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Fsh enhances somatomedin c binding to cultured rat granulosa cells evidence for cyclic amp dependence

, : Fsh enhances somatomedin c binding to cultured rat granulosa cells evidence for cyclic amp dependence. Journal of Biological Chemistry 261(9): 3923-3926

The ovarian granulosa cell has recently been shown to be the site of Somatomedin C (Sm-C) production, reception, and action. To further elucidate the relavence of Sm-C to granulosa cell physiology, we have undertaken to study the regulation of its receptor under in vitro conditions using a primary culture of rat granulosa cells. Granulosa cells cultured without treatment for 72 h displayed limited, albeit measurable, specific Sm-C binding. However, continuous treatment with increasing concentrations of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) for the duration of the 72-h incubation period resulted in dose-dependent increments in Sm-C binding (1.7-, 2.9-, 3.9-, and 3.6-fold increases over untreated controls for 50, 100, 180, and 330 ng/ml of FSH, respectively). This apparent up regulatory action of FSH proved time-dependent, with a minimal time requirement of 24-48 h. Granulosa cell Sm-C binding was similarly enhanced following elevation of the intracellular cAMP content by a series of cAMP-generating agonists, inhibition of cAMP-phosphodiesterase activity, or the provision of nondegradable cAMP analogs. Our findings further indicate that high dose forskolin, like FSH, is capable of augmenting Sm-C binding by itself, that a relatively inactive low dose of forskolin synergizes with FSH in this regard, but that combined treatment with maximal stimulatory doses of both agonists does not prove additive. Taken together, these observations indicate that FSH is capable of exerting a stimulatory effect on granulosa cell Sm-C binding and that cAMP, its purported intracellular second messenger, may play an intermediary role in this regard.


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