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Frequency analysis of class i mhc reactive lyt 2 positive and class ii mhc reactive l3t4 positive il 2 secreting t lymphocytes

, : Frequency analysis of class i mhc reactive lyt 2 positive and class ii mhc reactive l3t4 positive il 2 secreting t lymphocytes. Journal of Immunology 138(12): 4121-4127

The reactivity of Lyt-2+ or L3T4+ T cells stimulated with either mutant class I or class II MHC alloantigens was studied. Whereas stimulation with class I MHC antigens induced only Lyt-2+ T cells to proliferate and to secrete IL 2, stimulation with class II MHC alloantigens induced L3T4+ but not Lyt-2+ T cells. When the frequencies of precursors of IL 2-secreting T lymphocytes (IL 2TL-p) were determined by limiting dilution analyses, class I MHC-reactive Lyt-2+ T cells displayed frequencies (f = 1/200) as high in magnitude as those within class II MHC-reactive L3T4+ (f = 1/100). Clonally developing IL 2TL of either T cell subset were antigen-specific, as shown in split-culture experiments. Whereas L3T4+ helper TL could be induced to specific IL 2 secretion over a long time period (days 3 to 9). Lyt-2+ TL showed a marked time optimal on day 4; thereafter, the number of TL colonies inducible to secrete IL 2 decreased steadily. IL 2 production and IL 2TL-p frequencies of unseparated T responder cells were not the numerical superposition of the two individual T cell subsets (Lyt-2+ + L3T4+); the latter finding is likely to reflect regulatory influences of Lyt-2+ T cells on IL 2-secreting L3T4+ T cells.


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