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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 5539

Chapter 5539 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Growth and energetics of chicks of the sooty tern sterna fuscata and common tern sterna hirundo. Auk 98(2): 361-378

Growth and energetics of the african black oystercatcher haematopus moquini. Ardea 72(1): 111-118

Growth and energy balance during the larval lives of 3 prosobranch gastropods. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 44(1): 1-28

Growth and energy metabolism in coenagrion hastulatum odonata zygoptera larvae. Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 22(2): 50-55

Growth and energy production in bacteroides amylophilus. Archives of Microbiology 120(3): 275-282

Growth and energy utilization of the inter tidal isopod idotea baltica crustacea isopoda. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology & Ecology 41(2): 101-124

Growth and entero toxin a production by staphylococcus aureus in fluid dairy products. Journal of Food Protection 40(11): 769-771

Growth and entero toxin production by staphylococci in genoa salami. Journal of Food Protection 40(5): 325-329

Growth and entero toxin production by staphylococcus aureus in whey from the manufacture of domiati cheese. Journal of Food Protection 46(3): 235-237

Growth and enterotoxin A production by Staphylococcus aureus S6 in Manchego type cheese. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 61(6): 499-503

Growth and enterotoxin production of Staphylococcus aureus in shrimp. Journal of Hygiene 95(3): 685-693

Growth and entropy: phylogenism in phyllotaxis. Journal of Theoretical Biology 71(4): 639-660

Growth and enzyme production by polyporus hirsutus in presence of ammonium sulfate. Biotechnology Letters 4(3): 197-202

Growth and enzyme production in a solid state culture of aspergillus oryzae. Journal of Fermentation Technology 60(4): 311-320

Growth and enzyme synthesis during continuous culture of Trichosporon cutaneum on phenol. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 29(4): 464-468

Growth and estimated heat balance of pigs raised under different housing conditions during summer in southern australia. Animal Production 35(3): 341-352

Growth and ethnicity in scoliosis. Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica 59(3): 310-313

Growth and extension of carcinoma of the gallbladder. Stomach & Intestine (Tokyo) 22(5): 511-521

Growth and extension of carcinoma of the sinus piriformis. Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 225(2): 87-96

Growth and extinction of static agnotobiotic subcultures of the trichomonas tenax strain. Biologia (Bratislava) 40(7): 707-714

Growth and exuviation of norway lobster nephrops norvegicus larvae reared in the laboratory. Ophelia 25(3): 157-168

Growth and fat deposition in young cattle depending on sex age and feeding level. Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya 16(4): 584-588

Growth and fatty acid metabolism in experimental intrauterine growth retardation: effect of postnatal nutrition in rat. Journal of Nutrition 116(6): 1080-1087

Growth and fatty acids of palaemon serratus crustacea decapoda fed with compounded diets containing different proportions of linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Aquaculture 19(4): 325-338

Growth and fecundity in a northumberland britain population of spirorbis spirorbis polychaeta serpulidae. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 58(1): 177-190

Growth and fecundity of carassius auratus in mrtva tisza hungary. Tiscia (Szeged) 21: 95-104

Growth and fecundity of f 2 eisenia foetida derived from f 1s both reared in isolation from birth. Megadrilogica 3(11): 185-187

Growth and feed conversion of carps cyprinus carpio in dependence on various protein and energy supply 1. experimental design composition of the rations digestibility. Zeitschrift fuer Tierphysiologie Tierernaehrung und Futtermittelkunde 49(2): 80-87

Growth and feed conversion of carps cyprinus carpio in dependence on various protein and energy supply 2. growth feed conversion protein energy ratio and conversion of digestible energy. Zeitschrift fuer Tierphysiologie Tierernaehrung und Futtermittelkunde 49(2): 88-98

Growth and feed efficiency of desi white leghorn rhode island red and their inter mated f 2 2 way and 3 way cross groups. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 47(3): 144-147

Growth and feed efficiency of gallician red cattle at 2 slaughter weights. Anales Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias Serie Produccion Animal (11): 31-42

Growth and feed efficiency of naked neck vs. normally feathered chicks according to protein level of the ration. Genetique Selection Evolution (Versailles) 16(3): 355-366

Growth and feeding ecology of the nile crocodile crocodylus niloticus at ngezi zimbabwe. Journal of Animal Ecology 56(1): 25-38

Growth and feeding habit of the chum salmon oncorhynchus keta fry during seaward migration in the tokachi river system japan 3. relationships between migration time and the growth or the feeding behavior of the fry during 1977. Scientific Reports of the Hokkaido Salmon Hatchery (33): 47-74

Growth and feeding in 2 species of machaerotidae homoptera. Australian Journal of Zoology 27(3): 394-402

Growth and feeding of Echinostoma revolutum on the chick chorioallantois and in the domestic chick. Journal of Parasitology 72(5): 684-689

Growth and feeding of juvenile crayfish astacus leptodactylus decapoda astacidae. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 56(5): 704-708

Growth and feeding of laboratory reared sepia officinalis. Investigacion Pesquera (Barcelona) 42(2): 421-422

Growth and fertility of 5 stocks of field beans grown under 3 temperature regimes and the effect of natural water stress on seed index of a collection of vicia faba. Zeitschrift fuer Acker- und Pflanzenbau 147(2): 81-91

Growth and fertility of daphnia magna feeding on pollen of anemophilous plants. Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 14(4): 24-29

Growth and fetal development of spanish ibex from cazorla spain. Mammalia 51(4): 579-586

Growth and fiber development of ginger zingiber officinale in southeast queensland australia. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture & Animal Husbandry 20(106): 608-612

Growth and fiber morphology of abaca musa textilis ratoons as influenced by plant density and nitrogen level. Annals of Tropical Research 7: 48-61

Growth and filament length of oscillatoria mougeotii under meta limnetic environment. Archiv fuer Hydrobiologie 91(3): 276-286

Growth and flower bud formation in apple as affected by paclobutrazol daminozide and tree orientation in combination with various gibberellins. Journal of Horticultural Science 62(4): 433-440

Growth and flowering history of xanthorrhoea johnsonii liliaceae in toohey forest queensland australia. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 84(3): 195-208

Growth and flowering in eriophorum vaginatum annual and latitudinal variation. Ecology (Washington D C) 67(6): 1524-1535

Growth and flowering in salt stressed avocado trees. Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 29(3): 523-534

Growth and flowering of day neutral and everbearing strawberry fragaria ananassa as affected by ethephon. Hortscience 17(5): 773-774

Growth and flowering of exacum affine at 3 radiant energy levels. Hortscience 18(3): 366-367

Growth and flowering of lupinus luteus cultivar gold rush. Kagawa Daigaku Nogakubu Gakujutsu Hokoku 33(2): 109-114

Growth and flowering of nerine flexuosa alba. Scientia Horticulturae (Amsterdam) 11(3): 281-290

Growth and flowering of ornamental malus pollinators in apple orchards. Journal of Horticultural Science 58(3): 337-342

Growth and flowering of pelargonium hortorum sexual hybrid cultivar amanda infected with tomato ringspot virus. Journal of Horticultural Science 53(3): 209-214

Growth and flowering of resistant alfalfa infected by verticillium albo atrum. Plant Disease 72(5): 397-400

Growth and flowering of schizanthus pinnatus cultivar harugasumi. Kagawa Daigaku Nogakubu Gakujutsu Hokoku 33(2): 115-120

Growth and flowering of scrophularia vernalis after treatments with gibberellic acid and n di methylamine succinamic acid. Biologia Plantarum (Prague) 20(5): 335-343

Growth and flowering of vigorous apple malus domestica trees as affected by summer or dormant pruning. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 107(1): 34-39

Growth and foliar elemental composition of cultivar seyval blanc grapevines as affected by 4 nutrient solution concentrations of nitrogen potassium and magnesium. American Journal of Enology & Viticulture 34(4): 271-277

Growth and foliar nutrients in peat ash fertilized stands. Suo (Helsinki) 38(3-4): 53-62

Growth and food choice by two species of limnephilid caddis larvae given natural and artificial foods. Freshwater Biology 18(3): 529-536

Growth and food consumption in the mamushi agkistrodon blomhoffii blomhoffii in captivity. Japanese Journal of Herpetology 11(3): 110-123

Growth and food efficiency in precocious trimolter silkworms induced by administration of an anti juvenile hormone compound. Journal of Sericultural Science of Japan 55(3): 246-251

Growth and food habits of hybrid carp ctenopharyngodon idella x aristichthys nobilis from aerated and nonaerated ponds. Journal of Fish Biology 23(5): 595-604

Growth and food habits of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri in winter kill lakes of western manitoba canada. Canada Fisheries and Marine Service Manuscript Report (1477): I-IV, 1-20

Growth and food intake of octopus tetricus mollusca cephalopoda in aquaria. Australian Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 28(1): 45-56

Growth and food utilization in the sea bass dicentrarchus labrax. Informes Tecnicos del Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras (94): 3-12

Growth and form in nematodes part 3 comparison of esophagus and body shape. Nematologica 25(1): 1-21

Growth and form in the reef building coral montastrea annularis. Marine Biology (Berlin) 33(2): 101-107

Growth and form of fin spines in hybodont sharks. Palaeontology (Oxford) 21(3): 657-666

Growth and form of the 4th stage larvae and early adults of ascaris suum nematoda ascaridoidea developing in pigs. Journal of Helminthology 59(2): 137-142

Growth and formation mechanics of bone. Beitraege zur Orthopaedie und Traumatologie 33(2): 90-95

Growth and formation of lipids of the yeast lipomyces l 199 during continuous cultivation. Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya 12(1): 79-83

Growth and formation of the fore leg skeleton in inbred mice and rats under conditions of hypodynamia normodynamia and hyperdynamia. Vestnik Zoologii (4): 67-71

Growth and formation of toxin by clostridium botulinum in peeled inoculated vacuum packed potatoes after a double pasteurization and storage at 25 c. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 64(3): 241-246

Growth and fruit bearing of strawberries mulched with black and transparent polyethylene films. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (1): 117-124

Growth and fruiting development of normal and terminal damaged cotton gossypium hirsutum plants. Environmental Entomology 11(2): 301-305

Growth and fruiting in ceratocystis spp depending on the substrate with special attention to ceratocystis piceae and ceratocystis fimbriata. Canadian Journal of Botany 60(4): 358-363

Growth and fruiting of cultivar heritage primocane fruiting red raspberry rubus idaeus in response to daminozide and ethephon. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 109(2): 207-209

Growth and fruiting of cultivar heritage primocane fruiting red raspberry rubus idaeus in response to paclobutrazol. Hortscience 21(3 SECT 1): 437-439

Growth and fruiting of english morello cultivar of tart cherry on different rootstocks. Prace Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa w Skierniewicach Seria A - Prace Doswiadczalne z Zakresu Sadownictwa 26: 65-74

Growth and fruiting of the strawberry in relation to treatment of plants with the preparation tur and gibberellin. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (3): 150-162

Growth and fruiting responses of cultivar redspur delicious apple malus domestica trees to pruning treatments. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 108(5): 867-871

Growth and fruiting responses of young apple malus domestica cultivar delicious and tart cherry prunus cerasus trees to weed control. Hortscience 20(4): 727-729

Growth and fuelwood yield of petford provenance of eucalyptus camaldulensis grown in rural marginal land. Pakistan Journal of Forestry 35(1): 15-20

Growth and function of 34 human benign and malignant thyroid xenografts in untreated nude mice. Cancer Research 45(3): 1239-1245

Growth and function of human fetal heart in normal, hypertensive and diabetic pregnancy. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 66(4): 349-353

Growth and function of human placenta and amnion grafted to nude mice. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 63(7): 621-624

Growth and function of stegosaurus plates evidence from bone histology. Paleobiology 12(4): 459-473

Growth and function of tea roots under different soils. Study of Tea (69): 23-27

Growth and function of the micro frills present on the devonian brachiopod athyris campomanesi verneuil and archiac. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Earth Sciences 78(2): 65-72

Growth and function of transplanted fetal rat intestine: effect of cyclosporine. Surgery 97(4): 481-486

Growth and fungal persistence by quercus rubra inoculated with ectomycorrhizal fungi and planted on a clear cutting and strip mine. Canadian Journal of Botany 62(8): 1571-1574

Growth and fungal retention by field planted quercus rubra seedlings inoculated with several ecto mycorrhizal fungi. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 110(3): 353-359

Growth and fur parameter variations of farmed raccoon dogs nyctereutes procyonoides. Archiv fuer Tierernaehrung 35(10): 761-772

Growth and gas exchange in leaf mustard in an exogenous nitrogen free medium. Fiziologiya Rastenii (Moscow) 34(2): 244-253

Growth and gas exchange of andropogon gerardii as influenced by burning. Journal of Range Management 41(3): 239-244

Growth and gas exchange of embryonic sea turtles chelonia mydas caretta caretta. Copeia (4): 757-765

Growth and gas exchange of schefflera arboricola cultivar compacta as affected by salinity. Gartenbauwissenschaft 51(6): 263-269

Growth and gas formation of clostridium perfringens in plant products. Khigiena i Zdraveopazvane 28(6): 74-78

Growth and genetic variation of atlantic salmon salmo salar from different sections of the river alta north norway. Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences 43(10): 1828-1835

Growth and germination of fungal spores in guttation fluids of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar uniongerste grown with different nitrogen sources. Transactions of the British Mycological Society 78(2): 239-246

Growth and gibberellin production in phaseolus vulgaris as affected by mechanical stress. Plant and Cell Physiology 19(8): 1557-1560

Growth and gibberellin relations of the extreme dwarf d x tomato mutant. Physiologia Plantarum 73(2): 252-256

Growth and ginsenoside patterns of cryopreserved panax ginseng cell cultures. Journal of Plant Physiology 131(3-4): 215-224

Growth and grain yield of lupinus albus at different plant populations. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 20(4): 459-466

Growth and grain yield of rice cultivar jaya at different levels and timings of nitrogen application under 2 systems of water management. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Plant Sciences 89(4): 243-256

Growth and grain yield of wheat in relation to differences in soil groups i. growth and grain yield of wheat varieties under the same fertilizer conditions. Japanese Journal of Crop Science 57(1): 97-104

Growth and gravi reaction of illuminated maize zea mays cultivar lg 11 roots kinetic analyses. Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenphysiologie 107(5): 443-456

Growth and gravireaction of maize zea mays roots treated with a phytotropin. Journal of Plant Physiology 119(1): 25-34

Growth and graviresponsiveness of primary roots of Zea mays seedlings deficient in abscisic acid and gibberellic acid. Journal of Experimental Botany 36(172): 1793-1798

Growth and gravitational response in the development of leaf blade hypo nasty. American Journal of Botany 63(4): 383-387

Growth and growing space results from an individual tree thinning experiment in a 20 year old douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii plantation. CFI (Commonwealth Forestry Institute) Occasional Papers (14): 1-28

Growth and growing stock increment of black pine plantations. Gorskostopanska Nauka 22(4): 35-42

Growth and growth control effects on air quality in boulder county colorado usa. Journal of Environmental Systems 12(2): 85-98

Growth and growth disorders meeting point of human biology and pediatrics. Medizinische Prisma (4): 1-26

Growth and growth factors in diabetes mellitus. Archives of Disease in Childhood 62(1): 57-62

Growth and habitat separation in eight cohorts of three species of cyprinids in a subalpine lake. Environmental Biology of Fishes 18(3): 209-218

Growth and harvest of coho salmon in stormy lake wisconsin. Progressive Fish Culturist 39(2): 79-85

Growth and health status of children from 0 to 11 years of age in paraiba northeast brazil. Revista de Saude Publica 21(6): 480-489

Growth and heavy metal removal by klebsiella aerogenes at different ph and temperature. Journal of Environmental Science & Health Part A Environmental Science & Engineering 19(4): 445-458

Growth and hematologic development of the patas monkey erythrocebus patas to 1 year of age. Journal of Medical Primatology 7(3): 156-164

Growth and hematological criteria of rats resulting from different protein and iron supply. Zeitschrift fuer Ernaehrungswissenschaft 22(1): 6-13

Growth and heritability estimates among six year old three geographic sources of shisham dalbergia sissoo roxb. in pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Forestry 36(2): 67-72

Growth and histamine production by morganella morganii under various temperature conditions. International Journal of Food Microbiology 5(2): 147-156

Growth and histology of 4 canine mammary tumor lines established in nude mice. European Journal of Cancer & Clinical Oncology 19(7): 979-988

Growth and hormonal activity of tomato leaves and fruits under water stress. Fiziologiya i Biokhimiya Kul'turnykh Rastenii 13(2): 125-131

Growth and hormonal status of children treated for acute lympho blastic leukemia. Archives of Disease in Childhood 53(11): 890-894

Growth and hydro carbon production of the alga botryococcus braunii associated with various microorganisms. Comptes Rendus des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie III Sciences de la Vie 297(4): 187-190

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Growth and inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms during manufacture and storage of fermented dairy products a review. Netherlands Milk & Dairy Journal 38(3): 135-150

Growth and incidence of bract necrosis in gutbier v 14 glory poinsettia euphorbia pulcherrima. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 111(2): 266-269

Growth and increment of the red oak in the park of liberty bulgaria. Gorskostopanska Nauka 24(1): 3-7

Growth and inhibition of mouse or human tumors in nude athymic mice monitored by the extent of iodine 125 5 iodo 2 deoxy uridine uptake. European Journal of Cancer 14(10): 1057-1064

Growth and inhibitory properties of a marine pseudomonad. Boletin del Instituto Bacteriologico de Chile 17(1-2): 68-75

Growth and intellectual development. Pediatrics 78(4): 646-650

Growth and interaction of Mycoplasma bovirhinis and Mycoplasma dispar in vitro. Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 10(3-4): 205-217

Growth and interaction of the pedunculate oak quercus robur and the common ash fraxinus excelsior in plantations of various composition. Vyestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR Syeryya Biyalahichnykh Navuk (6): 10-15

Growth and intermediary metabolism of larval and metamorphosing stages of the landlocked sea lamprey petromyzon marinus. Environmental Biology of Fishes 2(2): 103-120

Growth and internal ion concentrations in seedlings of winter wheat are affected by 1 pm tentoxin. Physiologia Plantarum 73(2): 295-298

Growth and intrinsic labeling of peanuts arachis hypogaea with copper 65 for use in human bioavailability studies. Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry 33(4): 774-775

Growth and invasiveness of the human esophageal carcinoma cell line eca 109 in nude mice. Zhonghua Zhongliu Zazhi 6(5): 331-334

Growth and ion accumulation in salicornia europaea under saline field conditions. Oecologia (Berlin) 54(2): 193-199

Growth and ion accumulation in the ontogeny of plants subjected to sulfate salinization. Izvestiya Severo-Kavkazskogo Nauchnogo Tsentra Vysshei Shkoly Estestvennye Nauki (2): 16-20

Growth and ion specificity of excitability in regenerating cockroach periplaneta americana giant inter neurons. Journal of Experimental Biology 110: 311-318

Growth and ionic relations of six triticale cultivars as affected by salinity. Biologia Plantarum (Prague) 30(4): 294-299

Growth and iso electric patterns of peroxidase in tissue cultures of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin under the influence of cyto kinin phenyl carboxylic acids and aromatic amino acids. Phyton (Horn) 19(1-2): 1-12

Growth and its relationship to the initial annual cycle of the golden mantled ground squirrel spermophilus lateralis. Canadian Journal of Zoology 59(6): 865-871

Growth and lactate dehydrogenase isozyme patterns in the pectoral and cardiac muscles of the japanese lesser horseshoe bat rhinolophus cornutus cornutus from the standpoint of adaptation for flight. Journal of Zoology (London) 187(1): 85-96

Growth and laying performance of light hybrid pullets subjected to quantitative food restriction. British Poultry Science 17(5): 487-498

Growth and laying performance of medium type pullets subjected to quantitative and qualitative food restriction. South African Journal of Animal Science 7(2): 97-104

Growth and leaf mineral composition of some fruit species grown in clay and calcareous soils in a greenhouse. Egyptian Journal of Horticulture 12(2): 115-122

Growth and leaf production of five mulberry species at tabek panjang payakumbuh west sumatra indonesia. Buletin Penelitian Hutan (489): 20-27

Growth and lesion development of xanthomonas campestris pathovar phaseoli on leaves of red kidney bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar california light red kidney plants exposed to hydrogen fluoride. Phytopathology 74(5): 578-580

Growth and life span of short finned squid illex argentinus in the waters off argentina. Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 52(1): 11-18

Growth and life span of the squid sthenoteuthis pteropus in the east central atlantic. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 58(11): 1632-1641

Growth and light absorptance of cyanobacteria and chlorophyceae with particular reference to anabaena variabilis and scenedesmus obliquus. British Phycological Journal 20(1): 27-42

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Growth and liver enzyme response in growing rats to graded levels of methionine and cystine in fortified barley diets response at constant cystine concentration in the diet. British Journal of Nutrition 40(3): 443-458

Growth and liver enzyme response in growing rats to graded levels of methionine plus cystine in fortified barley diets response at constant methionine to cystine ratio. British Journal of Nutrition 43(1): 217-228

Growth and localization of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in the molluscan host, Achatina fulica. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health: 30-37

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Growth and luminescence of the symbiotic bacteria associated with the terrestrial nematode heterorhabditis bacteriophora. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 12(1): 5-10

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Growth and major inorganic cation budgets of atlantic salmon salmo salar alevins at three ambient acidities. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 115(2): 220-226

Growth and maturation in microtus montanus effects of photoperiods before and after weaning. Canadian Journal of Zoology 62(9): 1741-1746

Growth and maturation in pseudo-hypoparathyroidism: a longitudinal study in 5 patients. Acta Endocrinologica 101(2): 223-226

Growth and maturation of 6 species of sargassum and cystoseira phaeophyta fucales in oshor bay hokkaido japan. Japanese Journal of Phycology 29(4): 277-281

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Growth and maturation of sargassum thunbergii phaeophyta fucales at kominato chiba prefecture japan. Japanese Journal of Phycology 33(2): 160-166

Growth and maturation of southwest nova scotia canada atlantic herring clupea harengus harengus. Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences 39(2): 288-295

Growth and maturation of the placenta iii. comments on fibronectin in the development of placenta structures. Revista de Pediatrie Obstetrica si Ginecologie Seria Obstetrica si Ginecologie 33(2): 153-158

Growth and maturation of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus intermedius under laboratory conditions. Biologiya Morya (Vladivostok) (4): 20-24

Growth and maturity in green snakes opheodrys aestivus. Herpetologica 41(1): 28-33

Growth and maturity of atlantic cod gadus morhua in the southern gulf of st lawrence. Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences (1142): I-IV, 1-31

Growth and maturity of the gopher tortoise gopherus polyphemus in southwestern georgia usa. Bulletin of the Florida State Museum Biological Sciences 27(2): 81-110

Growth and maturity of the japanese rat snake elaphe climacophora reptilia serpentes colubridae. Journal of Herpetology 12(3): 269-274

Growth and meat producing abilities of hybrid lambs obtained from the crossing of ewes of the northeast bulgarian fine fleece breed with half and quarter blood australian merino rams. Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 17(2): 27-32

Growth and meat production in steers following implantation of dianabol. Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii (5): 114-122

Growth and meat quality of products obtained by hybridization between rams of prolific breeds and ewes of local spanish breeds. Anales Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias Serie Produccion Animal (8): 57-64

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