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Gene flow in the common fig ficus carica pollen dispersal in a dense stand

, : Gene flow in the common fig ficus carica pollen dispersal in a dense stand. Acta Oecologica Oecologia Plantarum 8(2): 143-154

Pollen flow was observed in a group of wild growing fig trees, four females (domestic fig) and five males (caprifig). Four enzymatic loci identified by starch gel electrophoresis were used. Most pollinations occurred within this relatively dense stand (nine trees on 1 ha). Each or almost each syconium (inflorescence) seemed to be visited by several pollinators, but only one performed most of the pollinations. There was a strong negative correlation on one female tree between the frequency of pollinations by a given male tree and the distance separating them. On another female tree that suffered from interfemale competition for the attraction of pollinators, this correlation was hidden.


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