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Human mixed lymphocyte reaction responder and stimulator capacities of highly purified thymus derived and non thymus derived cells and the role of monocytes

, : Human mixed lymphocyte reaction responder and stimulator capacities of highly purified thymus derived and non thymus derived cells and the role of monocytes. Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica Section C Immunology 87(3): 191-196

E[sheep erythrocyte]-rosette sedimentation with AET [S-(2-aminoethyl-iso-thiouronium bromide)hydrobromide 99%] treated E and human lymphocytes provided a source of highly purified T [thymus-derived] and non-T cells. Together with unseparated cells these were tested for responder and stimulator capacities in the mixed lymphocyte reaction. The non-T cells were weak but consistent responders only when T cells were present as stimulators. T-T combinations always exhibited weak proliferation demonstrating that T cells possess stimulator capacities. Adherent cells grown in petri dishes exerted a dual function: as helper cells in low concentrations and suppressor cells in high concentrations.


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