the eccrine sweat gland from patients with cystic fibrosis. Laboratory Investigation; A Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 49(1): 62-68

Freeze fracture morphology of thyroid tight junctions in goats with different thyrotropin stimulation. Endocrinology 117(1): 114-118

Freeze fracture observations of pigment epithelial cells of the frog rana japonica retina. Experimental Eye Research 29(2): 169-180

Freeze fracture observations of sheep erythrocyte and sheep erythrocyte antibody complement rosette forming lymphocytes. Journal of Electron Microscopy 26(2): 133-136

Freeze fracture observations of unfertilized and fertilized hamster oocytes with special reference to the use of lipid probes. Gamete Research 14(2): 129-148

Freeze fracture observations on human nerve. Journal of Anatomy 146: 153-166

Freeze fracture observations on membranes of dry and hydrated pollen from collomia grandiflora phoenix dactylifera and zea mays. Planta (Heidelberg) 168(3): 291-298

Freeze fracture observations on the rat sertoli cell junctions by metal contact freezing. Journal of Electron Microscopy 29(3): 250-255

Freeze fracture of adrenal chromaffin granules. Neuroscience 2(1): 153-158

Freeze fracture of drug induced auto phagocytosis in the mouse exocrine pancreas. Laboratory Investigation 43(3): 269-277

Freeze fracture of excitatory and inhibitory synapses in crayfish neuro muscular junctions. Journal de Microscopie et de Biologie Cellulaire 25(3): 217-222

Freeze fracture of frog rana pipiens slow tonic fibers structure of surface and internal membranes. Tissue & Cell 16(4): 647-664

Freeze fracture of intact sarco tubular membranes. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 62(2): 147-154

Freeze fracture of membrane fusions during exocytosis in pancreatic beta cells. Journal of Cell Biology 75(1): 23-30

Freeze fracture of thylakoid organization of cryptomonas rufescens cryptophyceae according to illumination conditions. Photobiochemistry & Photobiophysics 11(3): 159-172

Freeze fracture replicas of rat ameloblasts reveal unusual membrane domains around gap junctions. Cell Biology International Reports 9(6): 569-576

Freeze fracture replicas of the ciliary body in rhesus monkeys. Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 85(11): 1993-2000

Freeze fracture replication and surface sublimation of frozen collagen fibers. Journal of Cell Science 23(1): 325-334

Freeze fracture replication techniques technical developments and interpretation. Mikroskopie 34(1-2): 2-5

Freeze fracture studies of chemo tactic peptide induced exocytosis in neutrophils evidence for 2 patterns of secretory granule fusion. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 82(2): 221-232

Freeze fracture studies of frog neuro muscular junctions during intense release of neuro transmitter part 1 effects of black widow spider venom and calcium ion free solutions on the structure of the active zone. Journal of Cell Biology 81(1): 163-177

Freeze fracture studies of frog neuro muscular junctions during intense release of neuro transmitter part 2 effects of electrical stimulation and high potassium. Journal of Cell Biology 81(1): 178-192

Freeze fracture studies of frog rana pipiens neuro muscular junctions during intense release of neuro transmitter 3. a morphometric analysis of the number and diameter of intra membrane particles. Journal of Cell Biology 85(2): 337-345

Freeze fracture studies of gap junctions in human meningioma. Acta Neuropathologica 30(4): 305-314

Freeze fracture studies of gap junctions in the developing and adult amphibian cardiac muscle. Developmental Biology 60(1): 139-152

Freeze fracture studies of gap junctions of normal and neoplastic astrocytes. Acta Neuropathologica 26(2): 127-138

Freeze fracture studies of ice re crystallization in tissues quenched in aqueous solutions of poly vinyl pyrrolidone. Cryo Letters 1(2): 61-70

Freeze fracture studies of mitochondrial myopathy a correlated clinical biochemical and morphological investigation. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 35(2-3): 275-290

Freeze fracture studies of muscle plasma membrane in human muscular dystrophy. Acta Neuropathologica 54(3): 189-198

Freeze fracture studies of mycobacterium leprae isolated from lepromatous lymph. Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical 33(1): 13-18

Freeze fracture studies of reaction centers from rhodospirillum rubrum in chromatophores and liposomes. Archives of Microbiology 130(2): 125-128

Freeze fracture studies of the developing cell surface part 1 the plasmalemma of the corneal fibroblast. Journal of Cell Biology 72(3): 667-686

Freeze fracture studies of the developing cell surface part 2 particle free membrane blisters on glutaraldehyde fixed corneal fibroblasts are artifacts. Journal of Cell Biology 78(3): 756-768

Freeze fracture studies of the structure of rod outer segment membranes new observations regarding the distribution of particle free patches and location of the fracture planes in conventionally prepared retinas. Experimental Eye Research 33(1): 1-10

Freeze fracture studies of tubular myelin and lamellar bodies in fetal and adult rat lungs. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 64(3): 352-361

Freeze fracture studies on barley hordeum vulgare cultivar clipper plastid membranes 6. location of the p 700 chlorophyll a protein 1. European Journal of Cell Biology 31(2): 305-314

Freeze fracture studies on barley hordeum vulgare cultivar svaloefs bonus plastid membranes 3. location of the light harvesting chlorophyll protein. Carlsberg Research Communications 44(5): 305-336

Freeze fracture studies on barley hordeum vulgare plastid membranes 7. structural changes associated with phosphorylation of the light harvesting complex. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 725(1): 113-120

Freeze fracture studies on barley plastid membranes part 1 wild type etioplast. Carlsberg Research Communications 43(3): 145-170

Freeze fracture studies on barley plastid membranes part 2 wild type chloroplast. Carlsberg Research Communications 43(5): 365-390

Freeze fracture studies on the annelid septate junction. Cell and Tissue Research 185(4): 527-534

Freeze fracture studies on the interaction between the malaria parasite and the host erythrocyte in Plasmodium knowlesi infections. Parasitology 79(1): 125-139

Freeze fracture studies on the pellicle of the eugregarine gregarina garnhami eugregarinida protozoa. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 88(1): 66-76

Freeze fracture studies on the plasma membrane of crayfish skeletal muscle fibers. Biologie Cellulaire (Ivry Sur Seine) 34(1): 17-22

Freeze fracture study of alveolar lining layer in adult rat lungs. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 69(1): 86-97

Freeze fracture study of avian epiphyseal cartilage differentiation. Anatomical Record 199(4): 449-458

Freeze fracture study of human corneal endothelial dysfunction. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 27(4): 480-485

Freeze fracture study of melanosomes in mammalian epidermis and distribution of intra membrane particles in the melanosome membrane. Archives of Dermatological Research 270(1): 1-6

Freeze fracture study of ordered arrays of particles in the plasma membrane of chlamydobotrys stellata volvocales. Protoplasma 126(1-2): 100-113

Freeze fracture study of pulmonary lamellar body membranes in solid crystal phase. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 71(1): 37-48

Freeze fracture study of rat lung 3. ripple marks on the lamellae a possible artifactual change of lamellar inclusion bodies in freshly processed lung tissue. Kawasaki Medical Journal 5(1): 31-38

Freeze fracture study of rat ventral prostate columnar epithelial cell. American Journal of Anatomy 161(1): 49-70

Freeze fracture study of secretory membranes. Biologie Cellulaire (Ivry Sur Seine) 35(1): 55-70

Freeze fracture study of the crayfish procambarus clarkii stretch receptor. Journal of Comparative Neurology 200(1): 23-38

Freeze fracture study of the drosophila melanogaster photo receptor membrane mutations affecting membrane particle density. Journal of Cell Biology 93(3): 961-969

Freeze fracture study of the epidermal cells of teleost pimelodus maculatus with particular reference to inter cellular junctions and permeability to tracer. Zeitschrift fuer Mikroskopisch-Anatomische Forschung (Leipzig) 93(3): 497-511

Freeze fracture study of the large myelinated club ending synapse on the goldfish carassius auratus mauthner cell special reference to the quantitative analysis of gap junctions. Journal of Comparative Neurology 246(2): 202-211

Freeze fracture study of the morphology of cell membranes in hepatocytes following extrahepatic cholestasis. Pathology Research & Practice 167(2-4): 322-334

Freeze fracture study of the occurrence of plasma membrane differentiations in human basal cell carcinoma. Journal of Dermatology (Tokyo) 7(6): 389-396

Freeze fracture study of the pellicle of an eimerian sporozoite (Protozoa, Coccidia). Journal of Ultrastructure Research 62(2): 94-109

Freeze fracture study of the postsynaptic membrane of the cerebellar mossy fiber synapse in the frog rana pipiens. Journal of Comparative Neurology 193(3): 689-700

Freeze fracture study of the rat lung part 1 general description of rat alveolar cells in the glutaraldehyde fixed and glycerinized lung tissue. Kawasaki Medical Journal 4(1): 1-18

Freeze fracture study of the rat lung part 2 compartmentalization of lamellar inclusion bodies in rat alveolar type ii cell. Kawasaki Medical Journal 4(2): 71-82

Freeze fracture study of the receptor membranes in the olfactory organ of alburnus alburnus teleostei. Zoomorphology (Berlin) 108(1): 41-46

Freeze fracture study of the rectal pads in stenophylax permistus trichoptera. Bollettino di Zoologia 52(3-4): 407-420

Freeze fracture study of the red cells and red cell precursors of a patient with congenital inclusion body anemia. Haematologia 15(1): 91-102

Freeze fracture study of the schizont of the coccidian aggregata eberthi. Protistologica 17(3): 397-406

Freeze fracture study of the turtle lung 2. rod shaped particles in the plasma membrane of a mitochondria rich pneumocyte in pseudemys scripta chrysemys scripta. Cell and Tissue Research 236(2): 453-458

Freeze fracture study of thylakoids of fucus serratus. Journal of Phycology 19(1): 96-100

Freeze fracture study of Toxoplasma and Sarcocystis infective stages. Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde 54(2): 101-124

Freeze fracture study of vesicle attachment sites during mediator release in spinal moto neuronal synapses. Zhurnal Evolyutsionnoi Biokhimii i Fiziologii 15(3): 263-267

Freeze fracture study of vesicle disruption and inversion in isolated bovine rod outer segment discs. Experimental Eye Research 30(5): 501-510

Freeze fracture study of water soluble standard proteins and of detergent solubilized forms of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 643(1): 115-125

Freeze fracture study on the crystalline structure of the protein molecules in yolk platelets of rhacopholus schlegelii var arborea embryo. Journal of Electron Microscopy 29(1): 22-31

Freeze fracture through the cytoskeleton, nucleus and nuclear matrix of lymphocytes studied by scanning electron microscopy. Journal of Microscopy 132(Pt 2): 185-194

Freeze fracture ultrastructural alterations induced by filipin pimaricin nystatin and amphotericin b in the plasma membranes of epidermophyton saccharomyces and red blood cells a proposal of models for polyene ergosterol complex induced membrane lesion. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 455(2): 452-465

Freeze fracture ultrastructure of developing and adult nonmyelinated ganglion cell axolemma in the retinal nerve fiber layer. Journal of Neurocytology 12(2): 201-212

Freeze fracture ultrastructure of rat central nervous system and peripheral nervous system nonmyelinated axolemma. Journal of Neurocytology 10(6): 981-994

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Freeze fracturing in ultra high vacuum at minus 196 celsius. Journal of Cell Biology 76(3): 712-728

Freeze fracturing of pseudomonas phaseolicola infected by the lipid containing bacterio phage phi 6/. Journal of General Virology 39(1): 161-170

Freeze frame analysis on high speed cinematography of neodymium yag laser explosions in ocular tissues. British Journal of Ophthalmology 70(5): 321-325

Freeze induced changes in soluble carbohydrates of rye secale cereale cultivar rosen. Crop Science 25(2): 288-290

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Freezing bull semen in media with metal complexes. Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina i Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Akademii Sel'skokhozyaistvennykh Nauk Imeni V I Lenina (1): 33-34

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