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Immunochemical studies on barley seed storage proteins : The specificity of an antibody to 'C' hordein and its reaction with prolamins from other cereals

, : Immunochemical studies on barley seed storage proteins : The specificity of an antibody to 'C' hordein and its reaction with prolamins from other cereals. Planta 162(6): 524-531

The antigenic relationships between the prolamins of barley, rye and wheat were studied by examining the specificity of an antibody to "C" hordein in a quantitative study using a laser nephelometer. The antibody reacts weakly with "B" hordein and strongly with 75-kd [kilodalton] and 40-kd .gamma.-secalins from rye and .gamma.3-and some .omega.-gliadins from wheat. Absorption experiments and immunodiffusion tests indicate that there are shared antigenic determinants for most of the prolamins. All the species with reacting prolamins belong to the sub-family Festucoideae of the Gramineae. The prolamins of maize, pearl millet and sorghum, species of the sub-family Panicoideae, do not react. The results confirm the known lack of homology between the prolamins of the 2 sub-families and also indicate the presence of relationships not yet established between "C" hordein, the 75-kd and 40-kd .gamma.-secalins and also .gamma.3 gliadin.


PMID: 24253269

DOI: 10.1007/BF00399918

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