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Gas chromatography mass spectrometry identification of cyclohexene artifacts formed during extraction of brine samples

, : Gas chromatography mass spectrometry identification of cyclohexene artifacts formed during extraction of brine samples. Environmental Science & Technology 21(1): 110-112

In the acidic extraction of brine samples, peaks appeared in the total ion chromatogram characteristic of halogenated cyclohexanes. In addition, the halogenated cyclohexanes are sufficiently volatile and nonpolar that they should be readily detected by volatile analysis procedures. Since these compounds were not detected by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis of the volatiles, it was postulated that the halogenated cyclohexanes were actually artifacts formed during the acidic extraction procedure. The results indicate that the halogenated cyclohexanes are formed by the reaction of cyclohexene, present as an inhibitor in the methylene chloride, and the various halogens in the brine.


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