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Human fat cell adenylate cyclase regional differences in adrenaline responsiveness

, : Human fat cell adenylate cyclase regional differences in adrenaline responsiveness. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 7(6): 595-598

The effect of adrenaline [epinephrine] on adenylate cyclase activity in membranes prepared from human abdominal and gluteal adipose tissue was examined. Basal enzyme activity averaged 1.0 nmol c[cyclic]AMP/mg protein per 15 min in abdominal tissue and 0.68 nmol cAMP/mg protein per 15 min in ghosts from the buttock. Maximally effective concentrations of NaF (20 mmol/l) induced an 8-fold increase in both membrane preparations. The maximal response to adrenaline (1.0 mmol/l) averaged 170% in ghosts of abdominal tissue compared with 60% in gluteal membranes. The concentrations of adrenaline required to produce half-maximal stimulation were similar in membrane preparations of both regions (about 5 .times. 10-5 mol/l).


PMID: 415882

DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2362.1977.tb01657.x

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